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What Is A Chiropractic Intake Form

A chiropractic intake form ensures that chiropractors are able to extract and gather rich insights when it comes to evaluating the physical health of the client. Chiropractic intake forms encompass a variety of information that is essential to developing effective and accurate treatments for physical concerns, such as pain levels, emergency contact information, insurance, referrals, symptoms, medication, and much more. As we're sure you know, intake forms are one of the core components of healthcare practices, yet it can be increasingly difficult to get them right. Fortunately, we're here to help you out! Implementing our chiropractic intake form templates will allow you to increase the efficiency and efficacy of your chiropractic treatments, and ensure that you are continuously prioritizing client needs without compromising on time. Improve clinical outcomes, and expand upon your knowledge when it comes to preliminary assessments. Organize your information in a way that promotes accessibility in your chiropractic clinic, and that sets you up for success.

Printable Chiropractic Intake Form

Download these templates for Chiropractic Intake Form to improve your client intake process and HIPAA compliance.

How To Use This Template For Chiropractic Intake Forms

To help you get started we've created a simple step-by-step guide to ensure that you are incorporating chiropractic intake form templates correctly. Simply follow the three steps, and you're on your way.

Step One: Access the form

Although this may seem self-explanatory, the first thing that you need to do is download the chiropractic intake forms in order to use it. To access the form, simply click the link on this page to download, and from there, you are able to edit the form as you see fit. Alternatively, you can also access the intake form within the Carepatron platform. If you prefer to handwrite, feel free to print this form out, before scanning it onto your device once complete.

Step Two: Give the form to clients

The next step is to distribute the intake form to your client to fill out. The client should complete every section and double-check the information to ensure that everything is correct. Ideally, the client fills out the intake form prior to their appointment with you, and this can be completed at home through an e-mail-type invitation or otherwise, it can also be completed in the waiting room.

Step Three: Upload data into your system

Finally, once the client has submitted their intake form, and everything looks in top shape, you will then need to upload the intake form to a secure platform. Chiropractic intake forms contain highly sensitive client information that must be protected and kept private at all times. Using a HIPAA-compliant platform is the best way to ensure that client information is kept separate, and away from prying eyes.

Chiropractic Intake Form Example (Sample)

One of the core goals of healthcare is to increase accessibility for clients and fellow healthcare practitioners. Healthcare is complicated enough as it is, and we at Carepatron recognize this, and as a result, we have created high-quality chiropractic intake forms for you to incorporate right away. Looking at an example can be a great helping hand, and sometimes it’s all you need to get started. If you'd like to download a sample of what a completed chiropractic intake form looks like, then feel free to click the link. Additionally, if you would like to review a basic structure to adapt in your practice, then feel free to check this out also.

Download this Chiropractic Intake Form Example (Sample) here:

Chiropractic Intake Form Example (Sample)

Who Can Use this Printable Chiropractic Intake Form (PDF)?

As the name suggests, chiropractic intake forms are suitable for chiropractors who aim to increase the physical health condition of their clients. Naturally, chiropractic intake forms cover all physical information that is essential to the treatment of the client. However, if you are within a physical therapy discipline, or if quite simply, you deal with the physiology and musculoskeletal system of clients, then you can also take advantage of chiropractic intake forms. They are a highly flexible and adaptable format, that can be altered to suit your specific needs. Even if you are a chiropractic assistant or chiropractic student in training, you can still effectively incorporate chiropractic intake forms within your work.

Why Is This Form Useful For Chiropractors

This form has multiple uses for chiropractors, including the following:

  • Focus your treatment - One of the most important reasons for incorporating chiropractic intake forms is that you can quickly assess the most important physical health priorities of the client. You can start developing treatments right away, and ensure that it is concentrated in the exact area of concern for the client.
  • Simplify workload - Additionally, with chiropractic intake forms, you can simplify your workload across your practice. Intake forms contain all the detailed information that you need, and ensure that you keep all details distinct and separate. Healthcare is busy enough as it is, so it is important that you are able to eliminate unnecessary tasks and get down to business.
  • Increase accuracy - Using chiropractic intake forms can also increase the level of accuracy and standard of care within your practice. You can have a viewable record of all client health developments, which ensures that you don't miss any information that is critical to their recovery.
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Benefits of Chiropractic Intake Forms Doc

There is also a multitude of benefits to incorporating chiropractic intake forms within your practice, and it's important that you're aware of them.

