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By Patricia Buenaventura on Jun 20, 2024.

Fact Checked by Nate Lacson.

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What is internet addiction?

‍, also known as net addiction or internet addiction disorder, is when someone has a compulsive need to spend an unhealthy time on the internet that other important things or areas in their life suffer. The feeling they get can be compared to a “high” others who are addicted to other things feel. And though it’s still not considered a mental disorder, it’s still one many people face today.

There are five categories of internet addiction:

  • Sex: This is when one uses the internet for cybersex or consuming pornography. The result of this is that their sex life offline suffers.
  • Relationships: This is when one uses the internet for online dating or affairs resulting in relationship problems with family and friends in the real world.
  • Information: This is when one uses the internet to search and collect information obsessively. This results in a waste of time wherein their other responsibilities aren’t taken care of.
  • Social Networking Addiction: This is when one uses the internet to monitor social media sites constantly, including posting often, checking messages, etc. Similar to the previous categories, this affects real-life relationships, sex life, and responsibilities.
  • Gaming: This is when one spends a lot of time and money on online games and other activities connected to gaming, such as gambling, trading, shopping, etc.

Some symptoms of one who is addicted to the internet are satisfaction is directly proportional to the amount of time spent on the internet, stopping oneself from going on the internet is usually unsuccessful, the suffering of other aspects of one’s life, and using the internet to escape from real-world problems or negative feelings like sadness or guilt.

Treatment for internet addiction is usually cognitive behavioral therapy and having the client attend support group sessions with people with the same addiction.

Printable Internet Addiction Test

Download this Internet Addiction Test to assess your clients.

How to use the Internet Addiction Test:

Access and Download the Template

To access and download the printable Internet addiction test, you may do either of the following:

  • Click the “Use Template” or “Download this Template” button 
  • Search “Internet Addiction Test” on Carepatron’s template library on the web or app

Explain the Test

Though the template is easy to understand, and even if instructions are provided, it’s best if the practitioner who will provide a copy of the test will still explain to the client how to answer it.

Answer the Test

When the client understands what to do, you may give them a copy of the test and have them answer it. Don’t forget to assure them they can take as much time as needed and that you’re there if they need further clarification. 

Score and Interpret

Once they’re finished, you may take the answered test and compute the score by adding the chosen numbers. To interpret, you may use the scoring legend provided on the template. Take the final score you calculated and match it to the corresponding interpretation. 

Proceed with Next Steps

Anything beyond the “normal level of internet usage” may require immediate intervention. If that’s the case, you may explain that you can proceed with a diagnosis or a treatment plan if the client wishes. 

Internet Addiction Test (IAT) Example

We created an Internet Addiction Test Example completed by a fictional client with a severe dependence on the Internet. You can use this example by showing it to clients so they know how to complete the questionnaire. Furthermore, you’re free to use this example to understand how to compute the score and interpret the final score obtained. 

Download our sample in PDF format for educational purposes or as an offline reference by viewing our example below or clicking the “Download Example PDF” button above. 

Download this Internet Addiction Test Example:

Internet Addiction Test (IAT) Example

When would you use this Internet Addiction Test?

Practitioners like mental health professionals - psychologists, therapists, psychiatrists, and counselors - can use the Internet Addiction Test when a client’s loved one or you notice that the client may be severely dependent on the Internet. It’s also possible that the client will come forward if they’re self-aware and want to be tested. 

To help you out, here’s a list of symptoms a client may exhibit if they’re addicted to the internet:

  • To feel satisfied, they must spend an increasing amount of time online daily
  • Has withdrawal symptoms like moodiness and anxiety
  • Uses the internet as a coping mechanism, especially when they feel negative feelings
  • Chooses to spend time on the Internet instead of other areas of life, such as relationships, work, school, and leisure, resulting in neglect in those areas
  • They’re ready to choose the Internet if faced with a situation of losing important things such as relationships or their job

What are the benefits of using this Internet Addiction Test?


With a standardized test, it’s easier to identify the severity of one’s symptoms and diagnose Internet Addiction. Furthermore, it’ll be easier for practitioners from different hospitals or even continents to understand the reasoning behind the diagnosis without further explaining the basis. 

Easy to Administer and Understand

The free Internet Addiction Test is easy to administer and understand because of its simple language and instructions. As a result, referring physicians can obtain results in no longer than 30 minutes. 

Establish Baselines for Comparison Later On

Asking the client to answer the Internet addiction test during the first session, before diagnosis or formulation of treatment, is helpful because said document will be the baseline to see if the treatment is effective.

Reliable and Valid

According to the results of the study “Validity and Reliability Study of the Internet Addiction Test” in the Mevlana International Journal of Education, the validity and analysis results of the Internet Addiction Test were acceptable. 

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Keser, Hafise & Esgi, Necmi & KOCADAĞ ÜNVER, Tuğba & Bulu, Şanser. (2013). Validity and Reliability Study of the Internet Addiction Test. Mevlana International Journal of Education. 3. 207-222. 10.13054/mije. 

How long does it normally take to accomplish the Internet Addiction Test?
How long does it normally take to accomplish the Internet Addiction Test?

Commonly asked questions

How long does it normally take to accomplish the Internet Addiction Test?

It normally takes 30 minutes at most to accomplish the Internet Addiction Test. 

How do you interpret the findings of the Internet Addiction Test?

You can interpret the findings of the Internet Addiction test by obtaining a final score and using the interpretation table provided on the template.

When is the Internet Addiction Test used?

One can use it to assess a client exhibiting symptoms of internet addiction that the client’s loved ones or the practitioner notices.

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