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By Karina Jimenea on Jul 05, 2024.


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What is a One-On-One Coaching Template?

Are you a coach or someone just wanting to develop yourself and your career in the modern, fast-paced world? It might feel like an uphill battle, regardless of your side. Here's where a One-on-One Coaching Template can come in handy as a powerful tool for helping you reach your goals. But what is it, exactly?

Envision having your own personal success guide who is well-versed in your unique situation. This tool is created specifically for overcoming obstacles, making the most of your skills, and advancing towards your objectives. It's not a static framework but an adaptable guide tailored to your path.

It aims to provide a functional structure for private coaching sessions. Everything includes defining objectives, keeping tabs on development, and taking concrete measures. You can expect each coaching session to be tailored to your unique goals and challenges, thanks to the fluid nature of the framework. This tool can be adapted to fit the goals you set for yourself, professional or personal. It's not enough to set objectives; you must devise a method to keep you inspired and on track in the long run.

In the following sections, we'll go deeper into how to properly apply this template and provide ideas for maximizing the benefits of one-on-one coaching. Are you ready to go off on a path of personal development, advancement, and success?

How does it work?

The Printable One-On-One Coaching Template is an all-inclusive tool that helps clients, wellness coaches, and healthcare providers communicate more effectively and expedite the coaching process. To utilize and complete the form efficiently, follow these steps:

Step 1: Get the template 

Download the template. Because it is available in our resource library, Wellness Coaches and Clients can access it at their convenience. For healthcare professionals working in clinics and hospitals, the downloadable format makes things easier to use and more accessible.

Step 2: Complete client data

Open the template and enter the client's information in the relevant field. Verify the completeness and accuracy of all the information. This phase creates a basis for the coaching sessions that is unique to each individual. 

Step 3: Establish the session overview

For efficient planning, include the session specifics, including the date, time, and place. Online platform selection could be incorporated into virtual sessions. A clear session summary facilitates a targeted and successful coaching session.

Step 4: Navigate the coaching agenda

Follow the coaching agenda step-by-step. Start by reviewing the last goal, dealing with the issues that are now arising, and working together to create new objectives. This methodical approach ensures that important topics are covered by providing a session roadmap.

Step 5: Take part in discussion topics

Explore pertinent facets of the client's life as you delve into the pre-arranged discussion topics. Promote candid dialogue and active engagement to create a motivating atmosphere for achieving objectives.

Step 6: Document the action plan

Summarize the concrete measures that were decided upon during the discussion to close the session. Clearly state the roles and duties of the Wellness Coach and the Client and offer a workable plan for accomplishing the objectives.

Step 7: Coach's validation

The Wellness Coach validates the end of the session by signing the form after it is finished. For documentation purposes, include the name of the coach and the date. If you are a wellness coach, this is also the perfect time to ask for feedback from your client regarding your session.

One-On-One Coaching example (sample)

Check out our One-on-One Coaching Template PDF for guiding coaching sessions. This fictional example with Pearl Roe captures client information and session details and outlines a personalized agenda focusing on goal-setting challenges, and action plans. The structured format ensures a comprehensive and collaborative coaching approach.

Download this One-On-One Coaching Template example:

One-On-One Coaching example (sample)

When would you use this template?

The One-on-One Coaching Template is a handy tool for practitioners engaged in one-on-one coaching and mentoring. Professionals in mental health, career counseling, personal development, and life coaching can benefit. The following is a summary of circumstances in which this template comes in handy:

Life coaches

This template is your ally in making dreams come true. The systematic approach makes it easier to monitor results and modify plans as necessary.

Career counselors

This template can be used as a guide by career counselors who assist clients in developing their professional abilities or making career moves. It facilitates defining professional objectives, addressing obstacles, and creating detailed action plans.

Personal development coaches

Coaches focusing on personal development can use this template to lead sessions that delve into different aspects of their client's lives. It makes talking about difficulties, objectives, and methods for general well-being easier.

Professionals in mental health

Therapists and mental health professionals can use this form to incorporate behavioral modifications, coping strategies, and stress management into sessions. It offers a structure for resolving issues and encouraging healthy mental habits.

