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Transform negative thoughts and improve self-esteem with our core belief worksheets for therapy. These resources will aid clients in identifying and challenging underlying beliefs and promoting growth and well-being for a higher quality of life.

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What Is A Core Beliefs Worksheet?

Core belief worksheets are an effective therapy tool to help clients evaluate their deeply ingrained beliefs about themselves, others, and their surroundings. Core beliefs are what influence our behaviors and actions, and are also what can impact our overall well-being and day-to-day functioning. These worksheets work towards exploring the closely held assumptions, thoughts, and emotions that clients maintain, in order to better understand their state of mind, decision-making capabilities, as well as the goals they may have. Utilizing these worksheets is a great way to gain deeper insight into the personal growth and development of clients, and can help challenge limiting core beliefs that negatively affect client confidence, awareness, resilience, and well-being. Following the prompts, clients can develop positive and healthy core beliefs that promote productivity and achieve greater results that are in alignment with their personal values.

Printable Core Beliefs Worksheets

Download these Core Beliefs Worksheets to improve your client's mental health outcomes.

How To Use This Core Beliefs Worksheet

The core belief worksheet is extremely easy and simple to use, and all you have to do is follow these three steps!

Step 1: Download the core belief worksheet PDF

Click the links on our page to download the core belief worksheet, which should open automatically on your preferred device. You can start editing the worksheet as you please or print it out to prepare for your appointment with your client. It's free and only takes a couple of seconds.

Step 2: Distribute the worksheet to your client

Next, you'll need to hand the worksheet to your client to complete. It is up to you whether this is completed during your appointment, which is what we recommend to extract the highest value. Or, you can forward the PDF to your client to complete in their own time. Both methods are very easy and don't require extensive technical knowledge. All the client has to do, is answer the questions and prompts listed on the worksheet.

Step 3: Store the document securely

Once the worksheet is completed in full, you will need to store it securely. Client confidentiality is one of the most important aspects of healthcare, and this is no exception. Most clients will take the worksheet home, however, if you prefer to keep the worksheet as part of your notes, then make sure to store it within a HIPAA-compliant server. This is a great way to safeguard patient information at all times and ensure that only authorized users access it.

Core Beliefs Worksheet Example (Sample)

If you would like to view an example of a core beliefs worksheet, then feel free to check out the link on this page. Not only do we have a blank core belief worksheet for you to integrate right away, but we also have a completed example based on a fictitious case. If you would like to know what a client response may look like, and what level of depth is typically involved, then feel free to check this out. Our example serves as excellent inspiration, for you to work towards when in session with your clients.

Download these Core Beliefs Examples (Sample) here: 

Core Beliefs Worksheet Example (Sample)

Who Can Use these Printable Core Beliefs Worksheets (PDF)?

Core beliefs are involved in almost all aspects of mental healthcare. Many clients may come to you feeling lost, confused, or insecure in themselves, with core belief worksheets being a great stepping stone to achieving confidence and direction in their lives. With core beliefs, you can instill greater purpose, and help clients discover themselves and what they truly want to gain over the next period of time. You can utilize the information collected within this worksheet to develop effective treatment plans that directly address the specific and unique needs of each client. As a result, core beliefs are not exclusive to a particular profession, as they can support positive and healthy well-being across a variety of areas. Regardless of how many clients you see, or your experience working with core beliefs, most mental health practitioners have something to gain when it comes to these worksheets. A list of potential mental healthcare experts who may particularly benefit from these worksheets includes the following:

  1. Life coaches
  2. Career developers
  3. Counselors
  4. Youth and family counselors
  5. Psychologists
  6. Therapists
  7. Social workers

Why Is This Form Useful For Therapists?

