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Use this Emotional Vibration Chart to understand and help your client elevate their emotional state. Download the PDF and template for free.

By Ericka Pingol on Jun 20, 2024.

Fact Checked by RJ Gumban.

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What is an Emotional Vibration Chart?

Emotional vibration is the frequency at which our emotions resonate, significantly impacting our overall well-being and interactions with others. According to the principles of quantum physics, everything in the universe, including our emotions, vibrates at a specific frequency. Positive emotions like love and joy vibrate at higher frequencies, promoting mental clarity, creative thinking, and overall health.

Conversely, negative emotions like fear or anger vibrate at lower frequencies, potentially leading to mental fog, lethargy, and health complications. Understanding and consciously managing our emotional vibrations is thus crucial for establishing harmony within ourselves and our surroundings.

The is designed to help individuals assess and enhance their emotional state. It provides insights into the vibrational frequency of different emotions, allowing you to understand and elevate your emotional experiences.

The chart consists of a spectrum of emotions, ranging from lower vibrational states (such as shame and guilt) to higher vibrational states (such as peace and enlightenment). By recognizing where you currently stand on this emotional spectrum, individuals can take conscious steps to shift towards more positive and uplifting emotions.

Printable Emotional Vibration Chart

Download this Emotional Vibration Chart to help improve the emotional states of your clients.

How does this Emotional Vibration Chart work?

Our free Emotional Vibration Chart template is fully digital and easy to use. Here's how to get started:

Step One: Access the free chart

Download the Emotional Vibration Chart using the link provided on this page. You can also access it through the Carepatron app or our resources library.

Step Two: Review the chart

Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the emotions in the chart and their corresponding vibrational frequencies.

Step Three: Explain how it works

Discuss how the chart works with your client. Explain that they can use the chart to assess their current emotional state and take steps towards elevating it.

Step Four: Assess current state

Ask your client to evaluate their emotional state and note it on the chart. This can be done using a numerical scale from 1-10 or simply marking it as low, medium, or high.

Step Five: Set goals

Discuss what emotions your client wants to cultivate and how they can use the chart to measure progress toward those goals. Encourage your client to set attainable and realistic goals and note them on the Emotional Vibration Chart.

Step Six: Track progress

Review the chart regularly to help your client track their emotional state over time. This will help them identify patterns, recognize areas of improvement, and make necessary adjustments along the way.

Emotional Vibration Chart example (sample)

We have created an Emotional Vibration Chart example to illustrate using the chart effectively. This sample includes notes to help you assess and shift your client’s emotional vibration. You can view the sample here or download it as a PDF.

Download the free Emotional Vibration Chart example (sample)

Emotional Vibration Chart example (sample)

When to use the Emotional Vibration Chart?

You can use the Emotional Vibration Chart to help your client assess and shift your emotional vibration at any time. You can also employ this tool to:

Track emotional progress over time

You can use the Emotional Vibration Chart to track your client's emotional progress. This can help you identify patterns and make necessary adjustments along the way.

Gauge the success of self-care practices

By noting how clients feel before and after self-care activities, they can assess which self-care practices work best for them. This will also help them adjust their routine to create a more balanced emotional state.

Encourage self-reflection and accountability

Using the Emotional Vibration Chart encourages clients to practice self-reflection and take ownership of their emotions. It will also remind them to be accountable for their own mental health and well-being. This tool can help them cultivate healthier emotional habits over time.

Promote open communication about emotions

The Emotional Vibration Chart is also instrumental in promoting open conversation about emotions between you and your client. It provides a structured format to discuss feelings and emotions which may otherwise be difficult to articulate. This can lead to a deeper understanding of their emotional landscape, facilitating more targeted and effective therapeutic interventions.

Foster emotional intelligence and mindfulness

Regular use of the Emotional Vibration Chart can foster emotional intelligence and mindfulness. Your client will become more aware of their emotional responses to different situations, leading to better emotional regulation. Over time, this practice can contribute to an increased sense of peace and happiness and decreased stress and anxiety levels.

Benefits of the free Emotional Vibration Chart template

The free Emotional Vibration Chart template offers numerous benefits for you and your clients. Here are some of them:

It's fully digital and user-friendly

Our printable Emotional Vibration Chart template is fully digital, making it easy to access from any device. Its user-friendly interface makes it quick and simple to use, so your client can quickly track their emotions.

It's highly customizable

You can modify our template to suit your client's needs. This includes adding or removing emotions and changing the scale for rating those emotions. 

It's versatile

The Emotional Vibration Chart template can be used to track any emotion or feeling. It's also suitable for individual and group sessions, making it an excellent tool for various therapeutic interventions.

It provides a visual representation

With its graphical display, the Emotional Vibration Chart provides a tangible way for clients to visualize their emotions. This visual aspect can be especially helpful for those struggling to articulate their feelings verbally. Seeing the ebb and flow of their emotional state over time can provide essential insights, reveal patterns, and highlight potential areas for focus in therapy.

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Who uses the Emotional Vibration Chart?
Who uses the Emotional Vibration Chart?

Commonly asked questions

Who uses the Emotional Vibration Chart?

Mental health professionals, including psychologists, psychiatrists, and counselors, can use the Emotional Vibration Chart. It can also be used as an additional tool for therapists working with clients who may struggle to articulate their feelings.

What are the benefits of using an Emotional Vibration Chart?

Using an Emotional Vibration Chart helps provide insight into patients' emotional states, allowing you to better understand and diagnose their issues.

How is an Emotional Vibration Chart used?

The Emotional Vibration Chart is used to measure a patient's overall emotional state, from high-energy vibrations (positive) to low-energy vibrations (negative). It can be used as an additional therapy tool and provide insight into how various emotions affect the body.

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