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Issue this counseling worksheet to your client to help them mend their relationship with their partner and remind them why they fell in love in the first place.

By Audrey Liz Perez on Jul 15, 2024.


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What is a counseling worksheet?

Counseling covers a wide variety of topics. Some focus on anxiety, some focus on mental health, and some focus on mending relationships. Counseling practices make use of , which are handy things that can help out with their appointments with clients.

These worksheets also come in different forms. Some are simply motivational, some give suggestions on what to do in order to be happier, and some require participation through writing to help determine how a particular counseling program should go.

Here, at Carepatron, we have different kinds of counseling worksheets, and this My Partner’s Wonderful Qualities counseling worksheet is focused on couples who need or are currently in a relationship counseling program!

How to use the My Partner’s Wonderful Qualities Counseling Worksheet

This particular worksheet is easy to use and the persons who will engage with this the most are the clients taking your relationship counseling program.

Ideally, you should issue this to your clients after you’ve identified the factors causing the growing rift between them. The point of this worksheet is for them to look at their partner and remind them of the reasons why they fell for each other in the first place and why they decided to enter a relationship.

All your clients need to do is answer the following prompts:

  • The best qualities that drew me to my partner in the first place are (these can be surface-level things):
  • Ever since we became partners, his/her/their best qualities are (these should be beyond the surface level):
  • I really appreciate my partner because:
  • My favorite memories I’ve had with my partner are:
  • My partner shows his/her/their love and care by:

They can answer these prompts with 3-5 bullet points. For this type of counseling worksheet, we avoided enumeration because ranking the things they love about each other could contribute to their problems.

We don’t want arguments to arise like “Why is that number 2 and not number 1?” While such things might be shallow, they could still contribute to the growing rift between them, so it’s best to remain as objective and positive as possible.

Then you must determine a plan on how to help mend their relationship.

Once they’ve submitted their counseling worksheets to you, take your time to read them and see what you can glean from their writing. The next steps for your relationship counseling program might be shaped by their answers.

Who can use this printable counseling worksheet for adults (PDF)?

Any counselor focusing on relationships can use this worksheet for their counseling programs. This may also branch out to include therapists, psychologists, or life coaches. The worksheet aims to strengthen relationships, so if you are a practitioner whose client is focusing on this area of their life, then our resource will be beneficial.

In regards to clients, the people who are going to engage with this worksheet the most are couples, whether they are married or not.

Why is this counseling worksheet useful for counselors?

It’ll give counselors a clear picture of the couple they’re counseling.

At the start of relationship counseling programs, there’s likely to be tension and awkwardness between partners since their rifts are fresh, so it’s also likely for counselors to hear mostly about the problems they’re having in their relationships.

Through this counseling worksheet, counselors can see the more positive side of their clients’ relationships. They will be able to get an idea of how their clients grew to like each other, what they love and appreciate about each other, and even their fondest memories so far.

It’ll provide opportunities to make plans and directives to further the counseling process.

By looking at their clients’ answers on the counseling worksheet, counselors will not only just be able to get a good picture of their clients, but they will also gain the necessary information that they need to formulate and shape the plan to help mend their clients’ relationships.

This could also create a more positive atmosphere for a coming appointment because their answers could drive the program in a more favorable direction.

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What are the benefits of using this counseling worksheet?

Besides being helpful to relationship counselors, the clients using this counseling worksheet might get something out of it.

Ideally, they should be writing on this worksheet early on during a relationship counseling program.

This should help them enter a positive state of mind while writing.

Since this particular counseling worksheet is framed in a positive way, this will allow them to take a step back from their problems and look at their partner in a positive light. The guiding prompts should help them reminisce and focus on what they love the most about their partners.

This might lift the mood during their interactions and during appointments.

Because the clients are going to look at each other in a positive light for this exercise, it might make their moods and feelings toward each other better. This could foster better communication and interactions with each other before the next appointment you have with them.

This could also improve the atmosphere during subsequent sessions you have with the couple, especially if discussing their writing will be the focus. Better moods and interactions can lead to easily finding solutions not just on your part, but on theirs, especially if the rift between them isn’t huge yet.

What are counseling worksheets?
What are counseling worksheets?

Commonly asked questions

What are counseling worksheets?

Counseling worksheets come in different forms and their content depends on the specific counseling practice of the counselor. These could be simple handouts with inspirational things to read. Some even encourage participation by way of suggestion or even through writing. In the case of this counseling worksheet, it urges the clients to engage with it through prompts.

When is it best to write on a counseling worksheet?

That depends on what kind of counseling you’re giving. Some should be on the client’s own time if it’s related to their mental health. As for this counseling worksheet example, it’s best to issue it after the first or second appointment, especially if the rift between couples isn’t huge yet. The earlier, the better.

How does one even begin writing on a counseling worksheet?

If the counseling worksheet requires one to write on it, then normally these have guide questions and prompts to help the client organize and frame their thoughts. All they need to do is to take the time to reflect. When they’re ready, that’s when they should write their answers as descriptively as they can. Although, the urgency as to when they should write will depend on the problem. In the case of this particular counseling worksheet, again, the earlier, the better.

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