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What is a Performance Improvement Plan?

A Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) is a formal document managers use to outline areas of an employee's work that require enhancement. It provides a structured way for managers to communicate with their employees about underperformance and develop strategies for improvement.

The typically includes specific goals that the employee should strive to achieve, a timeframe for realizing these goals, the support and resources the organization can provide, and the consequences of failing to meet the outlined expectations. This plan is not meant to be punitive but rather serves as a tool for guiding the employee toward improved productivity and engagement.

PIP is designed to foster clarity and understanding between the manager and employee, ultimately aiming to boost the overall performance of the team and organization.

Printable Performance Improvement Plan

Download this Performance Improvement Plan to guaranteed improved performance.

How does it work?

Carepatron offers a free, printable Performance Improvement Plan with sections for issues, expectations, resources, and more. Follow these steps to get started:

Step One: Download the template

Access the Performance Improvement Plan using the provided link or through the Carepatron app. Alternatively, you can find it in our resources library.

Step Two: Plan your performance improvement program

Use the template to document the areas that require improvement. Be sure to include specific goals, measurable outcomes, steps for achieving them, and a timeline for completion.

Step Three: Have an honest conversation with your team member

Set up a meeting with the employee to discuss the PIP. This is an opportunity to explain why this plan has been created, review what needs improvement, and establish the resources they may need.

Step Three: Monitor progress

Regularly check in with the employee to ensure they stay on track and meet their goals. Refine the plan if needed, and provide any additional training or support.

Step Four: Evaluate results

At the end of the timeline, assess your Performance Improvement Plan’s effectiveness in improving performance. Document any changes in performance and successes achieved, which will benefit future planning.

Performance Improvement Plan Example (sample)

We have created a Performance Improvement Plan PDF example to help you understand how this template works and how it can streamline your performance management process. You can use this as inspiration when completing your own. View the sample here or download it as a PDF.

Download the free Performance Improvement Plan Example (sample)

Performance Improvement Plan Example (sample)

When to use the Performance Improvement Plan Template?

The Performance Improvement Plan template is perfect for planning, structuring, and tracking your team member's progress. Similarly, you can use our free template to:

Define specific goals with measurable outcomes

You can use our Performance Improvement Plan template to define and measure the outcomes of specific goals you need from your team member. Outline small, achievable goals to help them improve their performance.

Set timelines for completion

Once you have outlined the goals they need to meet, use our Performance Improvement Plan template to create a timeline for when these goals should be accomplished. This can ensure that expectations are clear and deadlines are met.

Track progress and measure results

Our Performance Improvement Plan template lets you track your team member's progress. This helps you identify any potential issues or unforeseen problems so that they can be addressed early on. Additionally, it will help measure the results of their efforts at the end of the timeline.

Benefits of the free Performance Improvement Plan Template

Here are some advantages of using Carepatron's free Performance Improvement Plan Template:

It's pre-made and easy to use

Our free Performance Improvement Plan template is pre-made and easy to use. All you need to do is fill out the necessary information, so there's no need to start from scratch.

It's fully digital

This template is digital so you can access and manage it from any device. It also makes it easy to share with your team or anyone else involved in the process.

It's customizable

You can customize this template to fit your specific needs and preferences. You can add, delete, or adjust any sections to make it work for you.

It promotes accountability

This template helps promote accountability among your team members by providing clear expectations and deadlines for completing their goals. This way, everyone is held responsible for meeting their goals and expectations.

It helps identify problems early on

The Performance Improvement Plan template helps you track progress and measure results. It allows you to identify any potential issues or problems before they become a major issue.

It helps create structure and accountability

The Performance Improvement Plan Template helps create structure and accountability for your team members, ensuring they meet their goals within the given timeline.

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Commonly asked questions

Who can benefit from using the Performance Improvement Plan?

Managers can benefit from using the Performance Improvement Plan. It helps promote accountability and structure, which can help managers better manage their team. It also helps identify problems early on before they become a major issue.

When should I use the Performance Improvement Plan?

The Performance Improvement Plan should be used for every performance improvement session you conduct.

How is the Performance Improvement Plan used?

The Performance Improvement Plan serves as a guide for managers and team members to follow. It helps lay out expectations, goals, and timelines for each performance improvement session. It also helps promote accountability among team members by providing clear deadlines and expectations for completing their goals.

Who can benefit from using the Performance Improvement Plan?
Who can benefit from using the Performance Improvement Plan?
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Ericka Pingol
Ericka Pingol

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