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Keep your finger on the pulse of your life coaching business wherever you are. With Carepatron’s mobile app, you will easily stay connected with your clients and be able to take your life coaching work anywhere - from coffee shop to mountain-top.
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Life Coach software

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Clinical appointment scheduling

Online Scheduling

Take control of your schedule and calendar from your desktop or mobile app. Use automated appointment reminders and our fully integrated video calling tool to maximize your productivity.
Clinical Notes and Clinical Documentation

Health Records

Store all your patient information, clinical notes, and documentation safely in your secure clinic system. We autosave, so you'll never lose work again.
Clinical billing and Clinical online payments

Accept Online Payments

Carepatron online or mobile payments make it easier for your clients to pay for your bills.  You save time a massive amount of time while getting paid twice as fast. What a great way to improve your day and cashflow!
All in one life coach software

All in one Life Coach software

Carepatron is your one-stop-shop for all things concerning your life coach business. With Carepatron, you can streamline all business operations, and take control over your finances, marketing, appointments, note-keeping, and management processes, from any place and time. Incorporating our life coach app into your practice can ensure that you prioritize client health and wellbeing, whilst maintaining effective operations to deliver high-quality solutions. It is the leading option for healthcare management and works towards increasing productivity, maximizing resources, as well as elevating your overall quality of care for life coaching. Balancing all the responsibilities as a life coach can be difficult, and understandably, overwhelming. However, our cloud-based services ensure safe and convenient management to alleviate common anxieties associated with software. We realize that clients have more worth than simply generating revenue, and as a result, Carepatron emphasizes customer-centered care to promote loyalty within your practice.

Discover the Life Coach Software you and your clients will love

Carepatron’s life coach software app is the leading option when it comes to managing business processes, as it is designed in collaboration with healthcare providers to prioritize your coaching needs. You and your clients will love the many sophisticated portal features Carepatron has to offer, including:

Appointment scheduling – Carepatron streamlines all your appointments to ensure you can connect with as many clients as you need. With integrated reminder services, you can also significantly reduce no-shows, saving you both time and money. Additionally, you can also supercharge your calendar and booking systems with 2-way Google and Outlook calendar sync processes to help you whenever you’re on the move.

Life coach note-keeping – Writing life coach progress notes, and storing feedback forms, has never been easier. With a secure cloud system and auto saving features for all your data and programs, you can easily access, plan, create, finalize, and store your notes.

Billing and payments – Carepatron removes all the friction from your payment and billing processes. Clients can make seamless payments online, from any compatible device, and your life coaching practice can receive payments twice as fast.

Easy transcription – Save time and money by transcribing your notes. With our voice-to-text transcription features, you can effectively record all essential client information without the hassle of tedious, handwritten notes.

The abundance of resources – There’s no shame in needing a helping hand every now and then, with Carepatron offering a vast array of resources and templates within the integrated library. From managing clients to finances to marketing; we have it sorted.
Life Coach Software you and your clients will love

Live your best coaching life

With scheduling hassles, time-consuming notes, and payment struggle gone, you and your clients can achieve almost anything.
Building a data driven program for life coaching

Building a data driven program for life coaching

Developing a data-driven life coaching program can be complex and time-consuming, so we have created a five-step blueprint to help ensure your success.
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Tips for remote coaching

Tips for remote coaching

Remote life coaching presents a unique opportunity to reduce friction in accessing your coaching services while increasing the scope and impact of your business.
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Life Coach Note Software

With a variety of highly sophisticated features, Carepatron offers some of the best life coaching software on the market. All your note-taking is optimized and seamlessly integrated with life coach business plans, client intake information, progress reports, documentation, packages, and programs, as well as with payment, billing, and invoice information. You can make amendments and view data from any time and place, and from a variety of devices including mobiles, laptops, PCs, and tablets. With Carepatron, communication has never been easier, as the clean user interface and platform allow you to connect with clients via the client portal. Appointments can be booked at any time, and you can easily view your schedule all from one place, which makes for a highly convenient service. Using Carepatron’s tools is easy, and adds immense value to your practice by prioritizing convenience, security, and efficiency across all business processes. Trusted by over 10,000+ healthcare professionals, Carepatron works to ensure that your services are more accessible through enabling customization that accommodates your goals and leaves you with ample room to grow.
Life Coach Note Software

