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A free PDF download including an anatomical diagram of permanent dentition, perfect for standardizing your dental charting.

By RJ Gumban on Mar 06, 2024.

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What is a Dental Charting Template?

Our dental charting template is designed for dentists and dental assistants to accurately and easily chart the dental condition of their clients. is used around the world by dentists to document the findings of their dental examinations. There are several different conventions for charting symbols, colors, and tooth numbering- but to keep it simple, we have included the Universal Numbering System and left it up to you to use your preferred colors and symbols. Additionally, this template includes a space for written notes, perfect for supplementing your dental charting.

This template is a free PDF download that can be used for all your adult patients, helping you to standardize your dental charting practice. This template can be completed digitally, or printed out and completed by hand if that’s more your style.

Printable Dental Charting Template

Check out our downloadable Charting Template for dental to keep your notes organized and HIPAA compliant.

How to Use This Template for Dental Charting

This template is super useful for organizing your dental charts. Just follow these simple steps to start using our dental charting template in your dental practice.

Download the PDF

The first step to using this template is to download the PDF using the link on this page. Whether or not you choose to then print out the PDF is up to you, but if you do choose to use the PDF digitally (which we recommend!) make sure you have access to software that will allow you to annotate the PDF with your preferred symbols and colors. 

Fill out the charting diagram

Many dentists use the help of a dental assistant to annotate the charting diagram while they are conducting the physical examination on the client. Alternatively, you could fill it in yourself but you might run out of hands! Dictating to an assistant as you conduct the examination is a great way to maintain accuracy and save time.

Add any additional notes

Sometimes you can’t capture all the information in the dental chart alone, or perhaps you want to document your proposed treatment. Write anything else you need in the additional notes section and sign at the bottom. 

Securely store the dental chart

As this dental chart contains sensitive health information about your client, you need to take steps to securely store the dental chart once complete. We recommend storing it digitally, as this way you can utilize digital encryption as well as keep it accessible for anyone else who needs it in the future.

Dental Charting Example (Sample)

Sometimes it’s easier to understand something by seeing it rather than reading about it. We understand everyone has different learning styles, so we have provided a completed sample version of our dental charting template. Take a look at the example dental charting template below to get an idea of what this template could look like once complete.

Download the Dental Charting Example here: 

Dental Charting Example (Sample)

Who Can Use this Printable Dental Charting Template?

This dental charting template is designed for dentists to use to document the results of their dental examinations. However, it is highly likely that someone else other than a dentist will be using this template as a dental examination takes both hands! Many dentists prefer to dictate the results to an assistant, who can then use this dental charting template to chart the dentist’s findings.

Other than dentists and dental assistants, this dental charting template can also be useful for dental students, dental technicians, orthodontists and periodontists, and anyone who needs to chart the condition of someone’s teeth- either for themselves or on behalf of someone else.

Why is This Template Useful for Dentists?

One template for notes and charting

Keep your note-taking simple and use one template for both your dental charting and any additional notes you need to take during your session with your client. 

Stay organized

Using a template for your dental charting helps to standardize your dental practice. This is a great way to maintain organization, as you have a set plan for your charting and note-taking without having to rely on several documents. Staying organized is easy with our dental charting template as you can chart and note-take on a single page.

Less room to make mistakes

With tooth numbering for all the teeth and reminders of patient orientation included in our charting diagrams, you don’t need to rely on your memory to locate the correct tooth.

Dentist feedback

Why Use Carepatron For Dental Charting?

Carepatron is a sophisticated practice management software suite designed to save you time, keep your practice organized, and handle administrative tasks with ease.

Storing your dental charting templates in Carepatron ensures your patient’s dental information is secure, as Carepatron uses multiple layers of AES-256 encryption to protect your PHI as part of its HIPAA-compliant data storage solution.

As well as data storage, you can use Carepatron to handle your calendar, appointment scheduling and automated reminders, billing and coding, and even telehealth appointments. Take your dental practice to the next level with Carepatron’s state-of-the-art AI voice transcription software and autosave feature so you never lose a draft again. Finally, your clients can easily access their records, letters, or invoices from Carepatron’s client portal, and you can rest assured you can use Carepatron whenever and wherever you need with our mobile or desktop versions. 

With the time you will save on your practice’s administration, you can get back to doing what you do best- looking after your clients’ teeth.

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What is the purpose of dental charting?
What is the purpose of dental charting?

Commonly asked questions

What is the purpose of dental charting?

Charting is a visual tool used to document the results of a dentist’s dental examination of their clients. The dental chart serves as important evidence for the condition of the client's teeth prior to any treatment, and as such, is a medical record of your client’s dental history. Charting also documents past and planned treatments to your client’s teeth and can be used to share your findings with your client or other dental professionals.

What colors are used for dental charting?

There is some variation in the colors and symbols used for dental charting, but red is commonly used for dental work that is needed, and blue is commonly used for past dental treatments. Black may also be used instead of blue for existing dental treatments.

What should be recorded on a dental chart?

The dental chart should be an accurate representation of your client’s dental condition. This should include past dental treatments, the present condition of your client’s teeth including any cavities found, and planned dental treatments.

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