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Issue this Telehealth Survey to your clients after each telehealth session to gauge how they feel about your telehealth service. This is so you can determine what’s going well and what needs to be improved.

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What is a Telehealth Survey?

A Telehealth Survey form is a survey that asks a telehealth patient/client about their experiences and thoughts regarding telehealth appointments with healthcare practitioners. It is used to assess which parts of the telehealth format are working for your patient and what might need improvement.

Telehealth is a relatively young mode of providing healthcare to patients, and it has become more prevalent over the years due to COVID-19. It is a convenient (not to mention flexible) way to provide healthcare services to patients without meeting face-to-face. Further, it is used to widen access to healthcare for people, especially those living in rural areas.

Here at Carepatron, we have a Telehealth Survey sample you can use for your telehealth service!

Printable Telehealth Survey

Download this Telehealth Survey and gather feedback regarding your telehealth services.

How to use this Telehealth Survey:

This Telehealth Survey is straightforward and easy to use. On your part, you only need to issue this to your patients/clients after your appointments with them.

On the part of the patient/client, all they need to do is complete the different sections of the survey:

General Information

The first things the patient will see on the form are fields and checkboxes regarding general information.

They must indicate their full name, date of birth, and the date they finished and submitted this survey.

They must also tick checkboxes asking about their gender and age range and if they accomplished the form themselves or with help.

Another box they must tick refers to the telehealth service they set up an appointment for, like Physical Therapy, Counseling, Speech/Language Therapy, etc.

The main content of the survey

This part contains the questionnaire about how the client felt about your telehealth service. They simply need to rate the following questions with Poor, Fair, Good, or Excellent:

  • How did you find the visual quality of your telehealth appointment (can you see the healthcare practitioner well on your end)?
  • How did you find the audio quality of your telehealth appointment (can you hear the practitioner well)?
  • How would you rate the time it took to schedule a telehealth appointment?
  • Rate the promptness of the practitioner (consider: were they late, on time, early?)
  • How would you rate the length of time you spent with our healthcare practitioner?
  • How would you rate the quality of your conversation with the practitioner?
  • How would you rate the practitioner’s explanation of your treatment?
  • How would you rate the practitioner’s handling of your privacy?
  • How would you rate the way the practitioner answered your questions?
  • Rate the practitioner in terms of being respectful, considerate, friendly, courteous, sensitive
  • If applicable, rate the other staff members you interacted with before talking to the practitioner (were they respectful, would you consider them skillful, were they knowledgeable, did they keep you in good company?)
  • How would you rate your overall experience with your telehealth session?

After that questionnaire, there will be two more questions:

  • Would you use our telehealth service again?
  • Would you recommend this telehealth service to others?

They just need to tick YES or NO for these two.

There will also be a comment box if they want to elaborate on their ratings.

Read the survey answers. Take them seriously.

It’s only fitting that you and your staff (if you have staff with you) read the responses that patients'/clients' responses on the survey. Keep it up with the things they rated GOOD or EXCELLENT, and work on improving the things they rated POOR or FAIR, all the more if they elaborated on their ratings via the comment box.

Telehealth Survey Example

Here’s an example of a filled-out telehealth survey sample, to give you a more in-depth idea of what the survey looks like in action.

Download this Telehealth Survey Example (Sample) here:

Telehealth Survey Example (Sample)

When would you typically issue a telehealth survey?

This particular telehealth survey was created in order to get feedback from your patients who engage with your telehealth services because their thoughts on the services that you provide them matter in terms of helping you determine what aspects of your telehealth practice should be maintained and what aspects need to be improved, adjusted, or changed in order to better the quality of your services.

Thus, the typical (and best) time to issue this telehealth survey is every time an appointment with your patient ends or is about to end. You should always issue this so that you and your entire team/staff become aware of how your patients perceive you and the services you provide.

Who can use this telehealth survey?

This particular telehealth survey template focuses on the satisfaction of the patient. This means that any healthcare practitioner or group can use this for their work. Whether it’s a hospital, a clinic, or a private practice this can definitely be implemented so long as they have telehealth services.

