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Improve your group coaching programs with our free Group Coaching Program Template. Empower your participants to achieve their goals and optimize their personal growth to drive as well as enhance progress.

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What is a Group Coaching Program Template?

Group coaching is a type of coaching that involves multiple individuals working together to achieve their desired goals. It typically consists of a coach and a group of participants who discuss specific topics related to the individual's goals. The group typically meets regularly, and the coach facilitates conversations that challenge members to think critically about the subject.

A is a valuable resource for streamlining and organizing group coaching programs. It assists coaches in guiding participants toward achieving their goals and maximizing their personal growth within a group setting. This template also outlines the essential elements of a successful group coaching program, including program overview, structure, resources, and more.

This template will help make group coaching programs easier to administer and more enjoyable for everyone involved. As a result, participants can expect to get the most out of their experience by working together toward their shared goals in an organized fashion. Plus, coaches can benefit from having a clear of their program objectives and the need for success.

What is Group Coaching?

Group coaching is where multiple participants can gather to join a program to help them improve and develop as individuals. Group coaching can help with team-based skills such as communication, and can foster greater growth to ensure accountability and facilitate a sense of community. Although individuals are in a group, these programs still encourage participants to engage individually to strengthen their own capabilities.

Group coaching is also a great way to focus on specific topics or issues that need addressing. For instance, they can be used for workplace confidence, health changes, social concerns, and more. They serve as excellent focus groups for individuals to journey together and commit to faster progress.

Every group coaching program template is different, however, they should outline a program overview, structure, and session format. This is in addition to clearly identified objectives to provide direction for the program, and coaching strategies. Listing specific resources and outlining a step-by-step plan is key to success in group coaching program sessions. Consider SMART goals, and an initial client assessment of current circumstances, any concerns and expectations.

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Printable Group Coaching Program Template

Download this Group Coaching Program Template to help structure group therapy sessions.

How does it work?

Carepatron offers a free, printable Group Coaching Program Template with goal setting, action steps, and more. Here's how you can make the most of it:

Step One: Download the template

Access the Group Coaching Program Template by clicking the link on this page or through our resource library. You can also find it on the Carepatron app.

Step Two: Plan the program

Use our template to plan your group coaching program. Identify program objectives and structure, and select suitable coaching tools and techniques to support participants' growth and development.

Step Three: Conduct the sessions

Refer to the Group Coaching Program Template during each session to ensure all essential aspects are addressed. Engage with participants to evaluate progress and make any necessary adjustments to fit their goals.

Step Four: Assess the program

Upon completion of the program, review the Group Coaching Program Template with your participants and evaluate the program's success. This will help identify strengths and areas for improvement in future programs.

Group Coaching Program Template Example (sample)

To illustrate how this template can enhance your program and sessions, we have created a Group Coaching Program Template PDF example. You can use this sample for educational purposes or as a reference. View the sample here or download it as a PDF.

Download the free Group Coaching Program Template Example (sample):

Group Coaching Program Template Example (sample)

When should you use this Template?

The Group Coaching Program Template is a valuable tool for effectively planning, structuring, and monitoring participants' progress in their personal growth journeys within a group setting. It offers the flexibility to customize session content based on individual needs and goals. Additionally, our free template allows you to:

Assess participants' progress

You can use the Group Coaching Program Template to review participants' progress and identify areas for improvement throughout the program. This will help you ensure your program is meeting individual and collective needs.

Create a collaborative environment

The template helps create an open, collaborative environment during sessions. Participants can use it to brainstorm ideas and build on each other's progress for more effective outcomes.

Document the coaching process for future reference

You can use the template to document each session's structure and outcomes. This allows you to reference previous sessions, track individual progress, and use data points to enhance future sessions. Additionally, the template can be used as a reference for other coaches or mentees who may need guidance.

Stay organized

Given the complexities of group coaching, it can be challenging to keep track of all the details. The template helps you stay organized and prompts you to take necessary actions. Additionally, it allows easy access to information from your computer or mobile device whenever needed.

Benefits of the Free Group Coaching Program Template

Using Carepatron's free Group Coaching Program Template offers several advantages:

Fully digital and easy to modify

The Group Coaching Program Template is digital, making it easily accessible and modifiable from anywhere. You can customize the template to suit the needs of your participants.


The template covers all aspects of group coaching, including assessments and goal setting. It also allows you to provide additional resources and track participants' progress effectively.

Highly flexible

Designed with flexibility in mind, the template can be easily modified to accommodate various coaching styles. It can also be combined with other coaching tools and techniques to create a personalized program.

Lays out clear expectations

The Group Coaching Program Template helps establish clear expectations with participants, resulting in more productive coaching sessions and building trust within the group.

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Who can benefit from using the Group Coaching Program Template?
Who can benefit from using the Group Coaching Program Template?

Commonly asked questions

Who can benefit from using the Group Coaching Program Template?

Coaches specializing in various areas can benefit from utilizing the Group Coaching Program Template. It provides a framework for structuring programs, addressing critical elements, and maximizing the program's effectiveness.

When should you use the Group Coaching Program Template?

The Group Coaching Program Template should be used for every group coaching program. It promotes consistency, organization, and focus during coaching sessions, ultimately leading to better participant outcomes.

How is the Group Coaching Program Template used?

The Group Coaching Program Template guides and facilitates group coaching programs. It outlines key elements such as program objectives, session agenda, coaching tools, and follow-up steps. The template provides structure and organization for a successful group coaching program.

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