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Enneagram Test is a psychological assessment tool that identifies personality types. Download this Free PDF to seek enlightenment about your inner self.

Olivia Sayson
Olivia Sayson
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What Is An Enneagram Test?

The is one of the many personality tests you may encounter online. If you have heard about Myers-Brigss, 16 Personality, or MBTI, it is closely familiar with these. This test reveals a good understanding of your personality based on your responses to each statement.
Regarding the background of its translation, the term Enneagram means “drawing of nine.” The Greek word “ennea” means nine, and “gram” means figure or drawing; it creates the definition drawing of nine - which is deeply related to the nine different figures or personalities.

The nine personality types in the Enneagram Test are identified numerically and defined by a specific title. The numerals are categorized by the typical personality and traits they hold. Enneagram Tests can aid in a deeper understanding of an individual’s motivation, emotions, fears, strengths, and weaknesses. Like the astrology or natal chart, Enneagram results can’t be only one type. A person’s result may be a mixture of 2 or 3 types firmly based on the responses.

Printable Enneagram Test

Download this Enneagram Test and deepen your understanding of your client’s personality.

How To Use This Enneagram Test Template?

Discovering your personality type is a fun activity about knowing your inner self. Not only is it helpful to know oneself better, but it also directs how to overcome fears and realize motivations. Personality tests usually take 30 minutes to an hour as they are composed of questions ranging from 80 to 100.

Start the fun of going through this Enneagram Test Example by following these steps: 

Step One. Download the Free Enneagram Test Template.

Once the test is downloaded, print the file for the client. It may also be administered during the digital or virtual consultation as the file is editable.

Step Two. Read each line carefully. 

Explain the statements to the client and advise to ensure that each statement is well-understood to get the best results.

Step Three. Pay attention to the choices.

Ensure that the level of agreement is clear to the client. Explain how it can be answered and its range or level of agreement to a particular item. You may also show how to answer an example item so that it is clearer how to respond to the questions.

Step Four. Check the answers. 

Once the client is through with answering the test, make sure that all fields are completed. Double-check all items so that you may proceed with the calculation.

Step Five. Read your results. 

After completing the calculations, read out to the client their personality type and address their concerns about their personal development. Relate their results to their situation and lead them to discover their own self through the test they have completed.

Enneagram Test Example (Sample)

With the internet giving us access to many personality tests online, it is known that most of these tests are composed of questions focusing on the core of psychology. The statements in this test can be answered by your level of agreement. It ranges from Strongly agree to Strongly disagree; in terms of uncertainty, there’s an option for neutral statements.

Download this Enneagram Test Example (Sample) here:

Enneagram Test Example (Sample)

Who Can Use these Printable Enneagram Tests (PDF)?

Personality Tests are very accessible online, just like those that are readily available on the internet; this Printable Enneagram Test is free to use for everyone. 

Counselors, Life Coaches, Psychologists, and Psychiatrists are some of the mental health professionals who use this instrument to learn more about the personality of their patients. 

Numerous psychologists and psychiatrists have used the Enneagram in the course of psychotherapy and the development of their working theories of personality. To improve comprehension of oneself and others, leadership coaches, religious communities, massive businesses, and mental health specialists have all used the approach.

Mental Health Specialists utilize this assessment tool in the pursuit of better comprehension of their patient’s inner-self. Though as research suggests, Enneagram doesn’t define one type of personality to an individual. Human psychology, in terms of personality, varies. An individual’s personality may even change over time depending on numerous factors. 

Even so, this Enneagram Test PDF is helpful to anyone who wants to discover more about their inner self and understand them. Those who seek personal development may find this useful as well. Understanding the self is one of the most important essential skills in adolescence.

Why Is This Template Popular With Life Coaches?

Life coaches use the Enneagram test to profoundly understand thought patterns, potential limiting beliefs, and internal conflict.

Here are a few of the reasons why the Enneagram Test is frequently used in life coaching: 

It draws a map outside the box. 

Since Enneagram does not box you into one personality type, it directs you to others you possess. The Enneagram pattern shows how multidisciplinary a person can become. Because of its wing system, life coaches provide better explanations and advice in personal development. 

Enneagram gives keys to your inner self. 

Life coaches find Enneagram as a key to many doors in a person's personality. In analogy, the Enneagram type could be a person’s personality blueprint. If you know how the system or structure works, it brings out the potential easily. It allows clients to discover more about themselves.

It explains the ‘WHY.’ 

Often, clients reach out to Life Coaches about a part of their personality that is a barrier to their personal development. Enneagram personality types help explain the unhealthy personality and how it can improve by the remaining parts of their Enneagram personality type.

Simply put, Enneagram is a powerful tool in coaching. It is a multipurpose tool that helps in different aspects of personal development.  

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How accurate is the Enneagram Test?
How accurate is the Enneagram Test?

Commonly asked questions

How accurate is the Enneagram Test?

There are multiple types of Enneagram Tests, but the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator (RHETI), developed by The Enneagram Institute, has a 72 percent accuracy rate, according to Statistical Solutions.

Why has the Enneagram Test increased in popularity?

Enneagram is a type of personality test that is versatile in personal development. Not only does it help you be aware of your self but it also gives you the pathways to managing your growth and development.

Who invented the Enneagram Test?

The nine distinct personality types were added to the Enneagram design in the late 1960s, despite the fact that philosopher George Gurdjieff first created it in 1915. The Enneagram creates a circular picture that connects each of the nine personality types.

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