Structured sessions

Using chiropractic intake forms means that you can prepare before your client walks through your doors, as they serve as excellent backbones for you to structure your sessions. You can evaluate what concerns to focus on, what potential exercises and treatment evaluations may be needed, and other important factors to ensure that you make the most of the client's time. Having guided sessions results in higher organization and greater health outcomes.

Informed decisions

Utilizing chiropractic intake forms means that you can also make more informed decisions when it comes to your client's physical health condition. You can evaluate all critical information at just one glance, and have full confidence that you haven't missed anything detrimental to the client's recovery. With informed decisions, you can develop your knowledge, and provide higher coordination and standard of care.

Higher clinical outcomes

Naturally, incorporating intake forms means that you can also improve clinical outcomes. You can holistically assess the client's background, as well as the underlying causes of what may be contributing to their condition, and the increased level of organization means that your healthcare solutions are likely to be more efficient and productive.

Save time 

Chiropractic intake forms are organized formats that allow you to save time when it comes to documenting client information. You don't have to worry about creating any of the sections, as the ready-made template does this for you, and you can add business value elsewhere. We want you to do what you do best, which is training your clients, and we recognize this through the easy-to-use chiropractic intake forms.

Strengthen connections

Implementing chiropractic intake forms means that you can also strengthen connections among your clients. It means that you are listening to their needs, providing them with a voice when it comes to the treatment they want, and taking the time to evaluate their health on multiple aspects always goes a long way. With greater clinical outcomes and higher organization, you can work to increase client satisfaction without any effort at all.

Commonly asked questions

Who should have access to chiropractic intake forms?

Aside from the client and their chiropractor, there should be a small number of authorized users who can have access to chiropractor intake forms. At the end of the day, they are personal health documents, so it is important that you safeguard all the information that they contain. The only other authorized users should be those who are in charge of storing, editing and updating the intake forms. If another user would like to access the form, it is recommended that they log an excess request to be reviewed.

How are chiropractic intake forms different from physical therapy forms?

Chiropractic intake forms are different from physical therapy forms, as chiropractors tend to focus on bones, joints, and specific disorders of the musculoskeletal system. This is very different from physical therapist intake forms that focus on wider bodily function and movements, rather than just nervous system concerns. As a result, the intake forms are likely to look a little different concerning the evaluations and questions asked.

When should you make chiropractic forms?

It is highly recommended that you distribute chiropractic forms before the client walks through your doors. This way, you can prepare for their appointment in greater detail, as leaving this for the waiting room may mean that valuable information is forgotten or missed out completely. Some clients also cannot remember important health information off the top of their heads and may need to consult with resources at home. Many chiropractors tend to send out chiropractic intake forms through an e-mail or message link.

Why Use Carepatron For Chiropractic Intake Forms?

Carepatron is an excellent option for you to manage, store, and create chiropractic intake forms without sacrificing or compromising on quality and time. Boost the level of care and coordination within your practice, and consider going with Carepatron, which is recommended by over 10,000 healthcare professionals worldwide. You have access to a wide resource library, with an abundance of guides and templates to support you in creating high-quality documents consistently, and once completed, you can store these forms within your personalized platform. With encryption services in place, you can rest easy knowing your information is in good hands, and that you are compliant with HIPAA standards and regulations.

Not only this, but Carepatron offers a multitude of other services including appointment reminders, appointment booking, and scheduling, patient portals, online payments, as well as video and messaging consultations to name a few. Take the initiative, and integrate practice management software within your clinic to promote growth and longevity.

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