Leadership coaches

The template helps coaches who work with executives and leaders organize conversations about professional goal-setting, leadership issues, and effective decision-making techniques.

Personal wellness coaches

This template can be used by coaches focusing on holistic well-being to facilitate conversations on stress management, lifestyle modifications, and health-related objectives.

What do the results mean?

The outcomes of using the Free One-on-One Coaching Template function as a compass that directs the coach and the client toward significant personal development. Here are some of the results to look forward to:

Goal achievement and progress

Reached objectives indicate accomplishment, but continued development demonstrates the clients' and coaches' dedication and flexibility.

Challenges addressed and overcome

The success of the template is demonstrated when obstacles are recognized and effectively overcome. The outcomes highlight problem-solving abilities, resilience, and teamwork in overcoming challenges.

Enhanced self-awareness

Success is frequently correlated with increased self-awareness. Clients gain a deeper understanding of themselves as a result of gaining insights into their areas of strength, growth, and the consequences of their actions.

Enhanced communication

Notable advancements in communication styles demonstrate the potency of coaching tactics. Positive outcomes imply that the client is improving their ability to communicate needs, wants, and goals, which is enhancing their interpersonal skills.

Strengthened motivation and confidence

Notable increases in motivation and self-assurance indicate the effectiveness of the coaching process. The client's increasing self-confidence and sense of empowerment as a result of the coaching process are demonstrated by the results.

Good changes in well-being

Positive changes in one's physical, mental, and emotional states indicate that the coaching relationship has successfully encouraged a well-rounded and contented life.

Research & evidence

Coaching grew due to innovative people and a supportive culture. Its success came from the people, methods, and open-minded culture that supported it. Coaching reflects the premise of humanistic psychology that everyone is unique and has a unique approach. It encourages individuals to make choices and take responsibility for their future based on their values and goals (O'Connor & Lages, 2009).

A study conducted among university students studied the impact of coaching on personal development. It is part of a larger study on how university students understand personal progress. The findings show that the students believed that coaching sessions accelerated their growth, allowing them to apply what they learned sooner (Lancer & Eatough, 2020).

Indeed, coaching templates evolved as they shifted from a professional setting to personal improvement in many sectors. Technical tools for virtual coaching sessions and template customization for certain coaching niches have improved the resource's adaptability and accessibility.

Why use Carepatron as your One On One Coaching app?

With a smooth integration of the One-on-One Coaching Template software and app, Carepatron shines as the best center for life coaches and clients. We set a gold standard for security in the coaching area by prioritizing client confidentiality and maintaining efficient record-keeping while enhancing clinical documentation and offering safe, centralized data storage.

Practitioners may quickly gather client information and participate in individual or group goal-setting while following approaches supported by research thanks to the app's user-friendly interface and customizable template. By using Carepatron, you may make compassionate and well-informed decisions by joining a community committed to health and well-being and pooling collective understanding.

Ready to embark on an exciting coaching journey? Join Carepatron today and revolutionize your one-on-one coaching experience. Let's turn goals into victories. 

Make every coaching session a step toward a brighter, more empowered future!

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Lancer, N., & Eatough, V. (2020). One‐to‐one coaching as a catalyst for personal development. Coaching Researched, 231-252.

O'Connor, J., & Lages, A. (2009). How coaching works: The essential guide to the history and practice of effective coaching. A&C Black.

How do you Create a One-on-One Coaching template?
How do you Create a One-on-One Coaching template?

Commonly asked questions

How do you Create a One-on-One Coaching template?

Outline client information, session details, and specific sections such as goal setting, challenges, and action plans in a structured and customizable format.

When are One-on-One Coaching Templates used?

They are used during individual coaching sessions to provide a framework for goal-setting, discussing challenges, and developing action plans, ensuring a structured and focused coaching approach.

How are the One-on-One Coaching Templates used?

Coaches utilize these templates to guide discussions, track progress, and collaboratively plan actionable steps with clients, facilitating a dynamic and effective coaching process.

Who creates a One-on-One Coaching Template?

They are typically created by experienced coaches or practitioners in fields such as life coaching, career counseling, or personal development, tailoring the template to their specific coaching style and objectives.

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