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Learn all about Sports Physical Forms and download a general template for your school, local little league, or your city's team!

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What is a Sports Physical Form?

A Sports Physical Form, also known as a preparticipation physical evaluation, is an important document that athletes need to have and complete before participating in a sporting event. Schools, little leagues, and sports organizations that manage sporting events normally require them.

Sports Physical Forms are important to organizers of sporting events because these forms ensure that the athletes participating in certain sporting events are healthy. At the same time, these forms also identify if athletes have health issues and/or abnormalities that might put them at risk if they participate in certain events.

These forms normally have three parts:

  1. The first part is a medical questionnaire, mostly about a person's medical history. This asks patients about the times they went to a hospital or clinic for a check-up or emergency, what kinds of conditions they were diagnosed with (if any), their family's medical history, how they feel now, etc.
  2. The second part is a physical examination sheet. Athletes are required to have themselves checked by licensed physicians. This is the medical screening part, and the results and findings of the physician will dictate whether or not the athlete is allowed to participate in a certain sporting event.
  3. The last part is the clearance section, which is filled out by the attending physician. This is where the physician decides whether to clear them for competition or to forbid them from participating due to certain risks.

How do Sports Physical Forms work?

When guiding clients through the process of completing a Sports Physical Form, healthcare practitioners can follow these five steps:

Step 1: Patient information and medical history

The first step involves gathering comprehensive information about the patient's personal and medical history. This section typically includes the patient's name, date of birth, contact information, emergency contacts, and details about any pre-existing medical conditions, allergies, or medications.

Step 2: Physical examination

The healthcare provider will conduct a thorough physical examination to assess the patient's overall health and fitness for sports participation. This examination includes evaluating vital signs and musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory, and neurological functions.

Step 3: Clearance for participation in a sport

Based on the information gathered and the physical examination findings, the healthcare provider will determine whether the patient is cleared for unrestricted sports participation or if any limitations or accommodations are necessary.

Step 4: Recommendations and guidance

If any concerns or potential risk factors are identified during the evaluation, the healthcare provider will provide specific recommendations or guidance to the patient and their family. This may include advice on injury prevention, conditioning exercises, or the need for further evaluation or treatment.

Sports Physical Form Example

Now that you know what Sports' Physical Forms are and what they normally contain, it's time for you to see what one looks like! We at Carepatron created a general and printable Sports Physical Form PDF template, and here is what a filled-out sample looks like.

Download this Sports Physical Form Example (Sample) here:

Sports Physical Form Example

If you run a school or are part of a sports organization and are looking for a Sports Physical Form template to issue to athletes, feel free to access the downloadable forms we've made. You can choose to print it and have athletes and physicians fill it out in person, or if you want to go paperless, issue this to them via email.

When would one normally use a Sports Physical Form?

A Sports Physical Form is typically utilized when an individual, particularly a student or young athlete, plans to participate in organized sports or athletic activities. It is a comprehensive evaluation tool to assess the individual's physical fitness and overall health status, ensuring their readiness and safety for engaging in sports-related activities.

The common scenarios where a Sports Physical Form would be required include:

School-based sports

Most schools and educational institutions mandate sports physicals for students who wish to participate in school-sponsored sports teams or athletic programs. This requirement aims to identify any potential health risks or conditions that may affect the student's ability to participate safely in physical activities.

Recreational sports leagues

Many community-based recreational sports leagues, such as youth soccer, basketball, or baseball leagues, require participants, especially children, to undergo a sports physical examination and complete a Sports Physical Form before joining and competing.

Summer sports camps or programs

Attendees of sports camps or intensive training programs are frequently required to submit a Sports Physical Form as part of the registration process. This helps camp organizers become aware of any pre-existing medical conditions or limitations that may need to be accommodated during the camp activities.

Professional or collegiate athletic programs

At higher levels of competition, such as professional or collegiate athletics, athletes must undergo comprehensive physical evaluations and submit Sports Physical Forms regularly, often annually or before the start of each season. These evaluations help identify any potential health concerns and ensure that the athletes are physically prepared for the rigors of their respective sports.

What are the benefits of using a Sports Physical Form?

Identify potential health issues

Since Sports Physical Forms require athletes to be examined by a physician, this form can serve as a jumping-off point for athletes to find out if they have health issues. Sure, they can answer certain questions on the questionnaire about their past afflictions. That doesn't necessarily mean they have those afflictions now, but what if they have different afflictions this time, and they're just unaware of them? The physical examination can bring things to light, and athletes can have abnormalities addressed as soon as possible.

Keep athletes from injury

Yes, it is absolutely disappointing and frustrating for an athlete to get barred from participating in a sporting event for which they have spent their blood, sweat, and tears training. But no sporting event is worth it if they end up putting their lives on the line because of a health condition. As sad as it is to be forbidden to participate, Sports Physical Forms can also save lives and spare athletes any danger by identifying potential health issues. These health issues may be aggravated by simply participating in a game, or they might affect them in the sense that they are more likely to get injured.

Promote healthy habits and remind athletes to take care of themselves

Let's say that the physical examination does result in the athlete not being cleared. They can seek advice on how to get healthy or healthier based on the results, even if they're disappointed that they weren't cleared. The frustration can become the motivation to get cleared for the next set of competitions. They will be able to develop healthy habits and find ways to train using more efficient and safer methods to make them less injury-prone.

Why use Carepatron for your sports-related work?

Sports isn’t all about the games, you know! Health has a lot to do with it. Let’s say you’re a sports physician, a coach, a trainer, or an events organizer; you want your athletes to be healthy! Sports Physical Forms can help with that since they mandate athletes to get themselves checked. Download our Sports Physical Form template from our resource repository and issue it to your athletes before a season officially begins!

If you take the time to browse around our resource repository, you’ll even find awesome exercises to add to your training, in the event that you don’t have them. We have the likes of the Harvard Step Test and even the Illinois Agility Test. You can download our templates for those as well to gauge your athletes!

Using our platform will also grant you access to our storage system, where you can store your clinical documents in a HIPAA-compliant manner. Scan filled-out copies of our Sports Physical Form PDF and store them with us to create digital backups! Just in case one of your athletes loses a form by accident, you have a backup!

Here, at Carepatron, we’re all about helping you do your work better! So download as many resources as you want and need for free!

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Who needs to complete a Sports Physical Form?
Who needs to complete a Sports Physical Form?

Commonly asked questions

Who needs to complete a Sports Physical Form?

Most school-aged athletes and individuals planning to participate in organized sports must complete a Sports Physical Form. This requirement can vary depending on state laws and the guidelines of the sports organization but is generally a standard part of youth sports, school teams, and collegiate programs.

How often should an athlete have a sports physical?

Athletes typically need a sports physical annually. However, the specific frequency can vary based on organizational rules and state regulations. It is recommended that the physical examination be completed at least six weeks before the start of the sports season to allow time for any necessary follow-up care.

What happens if an issue is found during a sports physical?

If an issue is found during a sports physical, the healthcare provider will discuss the next steps, including additional testing, referrals to specialists, or specific treatments. Depending on the issue, the provider might temporarily withhold clearance to participate in sports until the concern is adequately addressed.

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