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What is an Intrinsic Motivation Inventory?

The Intrinsic Motivation Inventory (IMI) is a multifaceted measurement tool extensively utilized in psychological research for assessing an individual's subjective experiences related to a specific activity. This comprehensive inventory consists of six distinct sub-scales, each designed to evaluate various elements of intrinsic motivation. These include interest/enjoyment, perceived competence, effort/importance, pressure/tension, perceived choice, and value/usefulness.

Each sub-scale offers a unique lens into the different aspects of a person's motivational experience, providing a deeper understanding of what intrinsically drives an individual. The interest/enjoyment sub-scale is the core measure of intrinsic motivation, while the others provide additional information about factors that may influence this central motivational construct.

The IMI's holistic approach to measuring motivation has led to its widespread acceptance and use across various fields, from education to healthcare. It provides invaluable insights that can help shape effective strategies for motivation enhancement in both research and clinical settings.

Moreover, you can learn how our can seamlessly integrate into your clinical documentation. This resource thoroughly guides leveraging the IMI to enhance your practice's motivational strategies and overall efficacy.

Printable Intrinsic Motivation Inventory

Download the Intrinsic Motivation Inventory to assess the motivation of your clients.

How to Use the Intrinsic Motivation Inventory:

Step 1: Access the Intrinsic Motivation Inventory

Your first step is to get a hold of the Intrinsic Motivation Inventory. You can find a printable version online that you can easily download and print.

Step 2: Understand the Instructions

Before you start filling out the inventory, it's crucial to read and understand the instructions provided thoroughly. This will ensure you accurately interpret and respond to each item.

Step 3: Complete the Inventory

This step involves responding to each item on the inventory honestly and thoughtfully. Your responses should reflect your genuine feelings and thoughts associated with the activity. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers - the goal is to capture your intrinsic motivation levels.

Step 4: Score the Inventory

Once you've completed the inventory, the next step is to calculate your scores for each of the six sub-scales. Follow the scoring instructions carefully to ensure accurate results. These scores will provide insights into different aspects of your intrinsic motivation.

Using our printable Intrinsic Motivation Inventory is a straightforward process that can yield valuable insights into your motivational drives. Whether you're a researcher, educator, or healthcare professional, this tool can be invaluable in understanding and enhancing intrinsic motivation.

Intrinsic Motivation Inventory Example (Sample)

The Intrinsic Motivation Inventory (IMI) comprehensively analyzes an individual's subjective experience and intrinsic motivation levels across different contexts and situations.

An example of the IMI includes statements such as "I enjoyed doing this activity very much" and "I felt very competent while performing it." These items are intended to capture the respondent's feelings of enjoyment and efficacy, key intrinsic motivation components. Respondents are asked to rate each statement on a seven-point scale, ranging from "Not at all true" to "Very true." This range allows for a nuanced understanding of the individual's motivational state.

The IMI is grounded in Self-Determination Theory (SDT), a widely accepted framework for understanding human motivation. By assessing one's subjective experience, the IMI can provide insights into how autonomy versus control impacts an individual's wellness, productivity, performance, and initiative.

It's worth noting that the IMI has been adapted and modified for various contexts and populations. For instance, shorter inventory forms are designed for specific settings like work or education. Regardless of the format, the primary aim remains to gauge the inherent motivational forces driving an individual's actions.

The Intrinsic Motivation Inventory is a valuable tool in research and practical applications. Offering a detailed examination of one's intrinsic motivation can inform strategies to foster autonomy, competence, and relatedness – the key elements that fuel our intrinsic motivation.

You can find a sample Intrinsic Motivation Inventory PDF here to better understand its structure and use.

Download this Intrinsic Motivation Inventory Example:

Intrinsic Motivation Inventory Example (Sample)

When Would You Use This Form?

