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Discover how a Coaching Business Plan can drive success in your coaching practice. Define the vision, identify the target audience, and strategize growth.

By Joshua Napilay on May 15, 2024.

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What is a Coaching Business Plan?

A coaching business plan is a comprehensive strategic blueprint that outlines the key goals, strategies, and tactics of a coaching business. This indispensable tool is crucial for anyone who intends to start or expand their coaching practice. The primary function of this plan is to serve as a detailed roadmap, directing the business toward its desired objectives while precisely delineating the steps required to achieve these goals.

The plan is typically divided into various sections, each focusing on a different aspect of the business. The first of these is the business description, which outlines the nature of the coaching practice, identifies the intended target audience, and articulates the unique value proposition that sets the business apart.

Next comes the market analysis. This involves an in-depth study of the potential clientele, a thorough examination of competitors, and a keen understanding of prevailing industry trends. This section provides valuable insights that inform the strategic direction of the coaching practice.

The organizational structure section provides a clear picture of the management hierarchy and staff roles, ensuring everyone understands their responsibilities and role in the larger business framework.

Following this is the product line or services section. This part describes the coaching services offered, helping potential clients understand what they stand to gain from engaging with the business.

The marketing and sales strategies section then outlines the comprehensive plans on how the business intends to attract, engage, and retain clients. This could include everything from digital marketing campaigns to referral programs.

The financial projections section estimates the business's income, expenditure, and profitability over a specific period. This vital component helps stakeholders understand the financial health and viability of the business.

Understanding and creating a coaching business plan can be a complex process, but luckily, resources like are available to guide you along the way.

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Printable Coaching Business Plan

Download this Coaching Business Plan to create a thorough and detailed plan.

How does it work?

A coaching business plan provides a clear and structured blueprint for your coaching practice. It helps you define your vision, identify your goals, and devise strategies. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use and fill out a coaching business plan:

Step 1: Executive Summary 

Start with an executive summary that provides an overview of your coaching business. This should include your business name, location, the services you offer, and your unique value proposition. Include keywords relevant to your business for SEO purposes.

Step 2: Business Description 

In this section, describe your coaching business in detail. Explain what type of coaching you provide (life coaching, business coaching, etc.), who your target audience is, and how your services will benefit them. Mention "Printable Coaching Business Plans" if your plan is intended to be printed and used offline.

Step 3: Market Analysis 

Carry out a market analysis to understand your competition and potential clients. Identify the needs and preferences of your target clients and how your services can meet these needs. Analyze your competitors and identify ways to differentiate your services.

Step 4: Organization Structure 

Outline the structure of your business. If you have employees, detail their roles and responsibilities. This step helps ensure everyone understands their part in your organization.

Step 5: Services 

Describe the coaching services you offer. Be clear and detailed so potential clients know exactly what they're getting.

Step 6: Marketing and Sales Strategies 

Devise a plan for attracting and retaining clients. This could involve social media marketing, content marketing, networking events, referral programs, etc.

Step 7: Financial Projections 

Finally, make financial projections for your coaching business. Estimate your income, expenses, and profitability over a specific period. This step is vital for understanding the financial viability of your business.

Coaching Business Plans Example (sample)

A coaching business plan is crucial for any aspiring or established coach. It outlines the blueprint for your coaching practice, detailing the strategies and tactics required to achieve your business objectives. Several examples of such plans can be found online in PDF format, providing a comprehensive view of a well-crafted coaching business plan.

For instance, a sample life coach business plan may include an executive summary, a detailed description of the business, market analysis, organizational structure, a list of services, marketing and sales strategies, and financial projections. Each section is meticulously laid out, offering a step-by-step guide to starting and growing a successful life coaching business.

A coaching business plan also often includes a SWOT analysis, outlining the business's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It may also detail the coaching service's unique selling proposition (USP) and pricing strategy.

Coaching Business Plans PDF can be downloaded, printed, and used as a reference or template for creating your business plan. They offer valuable insights into the intricacies of running a coaching business, making the process less daunting for newcomers and more streamlined for experienced coaches.

Download this Coaching Business Plan Example:

Coaching Business Plans Example (sample)

When would you use this Template?

