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Meeting Minutes

Make the most of your meetings with our structured Meeting Minutes Template, which includes a meeting agenda and action items.

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What is a Meeting Minutes Template?

A Meeting Minutes Template is a pre-formatted tool designed to help you accurately record the key points of your meetings, prevent tasks from falling through the cracks, enhance accountability and transparency, and keep a detailed record of the contents of a meeting series.

While minute-taking is a common practice, the accuracy and clarity of meeting minutes can be greatly enhanced by using a Meeting Minutes Template. A template removes the need to format your own minutes and ensures that key details such as attendees, location, and meeting date are not lost. 

This Meeting Minutes Template is organized chronologically to aid you in taking down accurate and concise notes. It can be filled in digitally using the interactive PDF fields or printed out and filled out by hand if you prefer. 

We have divided this Meeting Minutes Template into meeting details, agenda, discussion points, and action items to keep your minutes organized and easy to read.

Printable Meeting Minutes Template PDF

Make the most of your meetings with our free Meeting Minutes Template PDF

How does it work?

Just follow these simple steps to stream your meetings and make your minutes a breeze.

Step 1. Fill out the meeting details

First, add the meeting details in the space provided. These details include the meeting name, venue, start time, attendees, and apologies. Recording these details makes it easy to organize your meeting minutes and easily access them again when you need them.

Step 2. Add agenda items

The meeting agenda can be added in prior to the meeting to save time and can be split up depending on presenters, teams, items, or any other order that makes sense for your meeting.

Step 3. Discussion points

Following agenda items, you can transcribe any discussion points that arose in the table provided. 

Step 4. Fill out action items

The last table is for filling in actionable items or tasks. This table includes an owner for each task and a date to review the progress of the task to improve accountability and transparency.

Step 5: Store your document

Finally, make sure you store the completed Meeting Minutes Template in a secure and accessible location so all team members can access it when needed. We recommend keeping your minutes digital to take advantage of digital encryption and improve accessibility, but the template is also printable if you prefer.

Meeting Minutes example (sample)

To see how this template can take a meeting’s worth of content and condense it down into well-organized key points, just take a look at our example Meeting Minutes Template PDF. You can see our example Meeting Minutes here or download the PDF if you prefer.

Download our free Meeting Minutes example PDF here

Meeting Minutes example

When would you use this template?

While this template works best for recurring meetings or meetings that involve multiple teams and, therefore, need to be well organized and documented, it can be used for any meeting you wish. 

Taking down meeting minutes is a great way to keep your team on track, put down in writing any issues raised, maintain accountability, and ensure that any problems identified in the meeting are acted upon. For practitioners with a duty to record their meetings and report back the actions taken, this template allows for clear formatting of discussions and actions decided upon in the meeting. Additionally, for smaller teams or teams where audio or video recording is not an option, this template can assist with minutes taking process.

As such, this Meeting Minutes Template can be a useful tool for:

  • Medical administrators
  • Allied health workers
  • Group practitioners
  • Hospital managers
  • Department heads

And any other healthcare workers who have recurring meetings either within their own team or across departments.

This template can be downloaded before a meeting and filled out during the meeting, or can be used after the meeting to consolidate notes into a concise and clearly laid out format.

Benefits of our Meeting Minutes Template

Improve accountability

Our Meeting Minutes Template allows you to assign owners to tasks, improving accountability and transparency for your team.

Keep your minutes digital

Using our digital minutes template in your meetings can allow your team to access meeting minutes whenever they need them and enhance collaboration and information sharing across teams. 

Keep track of tasks

It can be easy for tasks to slip through the cracks, especially when they are brought up verbally in a meeting. As such, noting down tasks, assigning ownership, and adding a due date or review date can help to keep tasks moving along.

Aid record keeping

Putting the content of meetings down in writing can help to ensure accurate records are kept. This can be important for meeting your record-keeping obligations and aiding interdepartmental communication.

Standardize your meeting’s structure

Finally, this Meeting Minutes Template can help structure your meeting and standardize how your meetings are run. This can help to streamline your meetings, save time, and ensure your record-keeping is accessible and clearly laid out.

What are action items?
What are action items?

Commonly asked questions

What are action items?

Action items are specific tasks that should be worked on before the next meeting. These could be ongoing projects or simple tasks, but either way, it is important to keep track to prevent tasks from being forgotten. To maintain accountability, these items should have a person identified as the ‘owner’.

Why is it important to note apologies and venue?

You never know when you might need to go back and find some information from a previous meeting, so noting key meeting details can be a lifesaver down the line.

Who uses a Meeting Minutes Template?

Our Meeting Minutes Template is versatile enough to be used for all kinds of meetings, from weekly team meetings to interdepartmental meetings. At each meeting, generally, there is a delegated minutes taker, and it is this person’s responsibility to note down the key points of the meeting. This template can make minute taking a breeze and ensures your meeting minutes are clearly laid out and well-formatted every time.

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