Inventory of Complicated Grief

Download a free Inventory of Complicated Grief PDF template and example. Learn more about this scale for measuring complicated grief.

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Inventory of Complicated Grief PDF Example
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What is the Inventory of Complicated Grief Scale?

Grief, a natural response to loss or bereavement, encompasses a complex emotional state. It involves profound sadness, longing, and sorrow as individuals navigate through the void left by the absence of what once was. This intricate emotional journey often includes feelings of emptiness, disbelief, and even anger, as individuals grapple with the reality of their loss. While grief is a deeply personal experience, it is a testament to the depth of human connection and the impact that others have on our lives.

The (ICG) was developed to assess the intensity and complexity of an individual's grief. It is a 19-item self-report measure that evaluates the strength of one's bereavement experience. Each item is scored using a 5-point scale, ranging from 0 (never) to 4 (always). Scores of 0-2 are considered “endurable,” and 3-4 are deemed “intolerable.”

The ICG was designed to be reliable and valid in assessing grief intensity, complexity, and duration. It is a useful tool for psychologists and grief counselors, providing insight into the needs of those struggling with complicated grief. The scale can also be used to measure personal growth in bereavement by providing an objective measurement over time to determine a prolonged grief disorder.

Printable Inventory of Complicated Grief

Download this Inventory of Complicated Grief to help clients manage their emotions.

How does it work?

Our downloadable Inventory of Complicated Grief Scale template can help you assess your client's complicated grief tendencies. Follow these steps to begin:

Step One: Access the template

Download the free Inventory of Complicated Grief Scale template from the provided link. You can also access it through the Carepatron app or our resource library.

Step Two: Explain the scale

Introduce the ICG to your client and discuss its functioning. Address any queries they may have before proceeding.

Step Three: Complete the assessment

Ask your client to respond to the scale's items, indicating how each statement aligns with their emotions and experiences related to complicated grief.

Step Four: Interpret the outcomes

After completing the assessment, interpret the results to grasp your client's complicated grief tendencies. Higher scores may indicate a more profound level of complicated grief.

Step Five: Discuss the findings

Review the outcomes with your client and address any questions they may have. It is essential to discuss the results in a therapeutic and compassionate way, providing emotional support as needed.

Inventory of Complicated Grief Scale scoring and interpretation

The Inventory of Complicated Grief is a comprehensive assessment tool consisting of 19 items. These items are designed to evaluate the intensity of complicated grief experienced by individuals. Each item is scored on a 5-point Likert Scale, ranging from zero (indicating "never") to four (representing "always").

The total score on the scale can range from 0 to 74, providing a quantitative measure of complicated grief. Generally, scores of 25 or lower indicate lower levels of complicated grief, while scores exceeding 25 suggest more pathological grief.

However, it's important to note that the Inventory of Complicated Grief is a qualitative tool. It's crucial to supplement the scale's scoring system with a thorough analysis of individual items, as this may provide further insight into complicated grief experiences and their severity. 

Additionally, scores should be viewed with other clinical indicators to gain the most accurate picture of an individual's unique circumstances and needs. This includes the possibility of post-traumatic stress disorder, major depressive disorder, anxiety disorders, and physical health functioning.

Inventory of Complicated Grief Scale example (sample)

To illustrate this template's functionality, we've crafted a PDF sample of the Inventory of Complicated Grief Scale. This example serves as a reference for your professional practice or educational endeavors. You can view or download the sample PDF here.

Download the free Inventory of Complicated Grief Scale Example (Sample):

Inventory of Complicated Grief Scale Example (Sample)

When can you use this template?

The Inventory of Complicated Grief template is valuable for assessing bereavement related depression in individuals. You can use this tool to gain deeper insights into your client's grief levels. Additionally, you can administer this tool to:

Determine the intensity of grief-related emotions

You can use the free Inventory of Complicated Grief template to help measure the intensity of grief-related emotions and measure maladaptive symptoms that may be associated. This can be especially helpful in cases where clients struggle to verbalize or even identify their feelings.

Identify potential areas of intervention

The ICG can also function as a guide for therapeutic intervention. By highlighting the areas of grief that are particularly intense or prolonged, the tool can help you identify potential focuses for therapy. This could lead to more targeted and effective treatment strategies. Individuals bereaved may also struggle with long term functional impairments, so utilizing this Inventory can assist mental health practitioners in elevating suicide risk.

Track progress over time

You can also use this template to track a client's progress. Regular administration of the assessment can provide tangible evidence of improvement or signal a need for changes in the treatment approach. These insights can be integral in shaping a client's therapeutic journey.

Facilitate communication about emotions

The Inventory of Complicated Grief can help facilitate a more open conversation about grief and emotions. It provides a comfortable structure for clients to express their feelings without fearing judgment. This can be a significant step in starting the healing process and fostering emotional resilience.

Drive research

For researchers studying the effects of grief, this tool can be invaluable. It can provide a standardized scale to compare different demographics or learn the impact of various interventions, contributing to a deeper understanding of grief and its multi-faceted nature.

Benefits of the free Inventory of Complicated Grief Scale Template

Here are the benefits of using Carepatron's free Inventory of Complicated Grief Scale template:

It's easy to use

The template is designed to be user-friendly. It is simple and intuitive, ensuring that you and your client can fill it out easily. The Inventory of complicated grief scale is an easily administered assessment that allows practitioners to identify certain symptoms of a prolonged grief disorder.

It's extremely accessible

The template is accessible anywhere, anytime, making it easy for clients to complete at their convenience. This is particularly beneficial for those who cannot attend in-person sessions or for those who may live with anxiety disorders. The Inventory of Complicated Grief Scale can also support other self report scales.

It's comprehensive

The Inventory of Complicated Grief evaluates a broad range of grief experiences, providing a comprehensive view of your client's emotional state. This can help guide the therapeutic process and inform potential interventions.

It facilitates better client understanding

By tracking progress over time, clients can gain a more accurate understanding of their own emotional journey. This can empower them to take an active role in their healing process whilst tackling a persistent complex bereavement disorder.

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Who uses the Inventory of Complicated Grief Scale?
Who uses the Inventory of Complicated Grief Scale?

Commonly asked questions

Who uses the Inventory of Complicated Grief Scale?

Various mental health professionals, such as psychiatrists and psychologists, use the Inventory of Complicated Grief Scale. It can also be used by other practitioners qualified to diagnose and treat complicated grief, such as social workers and counselors.

When is the Inventory of Complicated Grief Scale used?

The Inventory of Complicated Grief Scale is typically used when a mental health professional suspects their patient may be experiencing prolonged or complicated grief. By using the scales, professionals can measure and monitor the intensity of a person's reaction to loss to determine if further assessment is necessary.

How is the Inventory of Complicated Grief Scale utilized?

The Inventory of Complicated Grief Scale involves individuals rating themselves based on various statements, resulting in a numerical score reflecting their complicated grief level. The scale provides a structured approach to evaluating grief tendencies.

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