Tattoo Pain Charts

Give this tattoo pain chart to help your patient decide where to get their tattoo and determine if their post-tattoo pain is due to an adverse reaction.

By Patricia Buenaventura on Jul 15, 2024.


Fact Checked by Ericka Pingol.

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What is a Tattoo Pain Chart?

A is a diagram from head to toe, colored and labeled according to the pain intensity to expect if one gets a tattoo on a particular body area. Commonly, there are two pain charts, one for a biological woman and another for a biological man.

Though commonly used by clients planning to get a tattoo, medical professionals can use our take on the tattoo pain chart. Based on their expertise, they will find it helpful when the client asks where to get a tattoo and write notes if their client comes back, post-tattoo appointment, with pain that may indicate an infection.

Without further ado, if you want a copy of our tattoo pain chart, keep reading for instructions on downloading our template, when to use it, and its benefits.

How To Use the Tattoo Pain Chart

Step One. Access and Download the Template

Access and download a digital and printable copy of the “Tattoo Pain Charts” template by doing either of the following:

Step Two. Talk to or Examine the Patient

A patient may visit either before or after their tattoo appointment. In either scenario, you may use the template to either advise before they get a tattoo or write down the patient’s symptoms and your observations upon examination in the space provided below.

Step Three. Fill Out the Template

Make the most out of the template using the space at the bottom. Your client can write down your tattoo location recommendation below so they don’t forget, or you can write down examination results of the patient’s skin should they express concerns about a possible infection.

Step Four. Securely Store the Template

Don’t forget to securely store the template in a secure location or on Carepatron for access by relevant parties, especially if the notes section has sensitive information on the patient.

Step Five. Proceed with the Next Steps

Proceeding with the following steps may be wishing your patient well during their tattoo appointment or prescribing a treatment plan if they have an infection.

When Would You Use This Form?

This template is designed to be used by both the client and medical professionals who specialize in skin, like a dermatologist. In case you need ideas of the situations or circumstances when to use our template, we’ve provided a list of samples below:

  • When your patient needs advice on whether or not to get a tattoo and where to place it based on your suggestions
  • When your patient expresses concerns of prolonged pain post-tattoo appointment due to an MRI burn or infection

However, note that multiple factors in play may affect the patient's experience getting a tattoo. So, even if the diagram does state that the patient may experience extreme or little/no pain in a particular area, it still depends on their pain tolerance, experience, sex, tattoo design, etc.


Easy to Use and Understand

The template only has two sections - the diagram and the notes - and no instructions. This makes it easier to use and understand because it’s ultimately up to the client/practitioner how they will make the most out of the template.

Evaluate if Your Patient Can Get a Tattoo

As a practitioner, you are among the best people to determine whether or not a patient must get a tattoo based on their pain tolerance, medical history, etc. You can use the template as a visual aid when explaining.


Because of its simplicity, the template can be used by the client and referring physician in multiple ways. It’s truly up to the user’s creativity to utilize the template.

Easily Accessible

Our free tattoo pain chart is portable and easily accessible on a PDf editor on any gadget you have on hand. So, wherever you are, you can refer to the diagram or notes and create your notes.

Who typically uses Tattoo Pain Charts?
Who typically uses Tattoo Pain Charts?

Commonly asked questions

Who typically uses Tattoo Pain Charts?

Clients planning to get a tattoo and medical practitioners specializing in caring for one’s skin, such as a dermatologist, can use our tattoo pain chart.

When are Tattoo Pain Charts used?

The tattoo pain chart can be used while deciding where to have the tattoo placed or after during the dermatologist’s examination.

How can the Tattoo Pain Chart help a person?

It can help a person determine where they can most likely ask for their tattoo to be placed based on their pain tolerance and can be used to determine if the pain the patient feels is natural or signs of an infection or MRI burn.

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