Parenting Styles Questionnaires

Help your patients be self-aware of their approach to raising children by giving them a parenting styles questionnaire. Click here for a free copy. 

By Patricia Buenaventura on Jun 20, 2024.


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Parenting Styles Questionnaires PDF Example
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What is a Parenting Styles Questionnaire?

The is a valuable tool for parents to identify their unique parenting style, which can be categorized as Authoritarian, Authoritative, Permissive, or Uninvolved. Additionally, practitioners, including family physicians and therapists, can utilize this questionnaire to delve into and comprehend the intricate dynamics within the family unit.

Depending on the source, parenting style questionnaires may differ in how many questions are featured and how they are phrased. However, these modified questionnaires are all based on the 62-item questionnaire created by Robinson, Mandleco, Olsen, and Heart. In addition, the questionnaires also follow the question categorization and method of computation for the final score. The final score obtained will be the one to determine what type of parenting style a client has.

Printable Parenting Styles Questionnaire

Download this Parenting Styles Questionnaire to help clients better understand their own parenting styles.

How does it work?

Access and Download the Template

Access and download our printable parenting styles questionnaire template by either:

  • Clicking the “Download Template” or “Use this Template” button above
  • Searching “Parenting Styles Questionnaire” in Carepatron’s template library on our website or app

Explain the Questionnaire

Though it’s straightforward, you should explain to your client how to complete the questionnaire, especially the score computation section. 

Answer the Questionnaire

Give your client a copy of the questionnaire and provide them the time and space to answer it independently. You may also stick around if they have any questions or clarifications you can answer regarding the questions on the document or interpreting the final scores. 

Proceed with the Next Steps

There are many ways to proceed with the next steps. Here are two examples:

  • You can offer to set up therapy sessions with the parents to guide them towards a parenting style that’s most likely to end up with happy and successful children if they’re unsatisfied with the results. 
  • Alternatively, you can allow them to decide how they would like to change if they desire to. 

Parenting Styles Questionnaires Example (sample)

Here’s our example of parenting styles questionnaire template in PDF format filled out by a fictional parent. You may use this example when discussing parenting styles with patients or explaining how to fill out the questionnaire. 

Grab a copy of our sample template for offline use by clicking the sample below or the “Download Example PDF” button above.

Download this Parenting Styles Questionnaire Example:

Parenting Styles Questionnaires Example (sample)

When would you use this Template?

Practitioners can provide their clients with a parenting style questionnaire template if:

  • They’re first-time parents who want to know more about how to raise their children better
  • They want to improve themselves and their relationships with their family members
  • The parents’ children are expressing concerns about how their parents are treating them

Ultimately, we leave it up to you when and how you will make the most out of this template, as the ones mentioned above are only a few of the many ways you can utilize this template. 


Improved Self-Awareness

Created to be self-assessment, the Free Parenting Styles Questionnaire, once filled, can improve a patient’s self-awareness and how their actions or words reflect a particular parenting style. 

Improved Relationships

Parents can use the template to improve their relationship with their children. They may learn which behavior to lessen or remove to adopt a healthier parenting style for their child and raise them to be happy and successful. 

Establish Baselines for Comparison Later On

Suppose the parent decides to adopt the recommended parenting style by researchers, which is Authoritative Parenting. In that case, they may use the template as a baseline to see how much they’ve changed over time and if they’re moving toward adopting the aforementioned parenting style. 

Quick and Easy

It only takes a few minutes for anyone to figure out how to answer the template and understand its questions. Furthermore, it’s easy to answer since one only has to select a number on the scale per question, get the average score per section, and rank the parenting style according to the scores obtained. 

Research & Evidence

Numerous articles, studies, and research stress the importance of knowing one’s parenting style, especially since it’ll significantly affect and influence a child’s way of thinking or behaving as they grow older. Though evidence that supports the usefulness of the parenting style questionnaire is few and far between, if any, it can still be used to identify one’s parenting style. 

Why use Carepatron as your Parenting Styles Questionnaire app?

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Who uses the Parenting Styles Questionnaire?
Who uses the Parenting Styles Questionnaire?

Commonly asked questions

Who uses the Parenting Styles Questionnaire?

The parenting styles questionnaire is designed to be used mainly by parents. However, it can also be used by therapists with clients who are parents and want to be more self-aware of their parenting style.

When do you use the Parenting Styles Questionnaire?

Parents can use it whenever they want to know more about their parenting style or need ideas/suggestions on how to raise a happy and successful child.

How is the Parenting Styles Questionnaire used?

It’s used as a guide, reference, or educational tool depending on the one answering or the referring practitioner who provided the template to the client.

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