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Looking for a better way to get an in-depth look at your patient's health? Download our free medical survey to get started. This free survey can help you begin understanding your patient's health and provide more accurate advice.

By Priya Singh on Jul 15, 2024.


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What Is A Medical Survey?

A is a comprehensive questionnaire healthcare professionals use to assess the overall health of their patients. This type of survey is designed to help diagnose illnesses and determine current or potential health risks. It’s also used to uncover underlying issues affecting a patient's well-being.

The survey usually contains questions about a patient’s medical history, lifestyle habits, and risk factors. It aims to gain a comprehensive understanding of the patient’s health and provide more accurate advice.

Through medical surveys, individuals can better understand their overall health and make more informed decisions about their treatment and care.

How To Use This Medical Survey

A medical survey gives a clear picture of a patient's overall well-being. We've made a pre-designed template to simplify the process for you and your patient. Here's how you can use our template:

Step One: Download the medical survey

Access the free medical survey using the link on this page. You can also download it from the Carepatron app or our resources library.

Step Two: Discuss the survey with your patient

Explain the purpose of the survey and why it's important for their health. Discuss any questions they might have about completing the survey.

Step Three: Patient completes the survey

This template is created to be easy to administer and answer, allowing your patient to complete it independently. Similarly, you can use these steps to assist your patient in answering the survey:

  • Fill out the form. Write your name, date of birth, sex, and other relevant information.
  • The form outlines a set of symptoms that may indicate the presence of a medical condition. For each symptom, rate your level of concern using the following scale: Low, Medium, or High.
  • Use the description/remark column to explain your symptom further. This will help your doctor make a more informed diagnosis.

Step Four: Assess survey results

Review your patient's responses to assess any potential health risks. Jot down any notes or recommendations for follow-up.

Step Five: Refer patient for further care

If necessary, refer your patient to a specialist for more in-depth analysis. This could include an X-ray, MRI, or other medical tests.

Step Six: Secure the medical survey form

Because this form contains confidential patient information, make sure to store it in a secure place.

When Would You Typically Use A Medical Survey?

Medical surveys are most commonly used to evaluate a patient's health, diagnose illnesses and uncover underlying health risks. They’re also helpful in tracking a patient's progress over time.

Medical surveys can be used at any stage of diagnosis, including in the initial stages or when assessing a patient for a particular condition. You can also use this to:

Monitor symptoms

A medical survey can help determine if a patient's symptoms are progressing or worsening. This can help you adjust your treatment plan accordingly.

Evaluate the effectiveness of treatments

You can use a medical survey to evaluate how successful your treatment is. This allows you to compare the patient's initial symptoms with their current medical condition.

Detect risk factors for particular conditions or diseases

Medical surveys can also be used to uncover any potential risk factors for specific conditions or illnesses. This can help you provide more targeted treatment.

Identify potential lifestyle changes that can improve overall well-being

A medical survey can help you identify any lifestyle changes your patient should make to improve their health, including anything from dietary changes to incorporating more physical activity into their daily routine.

Who Can Use this Printable Medical Survey?

This printable medical survey is designed to be used by any healthcare professional, from primary care doctors and nurses to specialists. It's also great for:

  • Primary care doctors
  • Nurses
  • Specialists
  • General practitioners
  • Occupational therapists
  • Physical therapists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Counselors

However, note that this is a general form for assessing a patient's overall health. If you're looking for something more specific, it may be worth exploring other medical surveys designed for a particular condition or illness.

Why Is This Survey Popular With General Practitioners?

This medical survey is popular with general practitioners because of its comprehensive nature. Here are other reasons why general practitioners widely use this form:

It's easy to administer

The survey is intuitive and straightforward. You can quickly assess your patient's overall health with just a few questions.

It's comprehensive

The survey covers vital assessment areas, from physical to mental health and lifestyle. You'll be able to get a more detailed understanding of your patient's overall health.

It's efficient

The survey helps you quickly identify any underlying health risks or problems that need addressing.

It's highly versatile

Because this survey lets you assess a patient's overall health, you can use it in various settings. It's not limited to one particular condition or illness, so it's ideal for primary care doctors or specialists.

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Benefits Of Free Medical Survey Template

The free printable medical survey template is an effective and straightforward way to assess a patient's health. Here are some of the benefits you'll get when you use this template:

It eliminates the need to create your own survey

The medical survey template takes the guesswork out of creating your own survey. It saves you time, money, and the hassle of designing an assessment from scratch.

It's easy to use

The medical survey template is intuitive and easy to understand. It's designed to be user-friendly, so you won't need any special skills to administer it.

It's fully digital

The survey template is available in PDF format, so you can easily share it digitally with your patients. You can also print it out if you prefer.

It allows patients to voice out any concerns

This survey gives patients an easy way to explain their symptoms in detail. This is especially useful if your patient has difficulty expressing their feelings or describing how they're feeling.

When to use a Medical Survey?
When to use a Medical Survey?

Commonly asked questions

When to use a Medical Survey?

A medical survey should be used whenever you need to assess a patient's overall health. It can be used to diagnose illnesses and diseases, identify potential lifestyle changes, and assess a patient's mental health.

Why are Medical Surveys helpful?

Medical surveys are helpful because they give healthcare professionals a comprehensive overview of a patient’s health.

Who typically has access to Medical Survey data?

Typically, only healthcare professionals administering the survey can access the data. However, depending on the type of medical survey, patients may also be able to access their survey results.

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