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Gain an understanding of this well-utilized nursing tool and the value of its application in particular assessment scenarios through this in-depth guide. 

By Harriet Murray on Apr 08, 2024.

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What is a Nursing Review Of Systems Template?

A nursing review of systems (ROS) template is a structured framework or tool used by nurses to systematically assess a patient's health status across various body systems. This template typically includes a comprehensive list of questions or prompts related to different physiological systems and body functions. It helps guide nurses during patient assessments to ensure a thorough and organized evaluation of the patient's overall health.

The template covers many body systems, including cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, neurological, musculoskeletal, integumentary (skin), genitourinary, and others. Each system has specific questions or inquiries designed to elicit information about any symptoms, discomfort, changes, or abnormalities the patient may be experiencing.

A Nursing ROS's holistic approach to gathering information is valuable. By systematically exploring various body systems, healthcare providers can detect potential issues that the patient might not have mentioned or even been aware of. This comprehensive evaluation can uncover early signs of diseases, identify risk factors, or provide context that aids in diagnosis and treatment planning.

A Nursing ROS helps healthcare professionals establish a baseline understanding of a patient's health, enabling them to track changes over time. It aids in identifying patterns, trends, or correlations between different symptoms or systems, which can be critical in diagnosing complex or multifaceted conditions. 

This assessment can guide the healthcare team in determining appropriate referrals, screenings, or further diagnostic tests necessary for a more thorough evaluation. It assists in prioritizing care and focusing on areas that might need immediate attention or intervention.

Printable Nursing Review Of Systems

Download this Nursing Review Of Systems to systematically assess a patient's health status across various body systems.

How does it work?

Step One: Gather your resources

Nursing Review of Systems templates are a valuable resource and essential to keep on hand. Make sure that you have a copy of the free printable PDF when the need arises by either clicking the “Download Template” or “Use Template” button or by searching “Nursing Review of Systems” on Carepatron’s template library’s search bar on the website or app.

Step Two: Collate essential information

Utilize the holistic Nursing Review of Systems to gather all information needed for a clear overview of the patient's system functioning. Use the attached template to ensure all goals of care are met and that the process is seamless and easily accessible to relevant parties via Carepatron's centralized workspace. 

This assessment and potential interventions can be collated within a single template and safely stored on a single database. The review allows for individualized treatment options. It acts as a scaffolding to ensure goals of care are met, and the next steps are recorded for future reference or distribution to other healthcare specialists who are part of the patient's care team. 

Step Three: Store the chart securely

After reviewing the Nursing Review of Systems template and creating a viable and individualized plan for the patient, you need to secure the plan so that access is only granted to relevant parties. 

Ensure this through Carepatrons HIPAA-compliant free patient records software. All relevant medical records can be safely stored and collated for ease and security. 

Nursing Review of Systems example (sample)

Eager to utilize this essential care planning tool? Acquire a free, downloadable, and printable Nursing Review of Systems PDF with fictional data to help you confidently track your patient's needs or act as an educational tool. 

Our crafted sample template is designed to assist you in efficiently utilizing the chart and evaluating the systems and overall health and well-being of your patients. It includes dedicated sections for each system and options for evaluation and interventions.

Secure your copy by previewing the sample below or clicking the "Download Example PDF" button.

Download this Nursing Review of Systems example:

Nursing Review of Systems example (sample)

When would you use this template?

A nursing review of systems template is a structured way to assess various bodily systems and functions in a patient. Nurses often use this template during patient assessments, especially in the following scenarios:

Routine patient assessments

During regular check-ups or hospital admissions, nurses use these templates to gather comprehensive information about a patient's health status.

Pre-surgery evaluation

Before surgeries or invasive procedures, nurses perform a detailed review of systems to ensure the patient is fit for the procedure and to identify any potential risks or complications.

Emergency room admissions

When patients come into the emergency room with various complaints, a review of systems helps nurses quickly gather information to prioritize care and determine the extent of the problem.

Chronic disease management

For patients with chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, or respiratory conditions, regular reviews help track changes in their health status and adjust care plans accordingly.

Assessment of specific complaints

If a patient presents with a specific complaint (e.g., chest pain, abdominal discomfort), nurses can use the template to systematically evaluate different systems related to the complaint.

Postoperative Care

After surgeries, nurses use review of systems templates to monitor recovery, identify any postoperative complications, and ensure the patient is healing properly.

What do the results mean?

The results of a nursing review of systems provide valuable information about a patient's health status across various bodily systems. These results help nurses and healthcare providers:

Identify health issues

Abnormal findings or symptoms reported during the review can indicate potential health problems or underlying conditions. For instance, if a patient reports chest pain during the cardiovascular assessment, it could signal heart-related issues.

Monitor changes

Comparing current results to previous assessments helps in tracking changes in a patient's health. Improvements, deteriorations, or new symptoms can be identified and addressed promptly.

Develop care plans

The gathered information helps in developing individualized care plans. For example, if a patient reports breathing difficulties during the respiratory assessment, it might prompt interventions like oxygen therapy or respiratory treatments.

Communicate with the healthcare team

The results serve as a means of communication between nurses and other healthcare team members. They provide a comprehensive overview of the patient's condition, aiding in collaborative decision-making for the best care approach.

Guide further diagnostic tests

Abnormal findings may prompt additional diagnostic tests or assessments to further investigate and pinpoint the cause of the issue. For example, if a patient reports abdominal pain during the gastrointestinal assessment, it might lead to further imaging studies or lab tests.

Evaluate treatment efficacy

After implementing treatment plans, the review of systems helps in assessing the effectiveness of interventions. Improvements or exacerbations in symptoms can guide adjustments to the treatment plan.

Why use Carepatron as Your Nursing Review of Systems app?

Selecting Carepatron as your preferred application for creating a Nursing Review of Systems offers numerous advantages for healthcare practitioners.

Carepatron provides a centralized workspace, allowing you to manage clinical documents and electronic patient records, set patient appointment reminders, and handle medical billing seamlessly and efficiently within the platform, eliminating the need for additional software downloads. This integrated and comprehensive approach simplifies and streamlines processes and tasks related to systems reviews, care, and various other activities, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus most of your time, attention, and effort on patient care.

Carepatron is dedicated to offering a highly efficient and productive platform for thousands of healthcare professionals, allowing you to customize tools and workflows to meet your unique needs. Additionally, it empowers practitioners and patients to manage administrative tasks such as service booking and completing paperwork. The easy sharing of essential documents and data through the app ensures a top-quality customer experience.

We strongly believe in providing radical accessibility, making our app available on any device you have at your disposal. Our portable medical dictation software simplifies clinical note-making and updates, ensuring an effortless process. With great accessibility comes great responsibility, and we prioritize the security of all notes, clinical records, results, and practitioner data by complying with global security requirements, including HIPAA, GDPR, and HITRUST.

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How do you create a Nursing Review of Systems template?
How do you create a Nursing Review of Systems template?

Commonly asked questions

How do you create a Nursing Review of Systems template?

To create a comprehensive review of systems simply create a customized plan from the scaffolding provided by Carepatron and cater to the patient's needs through the key aspects of assessment, diagnosis, planning, intervention, and evaluation. 

When are Nursing Review of Systems Templates used?

These valuable templates can be used at any point of the treatment journey for a patient to track, monitor, and plan all interventions both by healthcare professionals and the patient themselves. 

How are the Nursing Review of Systems Templates used?

Constitutional Review of Systems templates are used as a planning tool for efficient and confident care delivery. They are designed to be customized to meet the individual patient's needs.

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