GAD 2 Scoring

Learn how to interpret the General Anxiety Disorder 2-item test answers with the GAD-2 scoring template. Click here for a free template and guide.

By Patricia Buenaventura on Apr 08, 2024.

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What is a GAD 2 Scoring Guide?

A provides information on interpreting the scores you've obtained from the screening tool referred to in this guide, the Generalised Anxiety Disorder 2-item test (GAD-2). On our GAD-2 scoring guide template, expect to see the following:

  • A table with the possible scores and their corresponding interpretations.
  • A space to place the client's score and interpretation according to the table.
  • A dedicated space for any notes you may have.

Printable General Anxiety Disorder 2 (GAD 2) Scoring

Download the General Anxiety Disorder 2 (GAD 2) Scoring to ensure you�??re assessing clients accurately.

How to use the GAD 2 Scoring:

Step 1. Access and download the template

Access and download a digital and printable version of the �??GAD-2 Scoring�?� sheet by doing either of the following:�?� 

Step 2. Conduct the GAD-2 test

Before you proceed with scoring, you must conduct the GAD-2 test. If you don't have a copy of the test, we'll provide it below. 

Question: Over the last two weeks, how often have you been bothered by the following problems?

  1. Feeling nervous, anxious, or on edge
  2. Not being able to stop or control worrying

Score each of the questions on a scale of 0-3. Each number means the following:

  • 0: Not at all
  • 1: Several days
  • 2: More than half the days
  • 3: Nearly every day

Step 3. Interpret the score obtained

After adding the scores from the two questions in the GAD-2 test, use the GAD-2 score template to help you interpret the score. 

Step 4. Fill out the template

To have records to refer to in the future, write down the client's total score and its corresponding interpretation on the GAD-2 score template. Don't forget to write down notes such as the following steps, further testing recommendations, etc., if you have any. 

Step 5. Securely store the template

Since the template carries sensitive information, you must store physical copies at a secure physical location or digital copies on Carepatron to limit access to only relevant parties. 

GAD 2 Scorings example (sample)

Here's a downloadable PDF file of a �??GAD-2 Scoring�?� template you can use as a guide, reference, or educational resource. Hopefully, this will give you an insight into how to fill out the template. Note that the answers provided in the sample are fictional. 

Obtain a copy of the example worksheet by viewing it below or clicking the �??Download Example PDF�?� button. 

Download this General Anxiety Disorder 2 (GAD 2) Scoring Example:

GAD 2 Scorings Example (sample)

GAD 2 scoring interpretation

Get a score to interpret by getting the sum of your clients' answers on the Generalized Anxiety Disorder-2 test. Afterward, use the scoring sheet template for your GAD-2 scoring interpretation. 

Each score has a corresponding interpretation, so it's as simple as matching the score to the severity of anxiety to make sense of the score obtained.

Why use Carepatron as your GAD 2 app?

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Who typically scores a GAD 2?
Who typically scores a GAD 2?

Commonly asked questions

Who typically scores a GAD 2?

The referring physician, usually a licensed mental health practitioner, who conducted the Generalized Anxiety Disorder-2 test on their client is responsible for scoring the GAD 2-item test.

When is a GAD 2 Scored?

It�??s scored immediately after the referring physician conducts the GAD-2 test.

How can a GAD 2 Score help?

The GAD-2 Scoring Sheet can help the referring physician by being a document where they can write down additional notes they have and by being a point of reference when interpreting the obtained score.

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