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What is an anger coping worksheet?

Anger coping worksheets are a tool that anger management therapists can use to help their clients identify what triggers their anger, how they respond to that anger, and how they cope (if they have the means and avenues to cope). It’s a nifty writing exercise to hand to their clients in order to get a better sense of how they process their anger and to be able to formulate possible directions to take in order for their clients to better manage their rage.

One anger coping worksheet example that a therapist can hand to their client is the Anger Coping Journal!

Printable Anger Coping Worksheets

Download this Anger Coping Worksheet and teach your clients skills and strategies to help them effectively manage their anger.

How do I use this Anger Coping Journal worksheet?

The anger coping journal is a short-form diary of sorts that a therapist’s clients can fill as they go through an anger management program. This journal in particular is a modified version and it has four parts:

  • The checklist of general triggers
  • Possible activities that they can do in order to calm down and relax
  • A journal section with entries for seven days where they can indicate what triggered their anger, how they responded to that anger, what happened after they expressed their anger, and what they tried to do in order to calm down (and if it worked or not)
  • A small field where they can indicate any patterns in their anger that they noticed

Check which general triggers apply to you!

The first thing that the user of the worksheet should do is check the checkboxes on the general triggers list. It makes it easier for the client if they are aware of what their current triggers are.

Some of the general triggers include:

  • Being stuck in traffic
  • Someone invaded your privacy (e.g. touched your cellphone without your permission)
  • You got into a fight with a loved one
  • You had trouble with work (e.g. you’re being overworked, fought with a colleague, had a disagreement with your boss)
  • You were accused of something you didn’t do
  • Someone bullies you
  • Someone disagreed with you

Read the list of activities to try that could help you calm down

The second part is just a list of possible things that they can choose to do whenever they experience anger. They don’t really have to write anything down for this section and, instead, use it as a list of suggestions for activities to engage in in order to calm down and relax.

Some of the suggestions include:

  • Listen to music
  • Play a video game
  • Go out for a walk
  • Ride a bike
  • Have a hearty meal
  • Spend time with the family outside of the house
  • Spend time with friends
  • Walk your dog
  • Read a book

Write your experiences with anger in this mini-journal!

As for the third section, which contains the mini-journal entries, they will notice that there are four sections per entry. They even have guide questions to help them articulate themselves:

  • Trigger: What exactly happened that made you feel angry?
  • Response: What did you do in response to that anger? Did you lash out? How so? Did you walk away?
  • Outcome: What happened when you responded to that anger? If you were having an argument, did it escalate? Did you end up not speaking with your partner for days?
  • Coping activity: What did you do in order to calm down and relax?
  • Alternative response: What would you have done differently as a reaction to your anger?

Indicate any patterns related to your anger.

The last section is short. It’s just one field where the client writes if they see any patterns regarding their anger.

Anger Coping Journal Example (Sample)

Here’s an example of a filled-out anger coping journal, so you can see the kinds of responses that a client may include.

Download this Anger Coping Worksheet Example (Sample) here:

Anger Coping Worksheet Example (Sample)

Who can use this printable anger coping worksheet (PDF)?

This printable anger coping worksheet can be used by anyone working on their anger management, whether through an anger management therapist or on their own! Young or old, anyone looking to contain their own rage or help others with theirs are welcome to use this mini-journal! The specific healthcare practitioners that are likely to gain benefit from implementing this resource include:

Additionally, although this resource has been designed with clients who are struggling to manage their anger in mind, the individual doesn't necessarily have to have an anger management issue. Often, anger is a byproduct of various other mental health issues, so this worksheet could be similarly useful for clients experiencing PTSD, depression, anxiety, or grief.

Why is this anger coping worksheet helpful for anger management therapists?

A filled-out anger coping journal could help the therapist gauge their client.

  • Since this anger coping worksheet is a mini-journal, it can help the therapist find out what generally triggers the anger of their client through the checklist portion
  • They can also see and read up on the kinds of things their client deals with that triggers anger in them through the mini-journal entries. This is also the portion where therapists can see (through writing) how their clients react to their anger, what they did while angry, what they did to calm down, and what they would have done differently if they did do something while angry
  • Therapists, based on what their client wrote, could determine the best ways to help their client with managing their anger and provide suggestions as to what their client can do to help
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What are the benefits of using this anger coping worksheet?

Aside from the aforementioned benefits for anger management therapists, this is also beneficial for the clients since they’re going to be engaging with the worksheet more than the therapist.

This anger coping worksheet example can:

  • Help the client create a little distance between themself and their anger, allowing them to reflect on it
  • Through the checklist, they can be made aware of the general things that trigger their anger
  • They also get to see a small list of suggestions of things to try and do if they need to find ways to calm down
  • If ever they do something out of their anger, the journal also allows them to take time and reflect if they could have done things differently to avoid unfavorable outcomes
  • Goal setting: by reflecting on their anger, clients can be more self-reflexive and determine ways that they could take in order to combat anger and prevent any outbursts

Commonly asked questions

What is an anger coping worksheet?

An anger coping worksheet is a nifty way for clients of anger management therapists to take a step back and look at the different things that trigger their anger, and hopefully find avenues and solutions to take in order to combat anger. This Anger Coping Journal in particular has a checklist of general triggers, suggestions on things to do to calm down, and a mini-journal where clients can describe in detail what they felt and what they did out of anger.

Who uses anger coping worksheets?

These are issued by anger management therapists to their clients to help guide them through their anger management process. Clients will be engaging with this tool the most since they will use it to track what has made them angry and what they could do differently to avoid unfavorable situations caused by their anger.

When does one use an anger coping worksheet?

On the part of the anger management therapist, they can issue an anger coping worksheet to their clients during their respective anger management process. On the part of the client, they’ll engage with the worksheet when prompted by the therapist. Or, in the case of this Anger Coping Journal, they will engage with it on their own time since it’s a log of their bouts with anger.

Why use Carepatron for anger coping software?

Here at Carepatron, we care about helping healthcare practitioners improve productivity and efficiency, especially when it comes to streamlining their clinical documentation. By taking advantage of our easy-to-navigate EHR system, you’ll gain access to a wide variety of anger coping worksheets such as this Anger Coping Journal!

Using our anger coping worksheets will help with your anger coping practice and make it easier for you and your clients to identify key anger triggers and develop ways to avoid or control them!

You can even store these notes in a HIPAA-compliant manner and secure them by setting up who can access these documents besides you.

Not only are our anger coping software and worksheets intuitive, but they’re also quite easy to access! Whether you’re using an office desktop, a laptop, or even just your phone, you can access your anger management software and worksheets anytime, anywhere!

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What is an anger coping worksheet?
What is an anger coping worksheet?
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