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Learn about the benefits of a Bedside Shift Report for patient safety and nurse satisfaction. Download a free PDF template here.

By Ericka Pingol on Feb 29, 2024.

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Understanding nurse-patient relationship

The nurse-patient relationship is crucial in healthcare, directly impacting patients and nurses. A solid and positive relationship improves nurse satisfaction and is a significant factor in retaining healthcare professionals (Pressley & Garside, 2023). On the other hand, patients experience higher satisfaction levels when they have a positive and trusting connection with their nurses (American Nurses Association, n.d.).

These close bonds, characterized by trust and open communication, have additional benefits. They can alleviate the anxiety experienced by patients and their families, creating a more comfortable healthcare environment. Moreover, when nurses establish strong relationships with their patients, they better understand their needs and can provide more personalized care. This ultimately enhances the overall healthcare experience and improves patient outcomes.

By fostering solid and positive nurse-patient relationships, healthcare organizations can achieve higher patient and nurse outcomes and overall quality of care.

Printable Bedside Shift Report

Download this Bedside Shift Report to communicate and collaborate with patients effectively.

What is a Bedside Shift Report?

A Bedside Shift Report transfers patient information between nurses at the end of their shift at the patient's bedside. This practice involves the oncoming nurse receiving a verbal report from the off-going nurse while both are present with the patient. It allows for more effective communication and collaboration between nurses and involving patients and their families in their care.

This reporting method has gained popularity recently due to its potential benefits for patient safety, nurse satisfaction, and overall quality of care. Healthcare research has demonstrated that bedside shift reports can improve patient outcomes, including shorter hospital stays and fewer medical errors.

A Dorvil (2018) study found that bedside shift reports enhanced patient safety, satisfaction, and nurse communication and collaboration. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality also recommends implementing this approach to improve patient outcomes and involve patients and families in their care.

Moreover, utilizing Bedside Shift Report templates in nursing practice has also been linked to increased patient satisfaction scores and improved nurse-patient relationships (Radtke, 2013). This is because the patient and family can participate in their care and ask questions or voice concerns during the report.

The Importance of Bedside Shift Reports

Here are some  key reasons why Bedside Shift Reports are crucial in healthcare:

  • Improved nurse-patient communication: You can obtain ongoing feedback on the care provided by involving the patient and their family in the report. This leads to a better understanding of the patient's needs and preferences, improving satisfaction levels.
  • Enhanced patient safety: Reporting at the bedside lets you immediately identify and correct any potential errors or safety concerns. This reduces the risk of adverse events and medical errors.
  • Better nurse outcomes: Bedside Shift Reports have been associated with increased job satisfaction and decreased nurse burnout rates. They also improve teamwork and collaboration among healthcare providers, resulting in a more positive work environment.
  • Involving patients and families in their care: They also empower patients and their families to be more involved in their care, increasing satisfaction and improving outcomes.
  • Continuity of care: With Bedside Shift Reports, the oncoming nurse can get a comprehensive overview of the patient's condition, care plan, and ongoing issues or concerns. This promotes continuity of care and ensures that all important information is handed over accurately.

How to use Carepatron's Bedside Shift Report

Carepatron's free nurse Bedside Shift Report is easy to use and fully digital. Here's how to get started:

Step 1: Obtain the template

Download the free bedside report template using the link on this page. You can also get a copy from the Carepatron app or our resources library.

Step 2: Print or use the digital format

You can print or use the template digitally on a tablet or laptop. The digital format allows for easy editing and sharing with other healthcare providers.

Step 3: Fill in patient information

Start by filling in the patient's name, room number, and essential identifiers such as allergies or medical conditions. This helps ensure that the information is accurate and specific to the patient.

Step 4: Document vital signs

Record the patient's vital signs in the nurse shift report, including blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, and oxygen saturation. This provides a snapshot of the patient's condition for easy reference during shift handover.

Step 5: Note any changes or concerns

Document any changes in the patient's condition or concerns that must be addressed during the shift. Make sure to include any updates on medication or treatment plans.

Step 6: Double-check your report

Investigating bedside nursing report worksheets is vital to ensure accuracy and promote patient safety. Double-check your report before handing it over to the oncoming nurse.

Step 6: Share with the oncoming nurse

Once done checking, share the completed Bedside Shift Report with the oncoming nurse during shift handover. The report makes it easier to discuss the patient's condition and any changes or concerns that must be addressed.

Bedside Shift Report example (sample)

We have created a sample Bedside Shift Report to showcase how our template can be used in practice. This sample report includes all the necessary information and provides a clear structure for documenting patient updates and concerns. You can view the sample here or download a PDF copy for reference.

Download this free Bedside shift report example here:

Bedside Shift Report example (sample)

Strategies for effective bedside nursing report implementation

As a nurse, you can incorporate various strategies to ensure effective bedside shift reporting, reap its benefits, and improve your nursing communication. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Establishing rapport: Take the time to develop a relationship with your patient and their family. This helps build trust and increases comfort during the bedside report.
  • Explain the process: Before beginning the report, explain what will be discussed and involve the patient in setting goals for their care.
  • Encouraging questions: Encourage patients and their families to ask questions during the report. This ensures that all concerns are addressed and promotes open communication.
  • Documenting patient preferences: Take note of any specific requests or preferences from the patient. This shows that you value their input and can help improve patient satisfaction.
  • Using a bedside handoff tool: Consider using a handoff tool to guide the report and ensure that all necessary information is covered.
  • Involving the oncoming nurse: The nurse should be actively engaged in the bedside shift report to establish a relationship with the patient and clearly understand their care needs.
  • Following up: After completing the bedside nurse report, follow up with patients and nurses to gather feedback and make necessary improvements.

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What is included in a bedside shift report?
What is included in a bedside shift report?

Commonly asked questions

What is included in a bedside shift report?

A bedside shift report involves the oncoming nurse receiving a verbal or written report from the off-going nurse while at the patient's bedside. This report typically includes essential information such as the patient's current condition, any changes in medication or treatment plans, and any other relevant details for providing safe and effective care.

Why is a bedside shift report critical?

Bedside shift reports have improved patient safety, nurse satisfaction, and patient outcomes. Involving the patient and their family in the report promotes open communication and strengthens the nurse-patient relationship.

Can bedside shift reports lead to medical errors?

Implementing bedside shift reports reduces the risk of medical errors by involving both nurses in a collaborative review of important information. Additionally, incorporating bedside reporting allows for obtaining ongoing nursing feedback, which can help identify and prevent potential errors.

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