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What Is A Six Minute Walk Test?

Six Minute Walk Test or 6MWT is designed to measure the distance that an individual can walk in a span of six minutes. This assessment tool is used to observe the exercise tolerance or fitness of the examinee. This is intended to reveal any conditions in various systems. It may, for example, provide more information about the tester's pulmonary and cardiovascular systems, physical fitness, circulatory system, nerve and muscle units, metabolic health, and peripheral circulation.

6MWT is a low-risk medical exam. While the test is being performed, medical assistance is readily available.

6MWT must be performed with an observer and indoors, along a long, level, enclosed hallway on a firm surface with little traffic. If the weather permits, the evaluation may take place outside. The walking path must be at least 30 meters long. 

As a result, a 100-foot hallway is required. Markers should be placed every 3 meters along the corridor's length. It is recommended to use a cone to mark the turnaround points (such as an orange traffic cone). Each 60-meter lap should begin with a starting line marked on the floor with contrastingly colored tape.

The following may be required to conduct the assessment: 

  • Stopwatch
  • Measuring instrument (meters)
  • A 30-meter hallway with little traffic
  • Two cones to indicate the distance to be traveled or any markings

Optional equipment:

  • Heart rate and SpO2 are measured using a pulse oximeter 
  • Borg Scale of Breathlessness

Printable Six Minute Walk Test

Download this Six Minute Walk Test and assess the fitness level of your clients.

How To Use This Six Minute Walk Test? 

Step One: Download the Template

You can save the free PDF template to your device or access it from the Carepatron template library, which gives you more design and content options.

Step Two: Gather Patient Data & Vitals

Record the necessary patient information for identification. Then begin taking vital signs and recording them on the template for a quick assessment of the patient's overall health.

Step Three: Fill out the form

Document all the data from the observation. Ensure that the information is accurate based on the assessment conducted. 

Step Four: Secure the data

Once everything has been properly recorded, you should keep this document organized and secure. Treat this document with care and professionalism due to the patient's confidentiality and the importance of the information contained within it.

Six Minute Walk Test Example (Sample)

This Free Six Minute Walk Test Sample will help understand the form and how to properly record all the information in administrating the examination. Feel free to download this 6MWT Template in PDF to see how accessible and easy to use this document is. All sections are clickable and ready for you to start recording the information of the examinee. 

Download this Six Minute Walk Test Example (Sample) here:

Six Minute Walk Test Example (Sample)

When Would You Typically Use This Six Minute Walk Test?

There are various ailments that the 6MWT help in assessing an individual’s condition. Initially, this test was to measure or screen the heart and lung condition of the examinees. Over time, doctors use this test to examine more conditions like the following:

  • Arthritis
  • Stroke Rehabilitation 
  • Spine Injury 
  • Joint Conditions/Injuries
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Pain Management 
  • Neurologic Rehabilitation

The 6MWT has also been used to detect changes in exercise tolerance following interventions in healthy older adults as well as people with rheumatic conditions such as knee or hip osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. The 6MWT has been used in the treatment of a number of other conditions, including heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and stroke. It has also been used to forecast hospitalizations and deaths.

Who Can Use these Printable Six Minute Walk Tests?

This Six Minute Walk Test serves a lot of healthcare professionals because of the variety of purposes which evolves over time. Primarily, this assessment was for practitioners who specialize in Heart and Lung conditions to measure the functionality and tolerance in an individual.

Since it has evolved into a tool for Physical Therapy and Fitness, it serves all other professionals too. Although there is a wide use for this tool, it can only be used by specialists who have been medically trained as the sections would need expertise in measuring particular vitals and in the utilization of medical equipment.

The listed professionals below are the potentials users of this test:

  • Physical Therapists 
  • Physiotherapists
  • Recreational Physical Therapists
  • General Health Practitioners
  • Physicians
  • Sports or Fitness Clinicians 
  • Cardiologists
  • Pulmonologists

Why Is This Assessment Popular With Physical Therapists?

In the past, Physical Therapists would conduct several methods for objectively assessing functional exercise capacity. Some of these methods provide a comprehensive assessment of all systems involved in exercise performance (high tech), whereas others provide basic information but are low tech and easier to perform.

The modality that is employed must be determined by the clinical question to be addressed as well as the available resources. One of the most common modalities is the Six Minute Walk Test (6MWT) is a common outcome measurement tool used in physical therapy to determine basic exercise endurance and functional fitness. 

Here are the common reasons why Physical Therapists would opt for 6MWT:

  • To aid in goal-setting
  • As a method of providing motivation
  • To aid in treatment planning
  • To provide an outlook on the specific condition
  • To provide support for treatment
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Commonly asked questions

What is the risk of conducting the Six Minute Walk Test?

The Six Minute Walk Test is a low-risk clinical evaluation. While the assessment is being conducted, Medical help is readily available.

Is it allowed to assist the patient being assessed with 6MWT?

Assistive devices are permitted, however, they have to be recorded. If a patient needs help, only the bare minimal help needed for them to finish the task should be given. Nonetheless, the level of assistance recorded should reflect the most significant amount of assistance offered during the test.

What is the main instruction for conducting Six Minute Walk Test?

Follow this standardized instruction when conducting the six Minute Walk Test:

The goal of this exam is to walk as far as you can for six minutes. In this hallway, you will circle around several times. You'll be working out because six minutes is a long time to stroll. You'll likely grow fatigued or run out of breath. You may slow down, stop, and rest as needed. You may rest by leaning against the wall, but begin moving again as soon as you are able. You will be circling the cones by walking back and forth. You should quickly turn around the cones and immediately go back the opposite way. I'll demonstrate it to you right now. Please see how I quickly turn.”

Benefits Of Free Six-Minute Walk Test

Develops Robust Functional Outcome Measurement 

Numerous more metrics may be used by your physical therapist to evaluate your physical treatment progress. Your strength and range of motion are measured. Furthermore, posture and balance can be evaluated. Functional outcome measurements, however, are equally crucial for monitoring your physical therapy progress.

Improves Monitoring Process

Any workout that tests your body's capacity for sustained movement and exercise will help you do better on the 6MWT. And of all of these, walking is probably the greatest option. Why? As the 6MWT requires walking, increasing your walking tolerance through training will probably help you perform better on the test.

Accessible Instrument 

This template is made to be very easy to use. It helps increase the time in focusing on the actual progress of the patient than researching how to reproduce a 6MWT Test or create one manually. 


One of Carepatron’s aims is to make medical or clinical documentation accessible and free of charge. This template can be downloaded for free, making it easier for healthcare practitioners to deliver quality care services to patients in need.

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What is the risk of conducting the Six Minute Walk Test?
What is the risk of conducting the Six Minute Walk Test?
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