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Identify which areas to place pressure on to improve health, alleviate pain, and better manage your client's discomfort with a foot massage chart. Click here for a free copy.

By Patricia Buenaventura on Apr 08, 2024.

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What is a Foot Massage Chart?

A , also known as a foot reflexology chart, is a diagram that reflexologists use to show them the pressure points in a client’s foot that correspond to certain areas of the body. It’s a resource typically used in traditional Chinese medicine. There is an illustration of the foot with multiple points or areas labeled according to an organ or part of the body that is affected when a reflexologist adds pressure on a particular point.

Although designed for the benefit of reflexologists, it’s also helpful to the practitioners, patients, and students of reflexology, especially if they customize it according to their needs.

Need an on-hand foot massage chart immediately? Below, you’ll find a foot massage chart complete with the standardized diagram of the foot massage chart and additional dedicated space for any findings/observations/notes you have on your patient or the procedure.

For information on accessing and downloading the template, proceed to the section below.

Printable Foot Massage Chart

Download this Foot Massage Chart to improve your clients’ experiences.

How does it work?

Access and Download the Template

To access and download our printable foot massage chart template, you can:

  • Click the “Use Template” or “Download Template” button above
  • Search “Foot Massage Chart” in Carepatron’s template library on our app or website

Use the Resource

Once you have a copy of the template, it’s best to have the basic information, such as the name and reason for visit sections, filled out before you use it, however necessary. 

For ideas on how and when to use this template, refer to the “When would you use this 

Template?” section below

Take Down Notes (Optional)

Since our template has a dedicated space at the bottom for notes, feel free to write down any findings/observations you.

Foot Massage Charts Example (sample)

Our foot massage chart sample is available for download in PDF for reflexologists and practitioners interested in reflexology. You can use this as a guide or reference for educational purposes. 

Grab a copy of our example for offline use by viewing the example below or clicking the “Download Example PDF” button.

Download this Foot Massage Chart Example:

Foot Massage Charts Example (sample)

When would you use this Form?

The professionals whom this template was designed for, reflexologists, as well as interested practitioners, may use this chart when:

  • They need a visual aid to teach new reflexologists about pressure points and which area to massage depending on the client
  • They need a reference of where to apply pressure during a massage
  • They want to know the reason for the client’s visit
  • They need a document to note any observations or findings on the treatment or condition of the client
  • They need to explain the treatment plan to the client and elaborate upon their choices to either alleviate the client’s stress, manage their pain, and improve their digestion and sleep

Do note that you, as a professional, also can tweak the template to make it match your needs. You may add and remove sections from the document to make the template more beneficial to your practice. 


Provides Insight into the Client’s Condition

Since the foot massage chart asks for the client’s reason for the visit, the reflexologist can see the client’s condition. That section can also be used as a jumping-off point for further discussion on what the client is feeling. 

Personalized Treatment Plans

With knowledge of what the client is feeling and their condition, it’ll be easier for the reflexologist to provide personalized treatment. Furthermore, the template can be used as a reference to continue or tweak treatment plans as needed. 


Aside from being a customizable template used by various practitioners, not only reflexologists, the chart can also serve multiple purposes, making it a versatile tool and document. 

Easily Accessible

You can easily access the free foot massage chart on the Carepatron app or open it on any local PDF editor if you’ve downloaded the template as a PDF file. 

Who typically uses Foot Massage Charts?
Who typically uses Foot Massage Charts?

Commonly asked questions

Who typically uses Foot Massage Charts?

Reflexologists or professionals specializing in traditional Chinese medicine are most likely to use Foot Massage Charts.

When are Foot Massage Charts used?

They are used before the massage in addition to the intake form, during a massage as a visual guide for pressure points, and after the massage as a document for notes if needed.

How are Foot Massage Charts Used?

They can be used however they would like. However, some ideas are to use it as a guide, reference, or document for notes.

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