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Are you thinking of starting your own life coaching business? Use Carepatron’s life coach business plan template to start turning your dreams into a reality.

By Alex King on May 15, 2024.

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What is a life coach business plan?

Life coaches help their clients to succeed with their personal goals through coaching, support, and creating action plans. Life coaching can be an alternative to traditional therapy or counseling, which typically focuses more on mental health issues rather than practical coaching. Life coach plans aim to achieve life goals for those who do not feel they need additional mental health support. As you don’t need a specific degree or qualification to become a , many people change their careers to take on life coach responsibilities in order to help others.

This free life coaching business plan will help you kick off your life coaching business to a great start. Starting a business is a huge life decision, so if you have made it this far, congratulations! It’s time to turn those dreams into reality by making a practical and comprehensive business plan for your life coaching business. This plan is designed to help you get your ideas onto paper and provide a solid starting point for your business. You may have been dreaming about your marketing strategy or sales pitch for months now, but you may not have considered other important aspects yet. This template is designed to help you organize your ideas into a robust overview of how your life coaching business will fit into the existing market.

Printable Life Coach Business Plan Template

Check out these business plan templates for life coaches to improve the growth of your practice and streamline your operations.

How To Use This Life Coach Business Plan 

It can be intimidating to start on your first business plan, so we have made our template super simple and customizable to use. Just follow these steps to use our life coach business plan template.

1. Download the PDF

The first step is to download the free PDF life coaching business plan template. You can either fill this PDF in digitally using the interactive text boxes, or you can print it out and fill it in by hand if you prefer.

2. Executive Summary

The first section of our life coaching business plan template is the executive summary. This is the overview of some of the key parts of your business including your mission statement, life coaching packages offered, team members and key roles in your business, and the type of company your life coaching business will be.

3. Competition and Customer Analysis

This section is an important one for differentiating your business from the competition. In this section, you will compile an overview of the market you will be entering, an analysis of your competitors, unique selling points for your business, and establish the target demographic for your life coaching business.

4. Marketing and Finance Plan

This section is for the practical side of things. How will you market your services? Once you have an interested potential client, what will be your sales strategy? How much will you charge for your services? What is your start-up budget, and what expenses will you have? 

5. Management and Growth Plan

Finally, your business is bound to change as you grow, and nobody can predict the future. However, having a plan in mind for how your business will remain sustainable and develop as it grows is a great idea to include in your business plan. This section also includes the milestones you plan to reach to measure your progress, this could be measured in the number of clients you see, engagements with your marketing, or your client’s satisfaction with their life coaching.

Life Coach Business Plan Template Example (sample)

Some of the headings in this business plan template might be unfamiliar to you, so to help you understand this life coach business plan template, we have provided an example life coach business plan. This example is a completed version of the template designed to illustrate what this template could look like once all filled in.

Take a look at our sample business plan template:

Life Coach Business Plan Template Example (sample)

Who Can Use This Life Coach Business Plan Template?

This life coach business plan template is designed for people looking to start their life coaching business, but it could also be used for established life coaches looking to refresh their business model. This is in addition to other prospective coaching professionals such as business coaches, sales coaches, health and wellness coaches, personal coaches, or relationship coaches. 

Whether you have been planning your business for a long time but have never taken the first step of developing a business plan, or if you have only just heard of life coaching and immediately realized it was for you- this business plan template can help you get off to a great start.

Why Is This Template Useful For Life Coaches?

Analyze your competition

To understand where your business fits in the life coaching market, it’s important to understand the other businesses operating and the services they offer. Use our life coaching business plan template to assess your competition and figure out what you can offer.

Differentiate your business

Once you have an understanding of your competition, you can start working on differentiating your business to ensure it stands out. This template is designed to help you do this through the unique selling point, target demographic, and marketing strategy sections.

Realize your marketing strategy

Maybe you’ve been brainstorming marketing content already, or maybe you’ve never heard of Facebook ads! Either way, our business plan template can help you actualize your marketing plan.

Life coaching software

Why Use Carepatron for Life Coaches?

Carepatron is a state-of-the-art practice management software packed with features to take your life-coaching business to the next level. Carepatron is designed to save you time on administrative and management tasks, so you can get back to coaching your clients. Here are just a few things you can do in Carepatron to set your life coaching business apart from the competition:

  1. Sick of no-shows? Automate SMS or email appointment reminders for your life coaching clients in Carepatron and ensure your clients remember their appointments.
  2. Digitally manage your life coaching clients using Carepatron’s customizable tags system, and monitor the progress of your clients.
  3. Offer your clients access to their own Carepatron client portal on mobile or desktop.
  4. Take progress notes for your clients and store them securely with Carepatron’s HIPAA-compliant data storage.

You’ll find this PDF life coaching business plan template and many more in Carepatron’s community template library packed with time-saving digital templates.

Life coaching software
What is the difference between life coaching and therapy?
What is the difference between life coaching and therapy?

Commonly asked questions

What is the difference between life coaching and therapy?

Life coaching and therapy have often been confused as both methods can help people with similar problems. One of the biggest differences is that therapists are licensed mental health professionals, whereas life coaches focus on helping their clients achieve goals and take positive actions rather than treatment of mental health issues.

What if I don’t have any other team members yet?

That’s okay, we all have to start somewhere! If this is the case for you, you can leave the management team and key roles sections blank. Alternatively, you could establish several roles to fill in the future once you expand as part of your growth plan.

How do I write a mission statement?

A mission statement will look different for every life coaching business, and there is no one formula for writing your mission statement. The mission statement should capture the identity of your business, as well as address how your business will solve problems for your clients in a way that differentiates you from your competition.

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