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Explore your family’s legacy with our 3 Generation Genogram Template! Discover new connections, and visualize family patterns to uncover your family’s story. 

By Ashleigh Knowles on Apr 08, 2024.

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What is a 3 Generation Genogram template?

A 3 Generation Genogram Template is a three-generation family tree diagram that visually represents family links, dynamics, and vital information. Unlike a standard family tree, a genogram goes beyond basic ancestry and lineage to depict intricate connections and patterns within a family system.

The template includes symbols and lines to symbolize connections, including weddings, divorces, and adoptions. It also represents specific persons, gender, and other relevant health or behavioral data. This level of detail enables users to map familial information and emotional and psychological factors that impact family dynamics. As a result, you can expect a more comprehensive way to visualize your family connections!

With this template, you can foster a deeper understanding of your family legacy. This template highlights individual parents and siblings in the first generation, providing an early insight into family dynamics. The second generation builds on this foundation by including the individual, their siblings, and their wives and children. Finally, the third generation encompasses grandchildren and great-grandchildren, which completes the overall view of the family unit.

Not only this, but the 3 Generation Genogram Template can be a valuable tool to discover new patterns and better evaluate the influence of family ties. Families can be encouraged to talk about their history and learn more about their family's lineage to facilitate a stronger collective identity. 

Printable 3 Generation Genogram

Download this 3 Generation Genogram to visualize family patterns.

How does it work?

To complete this template, you can fill it out digitally or by physical copy. Simply download and print our template for free! Here are the tips for getting started on the printable 3 Generation Genogram Template.

Step 1: Download the template

The first step is to download our free 3 Generation Genogram Template PDF. You can edit this however you would like in the Carepatron platform, or simply print out the template to complete by hand.

Step 2: Gather family information

To complete the genogram, the first recommended step is to gather all the information you know about your family. This can be through interviews, surveys, and examination of family memorabilia. Completing this step will ensure that the rest of the genogram is easier to complete!

Step 3: Take note of the key

Before you start on the diagram, remember to take note of the key. This highlights the different symbols and lines representing certain relationships and personal information. This must be accurate, so keep the information in mind!

Step 4: Start with your immediate family

Although many people approach 3 generation genograms differently, it is highly recommended that you start filling out the chart with your immediate family. Listing your parents and siblings is a solid first step. 

Step 5: Work your way back

Once you’ve filled out your immediate family, feel free to work back into earlier generations however you feel. This allows you to go through 3 generations in a more linear format. 

3 Generation Genogram example (sample)

If you’re stuck for ideas or want to see an example of the 3 generation genogram, look no further! Check out our free 3 Generation Genogram example below, which downloads in seconds and can be edited digitally or printed out for a physical copy. 

Download our free 3 Generation Genogram example:

3 Generation Genogram example (sample)

When would you use this template?

The 3 Generation Genogram template can be used for various purposes, making it a super handy and versatile tool. Whether you’re just curious about your family history or otherwise!

  • Therapy: The 3 Generation Genogram is super useful for therapists and counselors to understand better intergenerational patterns that may contribute to certain traits in their clients. Create targeted interventions that address client emotions and behaviors that may be a product of their family upbringing and family culture.
  • Medical Risk: Many medical risks concern hereditary factors and predispositions, making this template a great resource for tracking and identifying such risks. Highlight patterns of illness, and mark healthcare concerns before it’s too late. 
  • Family Legacy: With this tool, you can better understand family dynamics, traditions, values, and history. Design a story to spark conversation and develop greater connections within your family unit. In the case of more complicated family trees, this template can especially help clarify lineage to allow for potential reunions and new bonds. 

What do the results mean?

Contrary to its technical name, the genogram is not a test. It is a visual representation of three family generations to aid in greater familial understanding. With this free 3 generation genogram template, you can expect the following:

  • Clear family structures - This template is a great way to illustrate the structure of the family units and identify any extended family members to simplify any relationship complexities. The results should demonstrate a better understanding of family dynamics and a clearer picture of family layout.
  • Family themes - Results should also show clear family themes or issues. Every family has challenges, and a family generational tree may uncover some particular psychological or genetic concerns that need addressing.
  • Closer connections - If used well and if shared amongst family members, this genogram is a great way to spark deeper discussions concerning family history and traditions. It allows for open communication and dialogue concerning the visual nature of the family and where connections lay.
  • Cultural understanding - This genogram is a great way to understand the social and cultural influences over generations for families that have multiple cultures that represent a diverse family tree. This can help strengthen family identity and help understand common traditions.

Why use Carepatron as your 3 Generation Genogram app?

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How do you create a 3 Generation Genogram template?
How do you create a 3 Generation Genogram template?

Commonly asked questions

How do you create a 3 Generation Genogram template?

Genograms typically include circles for each family member, with lines connecting the members. Most genograms will have a key to represent certain traits and characteristics, which can aid in creating specific lines and relationships. 

When are 3 Generation Genogram Templates used?

The 3 generation genograms can be used for family therapy or medical concerns regarding genetic predispositions for certain conditions. They can also be used to satisfy any curiosity concerning family lineage! 

How are the 3 Generation Genogram Templates used?

The 3 generation genogram is typically used in mental health, family therapy, and medical settings. This is in addition to your leisure!

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