The Coaching Business Plan template is an invaluable resource that can be used in various scenarios by different practitioners in the coaching industry. Its comprehensive structure and detailed sections make it appropriate for various uses. Here are some instances when you might find this template particularly useful:

  • Starting a New Coaching Business: If you're launching a new coaching practice, this template can serve as your roadmap. It helps you define your business vision, identify your target audience, map out your services, and create a marketing strategy. It also aids in financial planning and forecasting.
  • Expanding an Existing Business: For coaches looking to grow their existing businesses, this template can guide you through the process. It can help you assess your current position, identify growth opportunities, plan new services, and develop strategies for attracting more clients.
  • Securing Funding or Investment: A well-prepared Coaching Business Plan is essential if you're seeking funding from investors or applying for a business loan. It gives potential investors a clear picture of your business, its profitability, and its growth potential.
  • Re-evaluating Business Strategy: The business environment is dynamic, and things can change rapidly. If you need to reassess your business strategy due to changes in market trends, competition, or client needs, this template can help. It allows you to systematically evaluate each aspect of your business and devise new strategies accordingly.
  • Educational Purposes: For students studying business or coaching, this template can serve as a practical tool for understanding how a coaching business operates. It provides insights into the planning and strategic thinking of running a successful coaching practice.


Streamlines Your Vision 

A Coaching Business Plan template helps to streamline your vision and goals. It provides a structure that guides you in detailing your business's mission, vision, and objectives, making it easier to communicate what you aim to achieve.

Enhances Strategic Planning 

The template aids in strategic planning. With sections for market analysis, marketing strategies, and financial projections, it ensures that you consider all crucial aspects when planning for your coaching business.

Saves Time and Effort 

A free coaching business plan template saves you the time and effort of starting from scratch. The pre-defined sections make filling easy, allowing you to focus more on the content and less on the format.

Facilitates Funding Acquisition 

A well-prepared business plan is vital when seeking investment or applying for loans. The template helps you present your business professionally and organization, increasing your chances of securing funding.

Promotes Accountability and Evaluation 

You can set clear goals and objectives for your coaching business with a business plan. This promotes accountability and allows regular evaluation of your business's performance against set targets.

Encourages Comprehensive Market Analysis 

The template encourages a comprehensive market analysis, including understanding your competition and identifying your target audience. This analysis is critical for making informed business decisions and strategizing effectively

Why use Carepatron as your Coaching Business Plan app?

Carepatron stands out as a premier Coaching Business Plan app for several compelling reasons. As a platform designed with the needs of coaches in mind, it offers a broad range of features that streamline creating, managing, and implementing a strategic business plan.

  1. User-Friendly Interface: The interface of Carepatron is designed to be straightforward and intuitive, making it accessible to users of all levels of tech-savvy. The platform guides you through drafting your business plan with clear instructions and prompts, making it easy to input your information and develop a comprehensive strategy.
  2. Powerful Collaboration Tools: Carepatron's robust collaboration features set it apart from other Coaching Business Plan Software. These tools enable real-time collaboration, allowing multiple stakeholders to simultaneously contribute to the business plan. This feature benefits coaching businesses with teams or partnerships, ensuring everyone is aligned and working towards the same goals.
  3. Flexible Customization Options: With Carepatron, you're not confined to a one-size-fits-all template. The platform allows for extensive customization, enabling you to tailor your business plan to your coaching business's specific needs and goals. Whether you specialize in personal life coaching, corporate executive coaching, or health and wellness coaching, you can create a plan that accurately reflects your unique services and target market.
  4. Uncompromising Data Security: Carepatron places a high priority on data security. The platform employs stringent security measures to protect your business plan and any other sensitive data against unauthorized access and breaches. You can have peace of mind knowing your information is secure.
  5. Cloud-Based Accessibility: As a cloud-based platform, Carepatron allows you to access your business plan from any device, at any time, and from anywhere with an internet connection. This level of accessibility ensures you can work on your plan, review it, or share it with stakeholders whenever you need to.
  6. Seamless Integration: Carepatron integrates seamlessly with various other tools and platforms, enhancing your productivity by streamlining your workflow. Whether you need to pull data from another system or want to connect your calendar for better planning, Carepatron makes it possible.
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Who uses the Coaching Business Plan?
Who uses the Coaching Business Plan?

Commonly asked questions

Who uses the Coaching Business Plan?

Professional coaches across various fields, such as life, wellness, and executive coaching, primarily use a Coaching Business Plan. Additionally, partners, investors, and the executive team associated with a coaching business utilize this plan to gain clarity and focus on the business's vision, mission, and growth strategy.

When do you use the Coaching Business Plan?

A Coaching Business Plan is typically used at the startup phase of a coaching business to define its vision, mission, and strategy. However, it is also used during the expansion phase of the business, for regular business reviews, and when seeking investments or partnerships.

How is the Coaching Business Plan used?

The Coaching Business Plan serves as a comprehensive roadmap for a coaching business. It helps define the business vision, identify the target audience, map out services, craft a marketing strategy, and plan finances. Additionally, it provides a snapshot of the business today and lays out the growth plan for the next few years.

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