Annual Physical Exam Checklist By Age

Use the annual physician exam checklist by age to ensure that your patient is undergoing all tests needed to assess their overall health.

By Patricia Buenaventura on Feb 29, 2024.

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What is an Annual Physical Exam Checklist by Age?

An annual physical exam checklist, tailored by age, is a comprehensive guideline designed to ensure that individuals receive appropriate medical assessments and screenings as they grow older. Such checklists are essential for maintaining one's health and preventing potential health issues.

Here’s an overview of what you can expect from such a document:

Patients who are in their 20s and 30s will have vital signs, such as blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and body mass index (BMI) on their template. A list of regular vaccinations, such as flu shots, should also be on the checklist. Aside from those, lifestyle factors, like diet, exercise, and stress management, are also considered to be a discussion point with their referring physician.

Individuals who enter their 40s and 50s have additional screenings for conditions like diabetes and cancer, including mammograms and prostate exams on their checklists. Bone density scans and eye exams may also be considered.

Meanwhile, for those aged 60 and above, the checklist expands to cover more frequent cancer screenings and examinations for conditions like osteoporosis, dementia, and cardiovascular health. Regular discussions about end-of-life care and advance directives may also be considered if the patient is comfortable.

In all age groups, mental health screenings, as well as discussions about substance use, may be incorporated into the annual physical exam checklist by age.

It's important to note that these recommendations are general guidelines, and individual needs may vary based on personal health history, family history, and risk factors. As a result, the content and how the form will look will vary depending on the template being used and/or the referring physician’s discretion.

Download our free Annual Physical Exam Checklist By Age here

Check out our free Annual Physical Exam Checklist By Age PDF here

How Does It Work?

Step 1. Obtain a Template

You can secure a  digital and printable annual physical exam checklist by age template by following one of the steps outlined below:

  • Select either the "Download Template" or "Use Template" option.
  • Access Carepatron's template repository on their website or app and search for the "Annual Physical Exam Checklist By Age."

Step 2. Complete the Template

Completing the template is straightforward and involves the task of recording essential details about the patient's medical history, past medical procedures, medication and allergies, prevailing symptoms, lifestyle habits, and other relevant information. You can also include vital signs and check off the necessary tests the patient should undergo. The results of these tests will be crucial for your subsequent consultation.

Do note that you are free to use this document as a formal request to laboratories, providing evidence that specific tests have been requested.

Step 3. Ensure Template Confidentiality

Following the patient's tests and the receipt of the requested results, safeguarding the template, and restricting access to authorized personnel is of utmost importance. We strongly recommend using Carepatron, a HIPAA-compliant patient records software, for secure and convenient digital storage of this information.

Annual Physical Exam Checklist By Age (sample)

If you require guidance on effectively utilizing the Annual Physical Exam Checklist By Age template, we have prepared a PDF document that features a completed template for your convenience. This document is accessible in digital and printable formats to cater to your preferences.

It is essential to emphasize that all the information in this illustrative template is entirely fictitious and presented solely for explanatory purposes. Furthermore, kindly remember that our sample template represents just one method of utilizing the blank template. We encourage you to explore alternative approaches that align with your professional requirements.

To access this invaluable resource, you can either review the sample template provided below or choose the "Download Example PDF" option. This will provide you with a fully completed, demonstrative version of the template, offering a practical reference for your professional endeavors.

Download our free Annual Physical Exam Checklist By Age PDF

Annual Physical Exam Checklist By Age (sample)

When Would You Use This Checklist?

The annual physical exam checklist by age is typically used as a guide for healthcare providers and individuals to keep track of necessary health checks and screenings. It helps in the following ways:

Preventive Care

Regular check-ups can help find potential health issues before they become a problem. Early detection gives the patient the best chance of getting the right treatment quickly, avoiding any complications.

Update Vaccinations

Vaccinations are an important part of preventive healthcare at all stages of life.

Disease Detection

Regular health exams and tests can help find problems early or before they can start. For example, checking cholesterol levels can identify the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Lifestyle Discussion

These check-ups are a good time to talk about lifestyle habits like smoking, alcohol use, diet, and physical activity.

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Research & Evidence

Research surrounding the Annual Physical Exam, and by association, its checklist, provides valuable insights into the importance and adaptability of routine health checkups at different life stages. These resources offer a nuanced perspective on the frequency and components of such examinations, taking into account individual health needs and clinical practice.

An article from Optum titled "Annual checkups: Physical exam checklist by age" underscores the significance of regular doctor visits across the lifespan. It details the evolving nature of these visits, offering guidance for what to anticipate during checkups from birth through age 64. This resource emphasizes that age-specific considerations are vital in the content and scheduling of annual checkups.

According to the document "Annual Physical Examination Practices by Province/Territory in Canada,” physical examinations are a cornerstone for building patient-physician relationships. It also suggests that the frequency of such examinations should be individualized and not strictly adhered to annually.

Furthermore, the AAFP's article on "The Adult Well-Male Examination" discusses specific recommendations for different types of screening for particular age ranges of men, illustrating how the content of annual checkups can be tailored to address specific health concerns.

In summary, the research surrounding the annual physical test and the usefulness of a connected resource like the annual physical exam checklist by age underscores and focuses more on the adaptability of healthcare guidelines to accommodate individuals at different life stages. These resources collectively contribute to a comprehensive understanding of how healthcare professionals and individuals can make informed decisions about their healthcare needs based on age and health status.


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How do you create an annual physical exam checklist by age?
How do you create an annual physical exam checklist by age?

Commonly asked questions

How do you create an annual physical exam checklist by age?

An annual physical exam checklist can be created by opening up a Carepatron document, listing all the relevant information you need, and tests that patients must undergo to help evaluate their overall health. 

You can also download and use our annual checkup checklist template to save time and effort.

When is the annual physical exam checklist by age used?

You can use an annual physical exam checklist by age when applying physical examinations, monitoring patients’ health status, updating treatment and personal information, and providing preventive care to the patient.

Who creates an annual physical exam checklist by age?

General practitioners, family doctors, etc., usually create and fill out annual physical exam checklists by age templates.

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