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Dealing with a major loss can be incredibly distressing for clients. Make life more manageable and prioritize your patient first. Alleviate pain and work towards more positive outcomes with our grief therapy worksheets.

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What Is A Grief Therapy Worksheet?

Grief therapy worksheets can be used to help those cope with losses and major life events, as well as help clients to regain control of their life and day-to-day functioning. it's always difficult dealing with grief, especially as it encompasses a variety of emotions, and can look quite different for everyone. However, that is why we are here to help. With these grief therapy worksheets, you can provide high-quality support to clients and aid them in processing their thoughts and feelings to enhance their quality of life. Life can feel more doable, and easier to manage with the help of this supplementary tool. Although many think of grief in traditional terms, such as losing a loved one, grief extends far beyond this definition and can apply to any feelings of loss that a client is struggling to process. This may include relationship breakups, divorces, job redundancies, and much more. Regardless, you can work towards greater patient connections and higher clinical outcomes when it comes to alleviating patient pain.

Printable Grief Therapy Worksheets

Download these Grief Therapy Worksheets to improve your therapy outcomes and mental health journey.

How To Use This Grief Therapy Worksheet 

To help you get started, we've created some simple steps for you to follow when implementing these grief therapy worksheet templates.

Step 1: Download the worksheet

Even if you aren't technically inclined, these worksheets are super intuitive to use and can be downloaded instantly. All you have to do is just click the link on this page, and the worksheet will open automatically on your preferred device. It's free and only takes a few seconds.

Step 2: Hand out the grief therapy worksheet

Next, although self-explanatory, you will have to distribute the grief therapy worksheet to your patients to complete. It is up to you whether you complete this during your session, or if you assign it as homework for the client to complete in their own time. Some clients may prefer the privacy of their own space in order to process their feelings, especially when dealing with the distress and intense sadness that often accompanies grief. Regardless, it is important that you are patient with your clients, as grief therapy worksheets can be upsetting and emotional to work through.

Step 3: answer all questions and components

To get the most out of your grief therapy worksheets, it is recommended that the client completes all questions, prompts, and exercises in order to receive the most value. If clients need a break, then they are free to do so, if that helps them get through more of the worksheet.

Step 4: store the worksheet securely

Once the worksheet is complete, it is important that it is stored safely. Grief therapy worksheets contain highly sensitive information that should not get into the wrong hands. Prioritize your patient's confidentiality and their right to privacy by securing the document within a HIPAA-compliant database. This ensures that the information is safeguarded, and is at low risk from potential security breaches that often occur in healthcare.

Grief Therapy Worksheet Example (Sample)

If you would like to see an example of what a grief therapy worksheet looks like, then stop right here. We have created a grief therapy worksheet example, completed with fictitious information, in case you wish to see what a worksheet looks like in real time. Alternatively, we have also created a blank grief therapy worksheet for you to download and incorporate within your practice right away. You can view the level of quality and type of information needed for your own practice.

Download this Grief Therapy Example (Sample) here: 

Grief Therapy Worksheet Example (Sample)

Who Can Use these Printable Grief Therapy Worksheets (PDF)?

Naturally, grief therapy worksheets are utilized within grief therapy sessions and mental health care. This means that typically grief counselors and therapists will integrate these worksheets within their practice, however, the document is flexible. Quite simply, if you work with patients who struggle to process emotions following a major loss, then consider incorporating this worksheet within your practice. Mental health care is a very wide umbrella that encompasses a variety of professionals, so even if grief is not your specialization, you can also gain tremendous value from the results of these worksheets. To help you get started, we've collated a list of where these worksheets are most commonly found and utilized:

-   Grief counselors

-   Grief therapists

-   Psychologist

-   Psychiatrist

-   Life coaches

-   Counselors

-   Social workers

Why Is This Form Useful For Therapists?

There are various practical uses for grief therapy worksheets that you should take note of, including the following:

  • Regulate emotion processing - The main purpose of grief therapy worksheets is to regulate emotion processing and help clients acknowledge and work through the inner turmoil and anguish following major losses. With these worksheets, clients can work through their feelings to receive greater clarification when it comes to overcoming their mental health challenges.
  • Enhance organization - With these worksheets, you can also enhance organization across your practice. You can streamline business processes and create a more simplified workflow when it comes to managing worksheets and patient engagement with your session activities. Approach your clients with a more unified front, that isn't overwhelmed with the day-to-day comings and goings of your healthcare practice.
  • Save time - Not only this, but you can also save tremendous amounts of time within your practice. By incorporating this worksheet, you don't have to spend time planning specific activities, prompts, and questions that go into group therapy counseling and therapy. Instead, simply distribute the worksheets, and allow the format to do the magic.
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Benefits of Grief Therapy Worksheet Template

Grief therapy worksheets also have a multitude of benefits for those within the mental healthcare space. These include:

Provide a healthy emotional outlet

A lot of patients find that they don't know what to do with all of their grief. It can feel very overwhelming and all-encompassing, with these worksheets highlighting a way for clients to been their thoughts and feelings healthily and without taking it out on others. It doesn't a central component of grief therapy, and as a standard practice for good reason. Clients can write down anything they feel, and recognize that they are not alone and that there is a space for them to let their thoughts out.

Facilitate a safe space

These worksheets also facilitate a safe space for clients to express whatever is on their minds without any judgment. These worksheets do not have to be shared with you or any other individual, and instead, they can be treated as a tool for the clients to engage with material independently and for their own personal reflection. Many clients come from backgrounds that repress or limit their ability to voice how they feel, so it's important that as part of a welcoming environment, you provide the right tools to help them.

Produce helpful coping mechanisms

Evidently, incorporating grief therapy worksheets is also a really helpful way to promote healthy and positive coping mechanisms. Many clients simply don't realize the power of writing and journaling their thoughts, which is why these worksheets are helpful and simply told to solidify good coping mechanisms. Whenever clients are feeling overwhelmed or at a loss, they understand that putting pen to paper can illuminate valuable insights, as well as clarify thoughts and feelings.

Promote positive outlooks

Grief therapy worksheets are also excellent in promoting positive outlooks. Grief can act as a cloud that obscures reason and potential future pathways, which can make it difficult for clients to cope with how they are feeling. With these worksheets, clients can recognize their negative thought patterns and acknowledge ways to overcome them.

Greater client connections

To reduce grief successfully, one of the most effective ways is to connect with clients and make it known that they are not alone and that they have the right support and respect in front of them. Although you should only connect with clients on a professional level, this doesn't mean that you can't also be a shoulder for them to rely on at times. it is recommended that you work through the worksheets with your client during your session so they feel more comfortable and at ease when discussing upsetting topics. Clients shouldn't feel like a number, with these worksheets providing a great opportunity for you to lend a necessary ear.

Commonly asked questions

When should grief therapy worksheets be used?

Grief therapy worksheets can be used anytime during grief counseling appointments that can be assigned as homework tasks for the client to complete, or they can be completed during the appointment so you can better understand your clients’ thoughts and feelings. Regardless, they are used to promote healthy journaling-type behaviors and can help those who are struggling to reconcile their inner thoughts.

Are grief therapy worksheets just for instances of death?

No, grief therapy counseling worksheets can be used for any type of major loss. This is not exclusive to the death of a loved one, with these worksheets following a generalized format that is highly adaptable to the circumstance or situation that encompasses grief.

How personal should these worksheets be?

It is up to the client whether they disclose intensely personal information or not. Every client will be different when it comes to grief, and some may prefer to share information in the general sense, whereas others are more inclined to comment on every detail. Regardless of how the client chooses to share their thoughts and feelings, it is important that they are engaging with the material.

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