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Use our Tooth Chart template specifically designed for dentists. Grab a copy for review, reference, or note-taking.

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Understanding the tooth numbering system

Dental professionals use a system to identify and designate individual human teeth within the oral cavity. This is a standardized approach for precise and effective communication regarding specific teeth in diagnoses, treatment planning, and discussions. Two well-known tooth numbering systems exist: the Universal Numbering System and the Palmer Notation Method.

The Universal Numbering System, which is more widely utilized, assigns a unique number to each tooth and names them differently. It starts from the upper right third molar, designated as tooth number 1, extends along the upper arch to the upper left third molar, tooth number 16, and proceeds down the lower arch from the lower left third molar, tooth number 17, to the lower right third molar, tooth number 32.

Printable Tooth Chart

Download this Tooth Chart to document your clinical findings.

What is a Tooth Chart?

A Tooth Chart is a visual aid for understanding dental anatomy and identifying the specific teeth within the mouth. Typically featuring an illustration displaying each tooth with its corresponding number and name, this chart offers a comprehensive guide to the adult set of teeth, which commonly totals 32, including the wisdom teeth. By labeling each tooth, dental professionals can efficiently record relevant information during examinations, ensuring accurate documentation of dental health.

Also known as a tooth number chart, it is a practical tool for dental practitioners and students. Its utility extends to aiding in reviews and providing visual assistance for patients to comprehend the condition of their teeth more effectively.

How does it work?

Incorporating the Tooth Chart into your dental practice is easy. Follow these steps to get started:

Step 1: Download the chart

You can start by downloading the tooth number chart PDF from our website. It can be used digitally, or if you want to display a copy at your dental clinic, it's best to print it. Familiarize yourself with the tooth numbers.

Step 2: Use the resource

Once you have the chart, you can use it for dental work. Whether you need it for patient consultations, educational purposes, or treatment planning, the tooth number chart provides an apparent visual reference for dental professionals and students. For specific guidance on utilizing the chart effectively, refer to the "When would you use this template?" section below for practical suggestions and scenarios.

Step 3: Take down notes (optional)

A designated space for notes is provided at the bottom of the chart if you prefer to document specific details or observations regarding a patient's dental condition. This optional feature lets you keep track of important information during consultations or treatment sessions, enhancing your ability to provide comprehensive care.

Tooth Chart example (sample)

Here's our printable Tooth Chart with numbers for dentists and other practitioners caring for a person's teeth that can double as a document where one can write notes on a fictional client. You may use this example for educational purposes or as a reference. 

You can grab a copy of our sample for offline use by viewing the example below or clicking the "Download Example PDF" button above. 

Download this Tooth Chart example here:

Tooth Charts Example (sample)

When would you use this chart?

This handy guide can be used to do the following:

  • To review: The Tooth Chart can be used as a resource to review the location of specific teeth. That way, when doing a basic tooth inspection, you can effortlessly identify and write down observations on the right tooth. 
  • To explain: Sometimes, patients need a visual aid to understand a tooth's condition or a set of teeth. You can use this resource to help them identify the location of the affected tooth or teeth, explain the function of a particular set of teeth, etc. 
  • To document and take down notes: Since our template has a dedicated space, you can make the most out of it by using it as a document to write notes/findings/observations, reminders for patients, or even attach results from additional tests. 

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Who typically uses Tooth Charts?
Who typically uses Tooth Charts?

Commonly asked questions

Who typically uses Tooth Charts?

Our tooth chart template is designed specifically for dentists, so they are most like to use and find our tooth chart helpful and useful.

When are Tooth Charts used?

They can use it when referencing, reviewing, or educating patients about their dental and oral health. 

How are Tooth Charts used?

They can use it as a reference, a document to take down notes, or a visual educational resource for the patient.

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