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Genogram Symbols are useful tools to understand the pattern of generations of a family. Download this sheet to help you also understand patterns of behavior and relationships.

By Nate Lacson on Mar 06, 2024.

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What Is A Genogram Symbols Sheet?

Family lines directly connect to each member; even a superficial relationship may spring a specific influence on another member. A genogram is a well-known tool designed to determine or help highlight the patterns in family relationships.

This Genogram Symbols Sheet is helpful to understand better the symbols for each family member or relationship. This tool is an excellent guide to analyzing the complexity of a single line. A mere mannerism or reaction can be well-traced through a genogram. It may be adapted to the family or the environment that an individual is from. Compared to a traditional family chart, as it may seem like one, this goes beyond listing the members with lines. Genogram Symbols can analyze the nature of the family, behavior, emotional, and social relationships.

are graphic representations of a specific member of the family or relationship. For basics, male members are represented by a square symbol, and a circle is used for female members. The lines also have meaning. The patterns that are used in a genogram will determine the relationship between two or more symbols. It also follows color coding to help highlight the specifics.

Printable Genogram Symbols Sheet

Download this Genogram Symbols Sheet and develop your understanding of your client’s familial relationships.

How To Use This Genogram Symbols Sheet

If you remember how to create a family tree, the Genogram Symbol Sheet will be easy to follow. This time, you need to include specific details about each member and determine particular relationships between them.

In this Genogram Symbol Sheet, you will see the significant shapes with their meaning. The square is for males, and the circle represents females. 

  1. Start with identifying the family members

To start a Genogram Symbol Sheet, you need to identify where to start. Usually, we start with the husband and wife or the father and mother. Also, identify each member you wish to include and assign them their respective shapes by gender. 

  1. Determine the relationship between members.

Lines in genogram symbols play a vital role. There are two lines we need to take note of: family relationship lines and emotional relationship lines. Family relationships will determine the specific connection between two members. Emotional Relationships are numerous. It will determine the emotional connection between the members connected by the line. 

  1. Include necessary details. 

Dates are also crucial for determining relationships. With this sheet, you will be guided on where to put the birth year and age, or how to draw the pattern if a member is deceased. 

  1. Put it all together.

A Genogram Symbol Sheet is more like a puzzle. Once you’re through with identifying the members with their shapes, identifying their relationships, and putting in their details, you have to assemble it in a neat structure to show a good diagram. 

Genogram Symbols Example (Sample)

In this Genogram Symbols example, you will see the specific symbols and their meaning. It is important to pay attention to the details of the patterns to clearly indicate the meaning when the diagram is complete.

Download this Genogram Symbols Sheet Example (Sample) here:

Genogram Symbol Sheet Example (Sample)

Who Can Use these Printable Genogram Symbols Sheets (PDF)?

Genealogy is a good reference to family-rooted behavior and conditions. This Genogram Symbols Sheet will be very useful in understanding the connections of the members to the existing psychological condition of an individual. This printable PDF sheet can help with the following: 

  • Psychologists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Psychotherapists
  • Family Therapists. 
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Physicians 
  • Social Workers
  • Counselors
  • Genetic Researchers

Family dynamics can be very ambiguous if the relationships are not properly organized. This sheet can help the users to make the multi-generational diagram clearer.

Generally, this is a great use for mental health practitioners. These professionals would have to get in touch with the details of certain behaviors running down in the family members to understand a specific condition. 

Why Is This Form Useful For Mental Health Practitioners?

It is a must-have for those who would need to go deeper into the root cause of a certain condition of a patient. Relationships that are not properly identified could have a huge impact on an individual. Hence, using this printable PDF worksheet could help understand the specifics of various relationships.

The following are just a few of the reasons why this is helpful for Mental Health Practitioners: 

History/Risk Assessment

Some health conditions can be recurring and run in the blood of a specific generation. Genograms can be used in general medicine as well as helping to track a genetic physiological condition or any inheritable diseases. 


Patients with mental health conditions need a lot of support from their families or the people they have relationships with. At the same time, their family could possibly be the cause of this. Usually, abused patients would be tight-lipped, and drawing a good narrative of the family background can be very difficult. This sheet can help in tracking the specific behavior that is going on in the environment that the patient is in. 


Couples that are planning their marriage or are engaged with a huge influence from their families would need to get this diagram as well. Counselors would need this form to help them understand how to help the couple manage the relationship healthily. 


In understanding a certain culture, race, socio-economic situation, tradition, belief, and behavior, tracing the roots is a necessity. Knowing where and how a certain aspect started is a huge leap to get a conclusion to a certain question. Hence, researchers could use this sheet to help them see the bigger background of their problem.

Mental Health Software Feedback

Why Use Carepatron For Genogram Symbols Software?

For beginners, constructing a good multi-generational diagram can be difficult and time-consuming. Since Carepatron cares about efficiency the most and with the mission of Carepatron, we made it easier and more accessible.

Constructing from scratch with paper and pencil is already a heavy job. With many guides online, it can be unorganized and cost you a lot of time. Using Carepatron for Genogram Symbols Software will save you from having to complete time-consuming and tedious administrative tasks.

Use this worksheet and consider the work already half done. Tell us the story and the details and Carepatron will take care of the rest.

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Are there any rules for constructing a genogram?
Are there any rules for constructing a genogram?

Commonly asked questions

Are there any rules for constructing a genogram?

There are four major rules in constructing a genogram:

1. When a family is arranged, the male parent is always on the left and the female parent is always on the right.

2. Instead of assuming a male-male or female-female relationship when there is uncertainty, assume a male-female relationship.

3. A spouse should always be closer to their first partner, followed by any subsequent partners forth.

4. Always to the left of his family is the eldest child, and always to the right is the youngest.

What is the importance of a genogram?

A genogram is an evaluation tool that can be used to start a conversation about a person's characteristics, relationships, and experiences. Since the information on the diagram can include details involving other family members, it should be handled with care and discretion.

Genograms show the emotional connections between family members and can even highlight patterns and information that not everyone knows. 

In which situations should I use a genogram?

A genogram is a handy tool for social workers as well. One way it might assist social workers in learning more about their subject is by inviting people to disclose how they perceive their identities regarding gender, culture, race, and ethnicity.

The significant figures in a person's life and their relationships with them are depicted using genograms. Professionals can more easily pinpoint the origin of problems and concerns inside the family using this instrument.

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