Writing effective coaching notes

Coaching notes are a necessity for every life coaching business, and admittedly, they can be very time-consuming. However, with Carepatron’s life coach management software, you can ensure that you plan, draft, create and store high-quality notes that accurately capture your clients’ experiences. It has never been easier to write effective coaching notes, with an integrated library of life coaching resources providing excellent support for whatever question or concern you may encounter. Additionally, you can save immense time and money through Carepatron’s services. With voice-to-text transcription, you can quickly note all essential client information before your next session, which allows you more time to add business value elsewhere. Your clients will certainly appreciate notes with higher accuracy and credibility, and that contributes toward greater coaching outcomes. In terms of storing these notes, Carepatron provides bank-level encryption to keep all information secure and safe. You can access these documents from any compatible device, and customize the way you want to store them to promote organization that best works for you.
Writing effective coaching notes
Coaching session plan

Planning your coaching sessions

Planning your coaching sessions has never been easier with Carepatron, as it eliminates the need for paper notes, saving you both time and money. You can access all your plans from any time and place, as well as upload life coach feedback forms in record time, and access resources to support your note structure. As one of the best life coaching client management software options, Carepatron works to seamlessly integrate business processes for your convenience and provides highly manageable solutions. You can easily share plans with colleagues and fellow healthcare professionals, and rest easy knowing all business plans are stored within a highly secure cloud server. It’s simple, and it’s excellent, which makes for a great option regardless of your business size or specialty. You can ensure all your finance and marketing plans are accessible from mobile and laptop devices, as well as any other drafts pertaining to your life coaching services. We recognize that note-taking should be a light and no-nonsense process, and with our services, it is just that. Improve your organizational efficiency and productivity by incorporating Carepatron software within your practice, and take the hassle out of planning.

Trusted by 10,000+ Life Coaches

Life Coach
“As the owner of a Life Coaching business, I've long heard many good things about Carepatron. Today I experienced just how fantastic it is. I found it easy to set up and quick to learn and navigate. My clients rave about the Client portal experience, they share progress updates with me, provide documents and send me messages. I customized my business profile, including additional information, logo, products, and services.  I like being able to bring all of my practice management together in one mobile app. The free version is easily the best in the world. Well done, folks, keep going!”
Mary K.
Life Coach
Life and Wellness Coach
“As a Life Coach, this has been a godsend and a huge time-saver. Carepatron has vastly improved the tools I previously used (Used Xero and Mircosoft office). It is easily worth the price tag. The Customer team is excellent; they have been there for me anytime I need them. I find it ultra-easy to use for both the essential tools plus more advanced features. I use Carepatron for client records, notes, documentation, video appointments, scheduling, appointment reminders, invoicing, and payments. The online client portal has been a tremendous value add to my life coaching team and clients.”
Mike G.
Life and Wellness Coach
“It has everything I need to grow my Life Coaching business. I was recommended Carepatron by a Dietitian friend and have loved using it ever since. I find the ability to safely store health records, capture progress notes and track client progress very helpful. My customers appreciate being able to pay online, share updates and send me messages. I find the online payment tool incredible, it's easier, and I get paid faster.”
Kera A.
"It allows me to manage my Life Coaching team and business in a simple and much faster way. It brings together all of our client information, note-taking, scheduling, invoicing, and payments. I like how professional it makes our practice look, whether it's the appointment reminders or logo within the invoice. Integrated video calling is magic, which means we can schedule a virtual appointment with one click. Contactless payments have been another significant improvement for us; we can accept payments however we need almost instantly.”
Rovena T.

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