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Download this free, editable, and printable blood sugar log to give to your patients with diabetes to aid in tracking their blood sugar.

By Patricia Buenaventura on Jun 20, 2024.

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What is a Blood Sugar Log?

A helps patients track their blood sugar. Depending on the creator of the template, the content and how it looks may vary. However, ours, which is free, downloadable, editable, and printable comes with the following:

  • Basic Patient Information
  • Date
  • Time of Day
  • Meal times, more specifically before a meal time and 2 hours after a meal time
  • Additional columns in case you want to track your blood sugar after physical activities or another time within the day
  • Space for notes in case you want to figure out what activity or food is the cause for your increase in blood sugar.

Though anyone can track their blood sugar, physicians only request the majority of the patients who are diagnosed with the following:

  • Type 1 Diabetes
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Gestational Diabetes

Aside from the ones mentioned above, other patients who may be asked to log their blood sugar are pre-diabetic patients or those who may have extremely low blood glucose levels.

Printable Blood Sugar Log

Download this Blood Sugar Log and monitor your patient’s blood sugar levels.

How Does this Blood Sugar Chart Work?

Step One. Consult with a Doctor

Before taking initiative and checking one’s blood sugar, it’s best to undergo a blood test or consult with a physician when feeling symptoms of high or low blood sugar. 

Step Two. Download the Template

Once results or information gathered is a matter of concern, the physician in charge can access the template by either:

  • Downloading the template by clicking the “Use template” or “Download template” button
  • Searching for “Blood Sugar Log” in Carepatron’s template library on the website or app. 

Step Three. Measure Blood Sugar

Before giving the patient a PDF copy of the blood sugar log, ensure they have the equipment and knowledge to take their blood sugar properly. 

They must have a blood glucose meter, a test strip, and a lancing device or a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) to check their blood sugar during the times indicated on the template. You may also request that they check their blood sugar beyond meal times, such as before and after exercise. 

Step Four. Write Down Results

After every indicated time, patients are highly encouraged to write down their results in the box provided immediately. They may also note down changes in the “Notes” part of the table. 

Step Five. Repeat 

Steps three and four must be repeated daily until the end date provided. Afterward, the practitioner may set up an appointment to interpret the results and formulate a treatment plan moving forward if needed. 

Blood Sugar Log Example (Sample)

We’ve created a sample to help you picture how this template can benefit you and your patient. Note that the patient in the blood sugar example is fictitious. 

View the sample here, and feel free to download a copy by clicking the “Download Example PDF” button above for future reference.

Download this Blood Sugar Log Example (Sample) here:

Blood Sugar Log Example (Sample)

When to Use this Blood Sugar Log Assessment? 

As stated above, the physician-in-charge will be the one to determine if a patient needs to track their blood glucose level and expound on the details in the different sections of the template.

However, if the patient feels like there are moments within their day that may cause a change in their blood sugar level beyond the meal times indicated, they may also note that in the log. A few examples of those are:

  • When the patient is feeling the symptoms of low or high blood sugar
  • After they eat a meal different from the dishes they usually have
  • When they’re sick
  • Before or after exercise
  • When they’re dealing with a stressful matter
  • When they’re given new medication or took their medication at the wrong time
  • When they’ve accidentally taken too much insulin
  • When their blood sugar fluctuates between extremely high or extremely low consistently 

Who is this Printable Blood Sugar Log PDF for?

Only patients who have diabetes or who have a high chance of developing hyper or hypoglycemia will benefit the most.

Medical practitioners who are most likely to request their patients to utilize our template are the following: 

  • Primary Care Providers such as General or Family Doctors
  • Endocrinologists because they specialize in checking hormones such as insulin
  • Registered Dietitians because they can advise patients on which types of food to eat more of or avoid to increase or decrease the patient’s blood glucose levels 
  • Ophthalmologists or Optometrists because having high blood sugar can affect one’s eyesight
  • Podiatrist because having diabetes affects healing problems and harms nerves and blood vessels in one’s legs and feet
  • Audiologists because having high blood sugar also affects the blood vessels and nerves in the inner ear, which may lead to hearing loss
  • Pharmacists because newly requested medications may negatively interact with the patient’s current medications or may be the source of an increase or drop in blood glucose levels
  • Dentists because high blood sugar may cause gum disease
  • Nephrologists because mismanaged blood glucose can lead to kidney damage
  • Physical Therapists or Occupational Therapists
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Benefits of these Free Blood Sugar Log Templates

Easy to Use and Understand

Our template is straightforward. The only spaces one needs to fill are for the patient information, date, time, measurements, and notes, if there are any. Moreover, should you need a reference, we have both a step-by-step and filled-out sample above.


Despite our comprehensive and complete template, we've also provided practitioners and patients with blank columns and rows for other measurement time requests. 

Encourages Communication

When the template is filled out by the patient, practitioners are encouraged to communicate with their patients to design a blood sugar management plan moving forward. And in case other physicians who are keeping watch of the patient's other organs need a reference, they may also utilize the filled-out template.

Empowers Patients

In cases where the patient has been living with diabetes for quite a while and only checks for management purposes, having a template where they can see what triggers the increase or drop in blood sugar can empower them. They can use this template to inform their decisions on their food, exercise, etc. 

Saves Time and Money

Since our template is digital, comes pre-made, and is editable on Carepatron or your local PDF editor, it saves its users time and money. They save time that would've gone to making a template from scratch and money that would've gone to buying a notebook or app subscription.

Why use this Blood Sugar Log app?

Carepatron is more than an app where you can access and edit the blood sugar log. It’s a leading practice management software in the healthcare industry that equips healthcare practitioners with the means and tools to handle and accomplish administrative tasks efficiently and with ease, so a physician’s focus is on patient care.

Carepatron’s templates aid in streamlining processes, saving time and effort on the patient’s and practitioner’s end. They also double as valuable resources practitioners can access on any gadget, anywhere, should the need arise. Aside from that, Carepatron also has HIPAA-compliant security measures, making the platform a reliable and secure EHR for your patient notes at all times.

And beyond being a platform for taking notes and storing them, Carepatron also has tools to ensure that practitioners can effortlessly schedule and conduct daily sessions that patients are reminded to attend. Among these are tools for telehealth clinical documentation, appointment scheduling, and patient engagement.

Discover and get all of these features and more if you sign up for free at Carepatron!

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How to use the Blood Sugar Log?
How to use the Blood Sugar Log?

Commonly asked questions

How to use the Blood Sugar Log?

You can use a blood sugar log like any other tracker, where you place your measurements in the spaces provided. For a more in-depth step-by-step process, check out the "How does this Blood Sugar Log work" section above.

What is a healthy blood sugar log result?

According to several reputable centers and associations, a healthy fasting blood glucose level is less than 100 mg/dL.

How do you keep track of blood sugar?

You can keep track of your blood sugar using a CGM or a blood glucose meter and write down the numbers on the device. Ideally, you check your blood sugar before a meal and 2 hours after a meal.

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