 The core belief worksheet has a variety of practical uses, including the following:

Categorize core values

Naturally, utilizing core belief worksheets is a great way to not only identify the core beliefs of each client, but also help clients recognize what beliefs are detrimental to their mental health, and what are supportive. Some clients may encounter core beliefs that need to be reframed, whereas others may have core beliefs that should be prioritized and developed for the client to reach their fullest potential. Either way, this worksheet is an extremely effective tool to help clients have a greater understanding of their core beliefs in general.

Increase organization

Healthcare can be very complex at times, which is why we have created this worksheet to simplify your workload and help you stay on top of your business tasks. With this worksheet, you do not need to do any background research, you can simply integrate it from the get-go.

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Benefits of Core Beliefs Worksheet Template

There are numerous advantages to incorporating core belief worksheets within your practice, including the following:

Greater self-awareness

Evaluating core beliefs is an extremely effective way to develop a greater understanding when it comes to the underlying assumptions and perceptions that can shape a client’s worldview and idea of oneself. With this worksheet, clients can develop greater recognition when it comes to their values, and what motivates them in life. Many clients may not be aware of the core beliefs that mold their character, as well as what core beliefs are inhibiting their character from growing.

Negative belief elimination

As humans, we all hold varying beliefs, with some having a negative impact on our mental health more than others. This worksheet is a great place for clients to recognize and identify what beliefs may be specifically causing stress, or limiting potential. Answering the questions on this worksheet is a great way to guide clients through negative beliefs that should be rewired, as well as any other irrational or dishonest beliefs that do not reflect positive or healthy core values.

Higher problem-solving

One of the most important aspects of identifying core beliefs is that they can be implemented within treatment plans and coping strategies. Acknowledging what drives a person, as well as what motivates or encourages a person, is a highly intuitive way to develop effective emotion regulation and management that accounts for coping mechanisms. Clients can learn to overcome life challenges with greater resilience and work towards independence upon facing distressing or troubling life events.

Improved relationships

Core beliefs aren't exclusive to the beliefs that we hold about ourselves, rather, core beliefs extend to beliefs we hold about others. Many clients have strained relationships due to the long-held assumptions and feelings they harbor about others, and for many, this can be hard to let go of. Especially when core beliefs have been in development for many years at a time, they can be difficult to shake off. This worksheet brings such core beliefs to life and allows clients to recognize how their actions have consequences on others, and how relationships can be repaired before it is too late.

Higher engagement

Engagement is one of the core ingredients to success when it comes to therapy, as it means the client is on board with your advice and support and is willing to take the next steps to alleviate their mental health condition. These worksheets are a great way to induce a positive therapeutic process that encourages communication and feedback, so the client can work towards developing representative and positive beliefs without fear of judgment or scrutiny. The client can engage with you as a person and feel more relaxed to share their thoughts and feelings freely.

Commonly asked questions

How many core beliefs should be included in a core belief worksheet?

There is no one right answer to this, however, it is important that the client lists as many core beliefs as they see relevant to the issue at hand. Understandably, it is difficult to list all the core beliefs that a person holds within their mind - your session may last hours if that were the case! Rather, it is important that you work with the client to identify what core beliefs may be contributing to their character or stresses at hand, and what is particularly important to their treatment.

What is the difference between a values and a core belief worksheet?

Although closely related, values and core beliefs differ slightly. Value worksheets focus on the standards or qualities that a client feels are important to them. They can guide behaviors and provide robust frameworks for us to follow, such as the values of family and health. Core belief worksheets, on the other hand, are focused on deeply ingrained beliefs that can be more difficult to change. These beliefs can shape client attitudes and actions, and typically are more polarized in being either positive or negative. Core beliefs are more underlying, with core belief worksheets working to uncover them in greater detail.

How long does it take to complete a core belief worksheet?

Although this is a relative question, it should take a client around 30 minutes to complete the worksheet. Of course, every client is different, with some taking more time to evaluate each question, and so for those more ruminative clients, the worksheet may take up to an hour.

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How many core beliefs should be included in a core belief worksheet?
How many core beliefs should be included in a core belief worksheet?
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