8 Dimensions of Wellness Worksheet

Issue the 8 Dimensions of Wellness Worksheet to your client during one of your appointments to assess how they are doing based on eight aspects of their lives: emotional, physical, spiritual, social, financial, occupational, intellectual, and environmental.

By Matt Olivares on Jun 24, 2024.


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8 Dimensions of Wellness Worksheet PDF Example
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What are the 8 Dimensions of Wellness?

The 8 Dimensions of Wellness, as listed by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), are Physical, Emotional, Occupational, Environmental, Social, Spiritual, Intellectual, and Financial.

These are the aspects of a person’s life that make up their overall wellness and are key factors for mental health therapists to examine when it comes to checking on their clients. This is so they can identify what their clients need to get to a point where they are happy and satisfied with their lives.

The Physical aspect focuses on how the client is able to maintain a healthy body through exercises and other physical activities, through their diet and eating habits, and via medical consultations and care.

The Emotional aspect is concerned with the client’s ability to express their emotions in healthy ways, if they have healthy relationships, and how they cope with the trials and tribulations that life throws their way.

As for the Occupational aspect, this one revolves around their ability to find fulfillment, satisfaction, and/or contentment in their work, as well as if they are able to maintain a good work-life balance.

When it comes to the Environmental aspect, this concerns the client’s immediate space and other spaces they happen to occupy. Do they find themselves in safe, comfortable environments? Or do they happen to be in spaces that don’t contribute anything positive to their wellness?

The Social aspect focuses on the client’s ability to build and maintain positive relationships and connections with their family, friends, or new people they meet by circumstance. This also focuses on if they belong in healthy communities and if they participate in them in positive ways.

The Spiritual aspect is concerned with the client being able to find a sense of purpose in their life, if they are able to find meaning for themselves and the things they do, and if they are able to develop a healthy connection with something greater than themself, may it be faith, nature, or something else.

The Intellectual aspect is concerned with the client being able to enjoy learning and engaging with mentally stimulating activities.

Lastly, the Financial aspect revolves around their ability to properly manage their finances and make informed decisions about spending, saving, and investing their hard-earned money.

To properly assess how a person is doing with these eight dimensions, the worksheet was created!

Printable 8 Dimensions of Wellness Worksheet

Download this 8 Dimensions of Wellness Worksheet and assess the wellbeing of your clients.

How to use the 8 Dimensions of Wellness Worksheet

The version of the 8 Dimensions of Wellness Worksheet that we’re going to discuss in this guide was adapted from the 2018 version created by the New York State Bar Association.

This particular version is quite easy to use because these are the only things that you need to do:

Determine the best time to issue this to your client.

It’s no secret that discussing a client’s life, their problems, and things concerning their mental health is difficult, and it varies from person to person. One way of getting them to open up is to have them engage with worksheets such as this. When you need to better gauge them and their mental health, issue this worksheet to them.

Instruct your client to answer and wait for them to submit a fully-accomplished worksheet.

The instructions are quite simple. For this version of the worksheet, these are the only things your client needs to do:

  1. Rate themselves based on the prompts for each dimension. There are ten items per dimension and they just need to choose the appropriate rating between 1-4:
  • 1 means “Rarely, if ever”
  • 2 means “Sometimes”
  • 3 means “Most of the time”
  • 4 means “Always”
  1. Tally the scores for each dimension. The maximum score for each dimension is 40. There are no score ranges or designations for whatever score they get.
  1. Answer the following questions and elaborate as best as they can:
  • Which dimensions of wellness could use some improvement?
  • Which dimensions are going “okay” for you?
  • Which dimensions would you say you are having success with?

Use their ratings as groundwork for further discussion and for your care plan.

Once you receive a fully-accomplished worksheet, you can use their ratings as basis for further discussion in order to pinpoint the aspects of their life that need improvement. Once you have determined the aspects of their life that could use some work, you can think about what goes into the plan to benefit your client.

8 Dimensions of Wellness Worksheet Example

If you want to know how a filled-out 8 Dimensions of Wellness Worksheet sample looks like, then look no further!

If you like what you see, feel free to download a free and printable 8 Dimensions of Wellness PDF Worksheet here, on Carepatron, for your practice.

Download this 8 Dimensions of Wellness Worksheet Example (Sample) here:

8 Dimensions of Wellness Worksheet Example

When would one typically use this 8 Dimensions of Wellness Worksheet?

Earlier, we stated that one way to get your client to open up is to issue a worksheet such as this. You may issue this in any of your first few sessions with them to get them to talk more about themselves.

If you’ve already made significant progress during your sessions, you may still issue this worksheet in order to get more information that you can use to build an effective care plan.

Who can use this 8 Dimensions of Wellness Worksheet?

The following healthcare practitioners can use this nifty worksheet:

  • (Mental Health) Therapists
  • Counselors
  • Psychologists
  • Psychiatrists

Pretty much anyone who specializes in wellness and mental health can use this for their practice, though the people who will be engaging with the worksheet the most are the clients since they will be rating themselves. They can even download this worksheet for themselves if they want to reflect on where they are at in terms of the eight dimensions without having the need to attend sessions with a practitioner.

Counseling Software Feedback

What are the benefits of using the Wellness Worksheet?

It can help the client open up and reflect on themselves better.

As stated earlier in the guide, getting a client to open up might be a tough thing to do. Worksheets do help with this. In the case of the 8 Dimensions of Wellness, discussing them may help a client understand how important wellness is in relation to mental health. By discussing this and handing them the worksheet, they might become more motivated to engage with therapy and find the inspiration they need to make positive changes in their life.

It can also help shape the discussions of each session.

Engaging with the worksheet will give opportunities to the therapist to identify which of the 8 Dimensions their client is okay with or successful in, as well as what needs some work. Therapists can formulate their questions based on the client’s answers in order to get a better understanding of the client and how they view themselves based on their worksheet answers.

It helps with creating a tailor-fitted plan for the client.

By identifying which of the dimensions your client needs to work on and what their ratings are for each dimension, you’ll be able to use all of that as the basis for what goes into your plan.

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Is the use of this worksheet a one-time, big-time thing? Or am I allowed to reuse it for the same client?
Is the use of this worksheet a one-time, big-time thing? Or am I allowed to reuse it for the same client?

Commonly asked questions

Is the use of this worksheet a one-time, big-time thing? Or am I allowed to reuse it for the same client?

You may definitely reuse this for the same client. Let’s say you already used it once before and you’ve already come up with a care plan that is hopefully working. You may reissue this to them in order to see if there are any changes to their ratings.

Are things getting better? Are they getting worse? Is your care plan working or not? Do I need to adjust anything with my care plan? These are the questions that you’ll be able to answer when you receive a fully-accomplished worksheet that you reissued to your client.

I’m not a doctor or therapist, but I would like to just use this worksheet for personal use. Am I allowed to download this for personal use?

Yes. There’s no problem with using this particular worksheet for personal use. Just don’t use it to self-diagnose yourself with anything related to your mental health. You can use it for personal reflection, but if you think you have mental health issues based on how you rated each item, then it’s best to see a professional to make more informed decisions and maybe an official diagnosis of a mental health issue.

Can we even rely on this? There are total score sections but no score ranges or designations.

Yes, you can rely on this despite the worksheet not having score designations. This isn’t use to diagnose anything but rather determine what is contributing to the client’s overall wellness based on the ratings for each dimension. It’s also used to identify which aspects of their life need some work in order to reach a better and higher level of wellness, and in turn, happiness and satisfaction with their life.

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