ADHD Treatment Plan Template

A comprehensive ADHD treatment plan template with goals, interventions, management plan, and clinician and patient details.

By Matt Olivares on May 15, 2024.

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What is ADHD treatment plan

An ADHD treatment plan is a document that sums up the next steps for a person recently diagnosed with ADHD. This free PDF download offers a useful resource for your to compile a holistic treatment plan for patients diagnosed with ADHD.

This document can be as broad or specific as the practitioner likes, and might include the next steps for pharmacological intervention, therapeutic intervention, and a management plan for parents, teachers, any anyone else who will be involved in the child’s treatment such as sports coaches, community leaders or family friends.

An ADHD treatment plan is always subject to modification as the child develops and their needs change, and so this treatment plan serves as a solid starting point for the ADHD treatment journey rather than a permanent plan that is set in stone.

ADHD treatment plan templates

Check out our interactive ADHD treatment plan template with goals, interventions, management plan, and clinician and patient details.

How to use this ADHD treatment plan

This ADHD treatment plan template is designed to be comprehensive, as well as customizable. Let’s go through how to use this template now.

  1. Download the PDF

The first thing you need to do is download the PDF. Once you have saved the PDF locally, you can either fill it in digitally using the interactive text boxes, or print it out and fill it in by hand. Alternatively, all our templates can be accessed from within Carepatron too. Just watch the explainer video to see how.

  1. Fill in your patient’s details

We have included spaces for your patient’s details, fill in their name, date of birth, parent/caregiver name and date of your session.

  1. Goals Section 

The next section is for you to write down your client’s goals. We have made space for their overarching, long-term goal as well as some smaller short term goals. Remember, goals should be SMART - specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. 

  1. Interventions section 

The next section is the crucial part of the treatment plan - how are you going to achieve these goals? Include pharmacological intervention, if applicable, behavioral therapy, psychiatric and mental health counselling, and the specific types of therapy planned, and any other complementary treatments such as for other mental health issues. 

  1. Management plan

The management plan is for the concrete plans in place to aid the success of the planned interventions. What training will the child’s parents undergo, and how frequently? How will the school be involved, and who will be the primary contact person? Will anyone else be involved in the child’s treatment?

  1. Clinician notes

Any extra notes that don’t fit in the previous sections can go here, perhaps you want to note down specific things to revisit next time, or potential changes to make to the treatment plan in the future. 

  1. Final checkboxes

Educational material is crucial to ensure the child’s family and support system are well educated on how to best help the child with ADHD. To remind you to disperse relevant information, as well as the commonly used Vanderbilt forms- we have added in some bonus checkboxes here.

  1. Sign off

Include when the next session will be, your designation, your signature, and the treatment plan is complete! Make sure you stored the completed and signed form somewhere secure and accessible for future use.

ADHD treatment plan Example (sample)

To help you get a sense of what sort of information can go in these ADHD treatment plan template, we have provided a sample, completed template. Take a look below or download the example to see what this template might look like when it has been filled out.

Check out and download the ADHD treatment plan example here: 

ADHD treatment plan example

Who Can Use This  ADHD treatment plan Template?

This ADHD treatment plan is designed for the primary clinician responsible for the treatment of a child diagnosed with ADHD. While this person is likely to be a clinical psychiatrist, they might also be a clinical psychologist, adolescent and child psychiatrist, paediatrician, or other mental health worker.

While a clinician will be the one to design the child’s ADHD treatment plan, the plan will ultimately be used by all members of the child’s care team including their parents, involved teachers, behavioral therapists, counsellors, or family doctors.

Why Is This Template Useful For Psychiatrists and Psychologists

ADHD in children often requires an involved and holistic approach to treatment, including behavioral management therapy, parental training, involvement of the child’s school or kindergarten, and pharmacological intervention. As such, this template is super useful for psychiatrists and psychologists who treat children with ADHD as it includes spaces for a wide range of treatment approaches, as well as space for the clinician’s general notes.

Compiling lots of information into an organized and readable format can be a big task and so using a pre-formatted template can save the clinician a lot of time, and keep the treatment plan easily readable for those who will need to read it in the future.

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Why Use Carepatron for ADHD treatment?

Your ADHD treatment plan is a hugely important document for your patient, highlighting the key strategies you will be using going forward, the different types of intervention, the management plan at home, school and elsewhere, and any other relevant clinician notes. You’ll be glad to learn, then, that this document can be accessed by your client’s family securely and easily though the Carepatron client portal when you use this template within Carepatron.

Carepatron also offers a wide selection of other useful templates that will help you to streamline your psychiatric practice’s administration, such as appointment scheduling, billing management, smart voice-to-text dictation software, and video conferencing capability. You can rest assured your clinical notes will be safely stored in our HIPAA-compliant electronic health record software, and that they will be there when you need them at your fingertips through the use of our easy client list and lookup system.

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Why do I need a treatment plan template?
Why do I need a treatment plan template?

Commonly asked questions

Why do I need a treatment plan template?

A template for your ADHD treatment plan can be super useful for both guiding the structure of your session with your client and their family, and for ensuring you are covering all bases in terms of the next steps for your client. A template also helps you to keep your notes standardized, organized, and readable for others whomay need to use them.

What if my client is too young for pharmacological intervention?

No worries, just leave this section blank! We understand that ADHD treatment looks different for everyone, and so this template is completely customizable- just leave out the sections that do not apply to your client, and fill in the ones that do.

What goes in the “management plan” sections?

The management plan is for the practical details of how the interventions planned in the previous section of the template will be undertaken. This might include when and where the behavioral therapy sessions will take place, how the child will have their medication administered, who will be responsible for the behavioral interventions at the child’s school or kindergarten, or other practical details relevant to the child’s treatment.

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