The same goes for any practitioner. It doesn’t matter if you focus on mental health, physical therapy, or another specific focus. You can definitely use this if you want to ensure that your telehealth services are top-notch or would like to improve them to become top-notch.

If your telehealth service has satellite departments with telehealth equipment, you can even have these printed and have patients/clients answer immediately after their telehealth appointments with you. They can be assisted by staff, in case they have mobility issues that prevent them from properly filling out the survey.

Why are telehealth surveys popular for practitioners with telehealth services?

The use of telehealth surveys is popular among healthcare practitioners and groups with telehealth services because it is an efficient and convenient way to gather feedback from their patients. Patients who engage with the surveys can accomplish them in the comfort of their own home, their workplace, or even on the go on a mobile device!

Because it can be accomplished digitally, it can be sent back digitally as well, making the collection process less of a hassle than in-print surveys, plus, the data gathering is streamlined, and interpreting the feedback will be easier.

Issuing telehealth surveys to patients also makes them feel valued, especially if you actually act on their feedback. Doing so will boost their satisfaction and loyalty toward your services, which means you can expect that they will definitely return to you should they require telehealth services again.

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Commonly asked questions

How do you go about making a telehealth survey?

Ask the questions that you think will benefit your telehealth service. This might be different, depending on the type and focus of your service. You may use the survey we have here, on Carepatron, if you wish. It’s general enough that it should apply to any telehealth service. Feel free to use it as inspiration to make your own!

Why is it important for us to collect satisfaction data for our telehealth services?

Because it’s essential AND you need to know if your telehealth services are working/effective or not. Feedback is important because you will know what is working and what needs tweaking. They open up opportunities for you to invest in certain things to ensure that your telehealth services have the quality they should have and that your patients/clients are getting the satisfaction they deserve.

Who typically has access to survey data?

That would be you and the designated staff who handle surveys and survey data. But you should also share this with your entire staff so they are aware of your practice’s standing among your patients/clients. Again, feedback is always good. When everyone’s aware, the better. Everyone should work towards improving based on feedback.

What are the benefits of using a telehealth survey?

To elaborate on how it’s an excellent way to know if the telehealth services you’re providing are being received well or not, using a survey will help you pinpoint what exactly is working and what needs tweaking.

An example of this would be the video quality. Was your video quality rated with POOR? That means that you should invest in getting a high-quality camera. If you demonstrate things to your patient/client, then it’s only fitting to have a good camera so they can see things clearly.

It’s the same thing with the audio. If it’s rated POOR, you should probably get a good microphone so the person at the other end can hear you. It wouldn’t be good to discuss a treatment plan with your patient, but you sound muffled to the point that they can’t understand you.

Got staff for your service, and they were rated with POOR? Perhaps you need to train them better or set reminders about how they should conduct themselves. That applies to you as well.

In short, surveys help you determine the GOOD and EXCELLENT things that you should double down on and the POOR and FAIR things that you should definitely work on so that patients/clients can rate them as GOOD and EXCELLENT next time.

It’s even better if the patient elaborates via the comments box because you might just get more precise feedback beyond the ratings.

The more you improve, the better the service you’ll be able to provide for your patients/clients.

Why use Carepatron for medical-related surveys?

Here at Carepatron, we care about helping healthcare practitioners improve productivity and efficiency, especially when streamlining their clinical documentation. By taking advantage of our easy-to-navigate EHR system, you’ll gain access to various surveys such as this Telehealth Survey!

If you’re looking to make a survey for your telehealth practice but don’t know how to start one, you may use our Telehealth Survey as is or as inspiration when constructing your own!

You can even store fully-accomplished surveys and survey data via our platform in a HIPAA-compliant manner and secure them by setting up who can access these documents besides you.

Storing them on Carepatron will make them easily accessible! Whether you’re using an office desktop, a laptop, or even just your phone, you can access this survey template (or your survey template) and survey data anytime, anywhere!

Convenience. Accessibility. Security. You get all three with Carepatron.

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How do you go about making a telehealth survey?
How do you go about making a telehealth survey?
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