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Use Carepatron's Support System Worksheet to help clients manage and organize their support systems. Access the PDF template to get started.

By Ericka Pingol on Jun 20, 2024.

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What is a Support System Worksheet?

A support system is a network of people who provide emotional and practical help to an individual or family. This could include friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers, teachers, or professionals such as doctors, counselors, and social workers. Everyone needs to have some type of support system in place before a crisis arises.

Support systems can be invaluable for someone struggling with mental health issues or other challenging life situations, such as illness, divorce, job loss, or financial difficulties. They provide comfort and encouragement and help people solve their problems during tough times.

A helps individuals assess their needs and identify the people in their lives who can provide the most effective type of help. With this worksheet, they can plan to build a strong and supportive support system. It’s also useful for counselors and other professionals to help clients identify the people in their lives who are best suited to provide support.

Printable Support System Worksheet

Download the Support System Worksheet to help clients enhance their support systems.

How does it work?

With Carepatron's free Support System Worksheet, you can help your clients identify who should be part of their support system and how those people can help. Follow these steps to use the template:

Step One: Access the free worksheet

Download the printable Support System Worksheet using the link provided on this page or via the Carepatron app. Alternatively, you can get a copy from our resources library.

Step Two: Discuss it with your client

Hand your client a copy of the template and discuss the importance of a support system. Explain why asking for help when needed is important and how an effective support system can help them manage difficult situations.

Step Three: Complete the worksheet with your client

Go through the template with your client, helping them brainstorm who should be part of their support system, what type of help they need, and what specific steps they can take.

Step Four: Review the worksheet with your client

Review the completed Support System Worksheet with your client and discuss any further action needed to set up their support system. Ensure your client understands how each person in their support system can assist when needed.

Step Five: Check in regularly

After completing the worksheet, check in with your client regularly to follow up on their progress and whether their support system is effective. Make sure to remind them of the importance of reaching out for help when needed.

Support System Worksheet Example (sample)

We have created a sample Support System Worksheet PDF to help you better understand how to use this template during your consultations. Feel free to use the sample to guide your client conversations and provide additional context. You may view it here or download the PDF version for reference.

Download the free Support System Worksheet Example (sample)

Support System Worksheet Example (sample)

When would you use this Support System Worksheet?

You can use our free Support System Worksheet with clients needing emotional and mental support. The worksheet provides an organized approach to help your client identify and establish their support system, which can be essential in managing challenging situations. Moreover, you may use the template to:

Start conversations around the concept of support systems

This template is a great way to start conversations about the importance of having and relying on a support system. You can use it to encourage your clients to openly discuss their relationships with family, friends, colleagues, and other supportive individuals.

Provide an organized approach for setting up a support system

You can use the Support System Worksheet to encourage your clients to create a comprehensive list and plan for developing their support system. This may include identifying potential people who can provide emotional or practical assistance and creating action items that will help them build meaningful relationships with these individuals.

Encourage introspective reflection

The Support System Worksheet can be used for introspective reflection. By mapping out their support system, clients better understand their existing relationships, revealing areas of strength and potential gaps.

Cultivate gratitude and positivity

Regularly updating and reviewing the Support System Worksheet can help clients cultivate a sense of gratitude for the people in their lives and the support they provide. This act of recognition can enhance feelings of positivity and overall well-being.

Benefits of free Support System Worksheet

Carepatron's free Support System Worksheet provides numerous benefits for your practice and clients. Here are some of the advantages:

It's digital and easy to use

The Support System Worksheet doesn't require your clients to wait for you to email or mail them a copy; they can easily access it from any device. Plus, it's designed with intuitive, user-friendly prompts that make it simple.

It's customizable

You can modify the Support System Worksheet to meet your client's needs. This includes adding more prompts and questions and incorporating your practice's branding and logo.

It's highly versatile

This template isn't just for individual use. It's also a great tool to leverage in group settings, allowing clients to gain insight from their peers' experiences and perspectives.

It promotes client engagement

Using the Support System Worksheet encourages your clients to participate in their well-being actively. This can foster greater engagement with your practice, build trust, and help them achieve their desired outcomes more quickly.

It facilitates communication

Completing the Support System Worksheet can open conversations between your clients and their support networks. This may lead to more meaningful and supportive relationships beyond therapy.

Why use Carepatron as your Support System app?

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But it's not just about convenience. Carepatron Support System software ensures client data security with robust privacy measures and HIPAA compliance. Plus, our dedicated customer service professionals are on call to assist you with any challenges you may face.

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Who typically uses Support System Worksheets?
Who typically uses Support System Worksheets?

Commonly asked questions

Who typically uses Support System Worksheets?

Therapists, counselors, and other mental health professionals often use Support System Worksheets to help clients build relationships with their support networks.

When are Support System Worksheets used?

You can use a Support System Worksheet at any stage of therapy. Some therapists use them as part of an initial intake assessment, while others may introduce them when the client is ready to explore their support system further.

How are Support System Worksheets used?

These worksheets are designed to help your clients identify and reflect on the people and resources they have in their support system. They can also be used to create action plans for strengthening these relationships or obtaining additional support.

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