The Intrinsic Motivation Inventory (IMI) is a versatile and comprehensive tool that applies in many scenarios, particularly where understanding an individual's intrinsic motivation towards a particular activity is crucial. It's designed to provide insights into the internal motivational forces driving an individual's actions, making it applicable across diverse fields.

  • Psychology: For psychologists, the IMI can be an invaluable tool in therapeutic settings. It can help understand client motivation, informing treatment strategies and interventions. For example, it could be used to uncover the motivational factors behind a client's willingness to participate in therapy or make specific lifestyle changes.
  • Education: In the educational sector, teachers and educators can use IMI to gauge students' intrinsic motivation towards learning. This could range from understanding their interest in specific subjects to their motivation to engage in group activities or homework. The results can help educators tailor their teaching strategies to enhance student engagement and learning outcomes.
  • Healthcare: Healthcare professionals can also benefit from the IMI. It can help them comprehend the intrinsic motivation behind patients adhering to a fitness regimen or following medical advice. This insight can be instrumental in designing patient-centric care plans and promoting healthier behaviors.
  • Research: In research settings, the IMI is a powerful instrument for exploring the role of intrinsic motivation across various domains. Researchers have used it in studies examining the motivation behind exercise behaviors, academic performance, medication adherence, etc.

The Intrinsic Motivation Inventory is a flexible and robust resource for anyone interested in understanding the inherent motivational drives of individuals. Its broad applicability makes it a valuable tool across various disciplines, including psychology, education, healthcare, and research.

Benefits of Using the Intrinsic Motivation Inventory

Comprehensive Analysis

The IMI offers a holistic and multifaceted understanding of intrinsic motivation. It covers various dimensions such as interest/enjoyment, perceived competence, effort, value/usefulness, felt pressure and tension, and perceived choice, providing a comprehensive picture of an individual's motivational state.


One of the main benefits of the IMI is its versatility. It can be used in diverse contexts, from educational settings to healthcare environments and across different populations. This adaptability makes it a valuable tool for various professionals.

Grounded in Theory

The IMI is based on Self-Determination Theory (SDT), a widely recognized and established theory of motivation. This grounding in a robust theoretical framework lends credibility and reliability to the inventory.


The insights derived from the IMI are highly informative. They can inform strategies and interventions to enhance intrinsic motivation, thereby improving outcomes in learning, therapy, work, and more.


The IMI is easily accessible. Free Intrinsic Motivation Inventory is available online for download and use, making it readily available for anyone interested in understanding intrinsic motivation better.

Empirical Support

The IMI has been used extensively in research, providing strong empirical support for its validity and reliability. This evidence-based tool can deliver reliable insights into an individual's motivation levels.


The IMI can be adapted and modified to suit specific research or practical needs. This flexibility allows it to be tailored to the unique requirements of different settings and populations.

Promotes Self-Understanding

By uncovering the intrinsic motivations driving an individual's actions, the IMI can foster self-understanding and self-awareness. This can be beneficial in personal development and growth contexts.

Our free Intrinsic Motivation Inventory offers numerous benefits, from its comprehensive analysis and versatility to its accessibility and solid theoretical foundation. These advantages make it an invaluable tool for understanding and enhancing intrinsic motivation.

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Who typically uses the Intrinsic Motivation Inventory?
Who typically uses the Intrinsic Motivation Inventory?

Commonly asked questions

Who typically uses the Intrinsic Motivation Inventory?

Typically, psychologists, educators, and healthcare professionals use the Intrinsic Motivation Inventory.

When are Intrinsic Motivation Inventory used?

The inventory is used to understand an individual's intrinsic motivation toward a particular activity or task.

How are Intrinsic Motivation Inventory used?

The inventory is filled out by individuals who rate their feelings and thoughts related to activity on various dimensions of intrinsic motivation.

How can the Intrinsic Motivation Inventory help a person?

The inventory can provide insights into what motivates a person intrinsically, which can inform strategies to enhance motivation and engagement.

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