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Offer your clients our Weight Loss Journal template to build their habit of checking in with themselves, and staying accountable on their weight loss journey.

By Alex King on Jul 15, 2024.


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What is a Weight Loss Journal template?

Once your client has a solid weight loss plan set in place, it’s time for the hard part- putting that plan into action! We know that losing weight can be a hugely difficult and emotional time of someone’s life, so why not support your clients’ weight loss by offering our free Weight Loss Journal Template designed to help them along those long weeks they are starting on their weight loss journey? 

Journaling is a great way for your clients to stay accountable, reflect on what has gone well for them, and prepare for the next week to make it as successful as possible. But for some of your clients, it may be daunting to start journaling with a blank piece of paper- and that’s where our Weight Loss Journal Template comes in.

This resource provides handy journaling prompts, as well as space for any weekly measurements your clients wish to record to help them stay on top of their progress. It can be completed as often as your clients like and is flexible enough to cater to many different types of progress measures, including space for a progress photo and reflections on what has worked well for them the previous week. 

How does it work?

Our Printable Weight Loss Journal Template can be filled in digitally, or printed out and completed by hand. To help your clients get the most out of this Weight Loss Journal Template, just follow the steps below.

  1. Add the date

Adding dates to journal entries makes it easier when reflecting on what worked well in the past, and for accurately monitoring progress.

  1. Insert a progress photo

Progress photos can be great ways to track progress without needing scales or measuring tape. If your client is not comfortable taking progress photos, they can feel free to leave this section blank.

  1. Add in any measurements

For your clients who prefer numerical measurements of progress, they can add in weight, or body size measurements in the space provided.

  1. What has gone well?

The first journaling prompt is for your clients to reflect on what has worked well for them in the past week. This is important for recognizing beneficial techniques and taking a moment to celebrate small wins.

  1. Places to improve

There is always room to improve, and your clients can identify areas they would like to work on in the future in this section.

  1. Notes

Finally, any additional comments or thoughts your clients have about their progress can go in the final notes section.

When would you use this template?

This Weight Loss Journal template is a valuable tool that can be used in various situations to monitor and manage your clients’ progress on their journey to achieving a healthier weight. 

Regular journaling allows for early detection of any problems hindering your clients’ weight loss progress, and for identifying techniques that work well for them. Journaling can also be used as a mindfulness activity for clients who struggle with thoughts of overeating, binge eating, or restricting. 

Health professionals who can especially benefit from offering this resource to their clients include:

  • Dietitians
  • Nutritionists
  • Weight loss coaches
  • Personal trainers
  • Counselors
  • Clinical psychologists
  • Primary care physicians

Benefits of this Weight Loss Journal template

Practice mindfulness

A weight loss journal template encourages mindfulness by promoting intentional reflection on eating habits, emotional triggers, and overall well-being. By consistently recording thoughts and feelings, your clients can cultivate awareness of their relationship with food, fostering healthier decision-making and a mindful approach to eating.

Reflect on what has gone well

The journal provides a dedicated space to acknowledge achievements and positive changes, reinforcing a sense of accomplishment for your clients. Recognizing successful moments helps improve your clients’ motivation, creating a positive mindset which is crucial for long-term adherence to a weight loss plan.

Plan for success

Utilizing this template allows for strategic planning. Your clients can set themselves up for success by identifying what has worked well for them, and specific areas they want to improve in the future.

Monitor progress

By regularly reviewing journal entries, you and your clients can gain insights into patterns, identify areas for improvement, and celebrate milestones. Having this feedback in the form of a weight loss journal facilitates easy adjustments to optimize your client’s weight loss strategy.

Include a range of measurements

This journal template accommodates measurements beyond just weight, such as photographs, body measurements, or emotional well-being check-ins. This holistic approach provides a comprehensive view of your client’s health journey, ensuring whichever measurements your clients prefer- they can benefit from this template.

What are the benefits of journaling during weight loss?
What are the benefits of journaling during weight loss?

Commonly asked questions

What are the benefits of journaling during weight loss?

Journaling has many benefits, especially during weight loss which can be a complicated time in an individual’s life with many changes and struggles that can be faced. Taking time to journal your thoughts, reflect on what has worked and what you’d like to improve on, and note down any measurements can help keep you on track.

Do I need to take progress photos?

No! Some people don’t like using scales or measuring tapes to monitor their progress so photos can be a great alternative to these methods.

How often should I use the Weight Loss Journal template?

To get the most out of journaling, it’s important to keep checking in regularly. Whether that is daily, weekly, or monthly, the important thing is building up a habit of checking in with yourself.

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