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Detect any respiratory problems before they escalate into emergencies. Conduct the assessment and record your results on our respiratory assessment template.

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What is a Respiratory Assessment?

A is an examination of a patient’s thorax and lungs to check for any respiratory problems before they worsen. Aside from that, practitioners can also use a respiratory assessment to examine an in-patient’s status and to look for indications that will aid them when formulating the next steps for treatment.

Just like any other clinical examinations, the respiratory assessments will ask the practitioner-in-charge to do the following:

  • Check the patient’s medical history
  • Ask questions to know more about the patient’s current condition
  • Inspection, palpation, percussion, and auscultation of the concerned areas

The flow and content of a respiratory assessment depend on the patient’s age and, if applicable, prior diagnoses. However, generally, the practitioner does the following during a respiratory assessment:

  • Ask questions to know more about the patient’s condition
  • Check vital signs like respiration rate, pulse, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation
  • Observe the patient’s position and level of consciousness
  • Inspect the patient’s skin color, breathing pattern, breathing level, presence of clubbing, presence of labored breathing, and breath and voice sounds
  • Check the results of a sputum culture if needed
  • Do auscultation, palpation, and percussion of the chest

Suppose you’re the practitioner-in-charge conducting this assessment and believe you will benefit from having a document you can use as a reference, guide, or document to record results. In that case, we have the template just for you. To obtain a copy, proceed to the section below. It has step-by-step instructions on downloading and using our respiratory assessment template.

Printable Respiratory Assessments

Download this Respiratory Assessments to detect respiratory problems in your clients.

How does it work?

Step One. Download the Template

Access and download a copy of our printable respiratory assessment template by: 

  • Clicking the “Use this Template” or “Download this Template” button above.
  • Searching for “Respiratory Assessment” in Carepatron’s template library on our website or app.

Step Two. Prepare the Equipment and Patient 

Before conducting the test, it’s encouraged that you do the following:

  • Confirm the patient ID and ask them to fill out the necessary information on the document
  • Explain how you will conduct the test
  • Ensure you obtain their consent
  • Prepare a stethoscope
  • Ask pre-test questions written on the template
  • Obtain or gather information on the patient’s medical history

Step Three. Conduct the Tests

After doing your pre-test preparations, you may conduct the test by following the flow provided in the first section of this guide or on the template. 

Step Three. Record Results and Proceed with Next Steps

After every step, it’s recommended that you write down the results immediately after every test. If you observe anything that should be examined further, let your patient know before you diagnose or formulate a treatment plan. 

Respiratory Assessment Example (Sample)

Check out our example of a filled-out respiratory assessment PDF template. This will give you an idea of how this assessment may look when completed. 

For an offline copy you can use as a reference in the future, click the sample below or click the “Download Example PDF” button above.

Download this Respiratory Assessments Example (Sample) here:

Respiratory Assessment Example (Sample)

When would you use this Template?

Medical health practitioners can use our downloadable respiratory assessment template when doing a head-to-toe assessment wherein it’s time to examine the patient’s chest and thorax. Aside from that, a practitioner may also utilize the template when they have to check an outpatient who has respiratory problems or an in-patient who has to keep an eye on the patient’s respiratory post-treatment, surgery, or medication. 

You can use our respiratory examination template to look for a more comprehensive test that checks for a patient’s respiratory distress or possible lung disease. 


Early Recognition

Our template ensures you check all the areas involving the thorax and lungs. That way, you can easily recognize the symptoms before other physical exams or imaging tests. 

Quick Assessment Tool

Save time and effort remembering the step-by-step instructions on how to conduct a respiratory assessment. With a template you can use as a guide, you can streamline the testing process and, within a few minutes, have results to use as a basis for discharge or request for further examination. 

Written Copies of Results

Now that you have a document to record the results, there’s less chance of your forgetting your observations. 

Digitally Accessible 

Since our free respiratory assessment is digitally editable and downloadable, you can access it on any local PDF editor on your device. Alternatively, for efficiency reasons, you can edit, store, and provide access to relevant parties on Carepatron. 

Research & Evidence

Like other clinical examinations, a few studies prove the usefulness of a respiratory assessment template. However, upon seeing checklists and documents of instructions on conducting a respiratory assessment, one can safely say that practitioners benefit from having one as a guide, reference, or document where you can write results. If you decide to use it, it will ultimately depend on how you will make the most of our template to benefit you.

Commonly asked questions

Who uses Respiratory Assessments?

Nurses and pulmonologists are most like to use and benefit from our respiratory assessment template.

When do you use Respiratory Assessments?

You can use the respiratory assessment template while conducting a head-to-toe assessment on your patient or checking your in-patient recovering from surgery, medication, etc.

How is Respiratory Assessment used?

How you use it is dependent on you. You can use it as a guide, reference, or document to record your results.

Why use Carepatron as your Respiratory Assessment app?

Beyond being an app where you can obtain a guide and template for a respiratory assessment, Carepatron is also a leading practice management software with the means and tools to automate administrative tasks and streamline clinical processes.

You'll find more than a respiratory assessment template editor when you download Carepatron’s software on your desktop or iOs/Android mobile devices. In fact, on Carepatron, you’ll find the following:

  • Over 700 editable, downloadable, and printable PDF templates of medical documents like tests, assessments, and surveys
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  • A secure HIPAA-compliant EHR for all your digital notes and clients’ medical records
  • Integration with your existing calendars for ease of scheduling and video call solutions for teleconsultation
  • An automated payment system you can set up for your client

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Who uses Respiratory Assessments?
Who uses Respiratory Assessments?
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Patricia Buenaventura
Patricia Buenaventura

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