Abdominal Pain Charts

Use the abdominal pain chart to localize the patient�??s pain and better document any observations, findings, and essential details. 


By Patricia Buenaventura on Apr 08, 2024.

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What is an Abdominal Pain Chart?

An is a visual tool with an image or diagram of an abdomen divided according to quadrants and labeled accordingly. Aside from the labeled image, on our take of an abdominal pain chart, you also have a dedicated space at the bottom for notes like important details from the patient's interview or medical history and findings or observations.

Do you need a copy of our template for an abdominal pain chart? Keep reading for instructions on how to download a blank copy.

Printable Abdominal Pain Chart

Download this Abdominal Pain Chart to help clients locate the pain in their abdomen.

How to use the Abdominal Pain Chart:

Step One. Access and Download the Template

Accessing and downloading a digital and printable copy of the �??Abdominal Pain Chart�?� template is as easy as doing either of the following: 

Step Two. Interview and Examine the Patient

You can now proceed with interviewing the patient, asking about their symptoms, and examining their abdomen. If it helps, show them the template so they may point to the diagram if they cannot verbally explain their feelings. 

Step Three. Fill Out the Template

You have two choices: you can fill out the template either while or after conducting the interview. We�??ll leave it up to you how to fill out the template. You can annotate the diagram by encircling the affected area and write down essential information, observations, and findings in the section dedicated to notes. 

Step Four. Securely Store the Template

Before you proceed to the next steps, don�??t forget to store the template in a securely physical location or on Carepatrn for easy access to relevant parties when needed. 

Abdominal Pain Charts Example (sample)

Here�??s an example of a filled-out abdominal pain chart downloadable as a PDF file. Gain insight on making the most out of the blank template in your practice during a patient interview or physical examination. 

Grab an offline copy by viewing the sample or clicking the �??Download Example�?� button. 

Download this Abdominal Pain Chart Example: 

Abdominal Pain Charts Example (sample)

When would you use this Form?

This abdominal pain chart was designed to be used by various medical professionals. However, those who may find it beneficial are those who:

  • Need to have a basis for asking their patient to undergo further examination, imaging tests, etc. 
  • Are diagnosing or formulating a treatment for the abdominal pain the patient is feeling
  • Are deciding which specialist to refer their patient to based on their observation of symptoms


Easy to Use

Like other map chart templates in the Carepatron library, the abdominal pain chart is easy to use. There are no complicated instructions for you to follow to make the most out of the template. It�??s up to you and your creativity to see how the template will be most beneficial to you. 


The abdominal pain chart isn�??t only for display. It�??s versatile enough to be used for multiple purposes, such as a guide, visual aid, and a document where you can note observations, findings, etc. 

Provides Better Insight 

In case your patient cannot verbally express themselves, you can use the abdominal pain chart as a visual aid where they can point out where it hurts in their body. Furthermore, the template can help you localize the pain so you can think of the possible cause and corresponding pathologies. 

Digitally Accessible

Our free abdominal pain chart isn�??t only printable but digitally accessible and editable on any PDF editor you have on any gadget. Suppose you use a digital file in your practice when storing your copy on Carepatron. You can also easily access the record on any desktop or mobile with the Carepatron software. 

Who typically uses Abdominal Pain Charts?
Who typically uses Abdominal Pain Charts?

Commonly asked questions

Who typically uses Abdominal Pain Charts?

General physicians and gastroenterologists are the healthcare professionals who may typically use the abdominal pain charts the most. 

When are Abdominal Pain Charts used?

They are most likely used during a physical examination and patient interview. However, they can also be used to check if the patient�??s treatment plan is effective. 

How can the Abdominal Pain Chart help a person?

It can help a practitioner keep track of their findings and observations and determine the region where the patient is experiencing pain for better diagnosis or formulation of treatment. Aside from that, it can also help a person better point out where the pain is, especially if they are verbally incapable of explaining their condition to the referring physician.

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