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Elevate functional speech with the VNeST Worksheet, guiding clients through engaging activities to practice communication skills and enhance verbal expression.

By Karina Jimenea on Apr 08, 2024.

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What is the VNeST therapy approach?

For many individuals living with aphasia, trying to express their thoughts, desires, and experiences, only to find that the words they need slip away like elusive fragments of a puzzle, is a frustrating scenario. However, there is hope and empowerment in the form of Verb Network Strengthening Treatment (VNeST), a groundbreaking therapy approach developed by Dr. Lisa Edmonds, a distinguished speech-language pathologist. Her dedication shines through as she aims to address a critical need for an effective and tailored treatment for spoken production abilities in sentences and discourse.

Fueled by a passion for improving the lives of those with aphasia, Dr. Edmonds conducted a clinical trial with VNeST, propelled by a VA Merit grant. In their study published in the American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, 11 stroke-induced aphasia participants observed significant improvements in trained and untrained sentence probes, object and action naming, and discourse. The findings reaffirm VNeST's potential to enhance lexical retrieval and impact syntax production in constrained and discourse tasks.

VNeST is a therapeutic approach serving as a bridge to renewed communication. It focuses on strengthening the intricate network of verbs in our language, which are vital components that form the backbone of our expressions. This approach recognizes the complexity of spoken language and targets the specific challenges faced by individuals with aphasia. By engaging in exercises and activities, participants in VNeST therapy gradually rebuild their verb networks, enhancing their ability to construct meaningful sentences and articulate thoughts coherently.

Printable VNeST Worksheet PDF

Download this VNeST Worksheet PDF to guide clients through engaging activities to practice communication skills and enhance verbal expression.

How to use this worksheet

To help you reap the maximum advantage of the worksheet, here's a step-by-step guide on using the VNeST Worksheet for Speech Therapy:

Step 1: Download the template

Go to the designated platform or website to download the VNeST Worksheet for Speech Therapy template. Ensure that it is accessible and compatible with your device.

Step 2: Print the template

Print the downloaded template for easy access and convenience during sessions if preferred. A physical copy allows for tactile engagement and enhances the therapeutic experience.

Step 3: Generate transitive verbs

Identify and compile a list of transitive verbs. These are verbs that require a direct object to complete their meaning. Ensure the verbs are relevant to the client's speech therapy goals. Aphasia clients need to practice with different sets of verbs because they carry lots of meaning and are essential in speech construction.

Step 4: Create subject-object pairs

For each chosen transitive verb, fill in each set three specific subject (Who) - object (What) pairs. Aim for related words and maximum specificity to make the exercises more personalized and engaging for the individual.

Step 5: Prepare notecards

Transform the subject-object pairs into notecards. Write each pair on a separate notecard. To enhance the interactive aspect, consider using visually appealing cards that can be cut into individual pieces during the session.

Step 6: Engaging presentation

Present the notecards with the subject-object pairs to the individual during the session. This hands-on approach encourages visual engagement and interaction.

Step 7: Triad selection

Allow the person to choose one of the three subject-object triads. This empowers them to have a say and increases motivation during treatment.

Step 8: Elaborate on triad

Once a triad is selected, guide the individual in expanding on the scenario with a detailed description:

  • WHERE: Ask where the action occurs. Display cards with relevant locations.
  • WHEN: Inquire about the timing of the action. Use cards indicating different time frames.
  • WHY: Explore the purpose or motivation behind the action. Utilize cards with various motivations.

Step 9: Form detailed sentences

With the notecards as visual aids, assist the person in forming new and meaningful sentences about the selected triad. Encourage them to express themselves coherently and creatively.

Step 10: Read and reflect

Read the resulting detailed sentence together. Reflect on the exercise, discussing any challenges or successes. The client is advised to practice frequently to promote communication, cognitive skills, comprehension, and overall progress.

VNeST Worksheet for Speech Therapy example (sample)

Explore the VNeST Worksheet with our sample filled-in template. We've included sample verbs and subject-object pairs to guide you in helping clients. Get it for free and empower your therapy sessions with this comprehensive resource, enhancing communication skills in an engaging and structured way.

Download this VNeST Worksheet PDF example:

VNeST therapy

The benefits of the speech therapy VNeST worksheet

  1. Targeted verb network enhancement: The VNeST Worksheet offers a focused approach to improving communication skills by honing in on verb network strengthening. Through the exercise, individuals can enhance their ability to express themselves coherently and fluently.
  2. Personalized treatment for diverse needs: Whether addressing speech and language disorders, supporting stroke survivors, or aiding persons with aphasia, the VNeST Worksheet offers personalized treatment, ensuring relevance and effectiveness for diverse therapeutic needs.
  3. Engaging and interactive therapy sessions: Beyond its therapeutic efficacy, the VNeST Worksheet transforms therapy sessions into engaging and interactive experiences. With notecards and dynamic exercises, it captures the attention of individuals and keeps them motivated throughout their speech therapy journey, fostering a positive and effective learning environment.

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Can I customize the verbs in the VNeST Worksheet to suit my client's specific needs?
Can I customize the verbs in the VNeST Worksheet to suit my client's specific needs?

Commonly asked questions

Can I customize the verbs in the VNeST Worksheet to suit my client's specific needs?

Absolutely, feel free to tailor the verbs to address individual goals and make the therapy experience more personalized.

 Is the VNeST Worksheet suitable for children as well as adults?

Yes, the VNeST Worksheet is designed to be adaptable, making it suitable and effective for both children and adults in speech therapy.

 How often should I use the VNeST Worksheet in speech therapy sessions?

The VNeST Worksheet is flexible. Aim for regular use, incorporating it into sessions for optimal progress.

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