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Provide your patients with well-formatted and structured medical examination reports using our versatile template suited to various medical examinations.

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Medical Examination Report (MER) PDF Example
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What is a Medical Examination Report?

A Medical Examination Report is a document filled out by a certified medical examiner after conducting a physical examination on an individual. This report contains details about the individual's health and any existing medical conditions.

The form used for this report is the Medical Examination Report Form. A certified medical examiner must complete this form to issue a medical or medical examiner's certificate.

These reports are an essential part of the process for individuals who require medical examinations, such as commercial drivers or pilots. The completed form indicates that the individual has undergone a thorough medical examination and is fit to perform their duties.

The medical examination usually involves height, weight, blood pressure, vision, and hearing tests. The certified medical examiner may also ask about the individual's medical history and conduct a physical examination.

Once the report is completed, it becomes part of the individual's medical record. The certified medical examiner is responsible for ensuring that all information on the form is accurate and up-to-date.

The most common use for a Medical Examination Report is for commercial drivers with a valid medical card to operate a commercial vehicle. This card is issued after a successful medical examination and must be renewed periodically.

Printable Medical Examination Reports

Download these medical examination report templates to improve your client's outcomes and medical journey.

How to use the Medical Examination Report template

If you want to save time and standardize your medical examination report writing process, look no further. This medical examination report template is easy to use; follow these simple steps. Step 1. Download the Template

The first step is to download the template from the link provided on this page. Once downloaded, you can print it out and fill it in by hand, but we recommend keeping it digital for security and sharing purposes.

Step 2. Fill in the patient information

Fill in the patient information at the top of the form, including their first and last names, date of birth, and the date of the medical examination.

Step 3. Complete the medical examination report

The template is divided into several sections: medical history, radiology, testing, and physical examination. There are also spaces for you to add additional test results and notes throughout the template. Fill in these sections carefully after you conduct the relevant part of the medical examination. 

Step 4. Sign, distribute, and store

The last step is to sign the form, distribute copies to the needed people, and store the record securely. Ensure you are authorized to distribute copies to anyone other than your patient before you do so, and if not, leave it to your patient to do this part of the distribution.

Medical Examination Report example (sample)

To understand this template, look at our example medication examination report below. This example includes a chest x-ray screening for tuberculosis and routing hearing and vision tests. You can also download this example as a PDF if you prefer.

Download this Medical Examination Report Example (Sample) here: 

Medical Examination Report Example (Sample)

Who can use this printable Medical Examination Report PDF?

This medical examination report template is designed to take the pressure off physicians conducting a medical examination by structuring and formatting a comprehensive examination report ready for you to use. The doctors who can benefit from incorporating this template into their practice include:

  • Primary care doctors
  • Travel and Tropical Medicine Specialists
  • Panel Physicians for a country's immigration department
  • Designated civil surgeons
  • Family doctors.

Additionally, any physician who sees patients with heavy vehicle licenses or who work in aviation may find these patients require periodic medical examinations for their employment or when getting a driver's license. As such, many physicians can benefit from familiarizing themselves with the medical examination report process.

Why is this form useful for practitioners?

This form can be useful for various medical practitioners in carrying out their annual medical examination reports. Here are just some of the ways this template can help improve your medical examination reports

Improve report readability

Medical examination reports are often meant to be shared with third parties such as employers, so ensuring they are easily readable is essential for meeting your patient's expectations of this report. Our medical examination report template helps provide information that can be quickly found by another medical professional or someone not from a medical background.

Save time on formatting

Another hand use for our medical examination report template is to save you time formatting your reports. All the formatting has been done for you, and the content needs to be added to this template.

Benefits of Medical Examination Report

Space to add notes or additional results

Different patients may have additional requirements for their medical examination reports. For example, a patient seeking a medical examination report to renew their pilot's license may require extra vision and neurological tests. Similarly, immigration medical examination reports may need a chest x-ray or specific lab tests. Luckily, we have kept our medical examination report template flexible enough for you to add whatever extra results your patient requires.

Improve your practice's organization

A standardized PDF template for your medical examination reports is a great way to improve your practice's overall organization. Additionally, if every practitioner at a clinic uses the same template, you can improve the continuity of care between practitioners at your practice for your patients.

Standardize your medical examinations

Ensure you are checking off the same items for every patient you see using our medical examination report template. This can improve your time management, saving you time searching for multiple forms, and offer your patients a standardized report they can then provide to their employer, immigration application, or keep for their personal use.

Provide evidence of medical examination results

Speaking of sharing the medical examination results, our template serves as extraordinary evidence to third parties that the medical examination was conducted on the specified date with the named patient. Falsifying medical examination reports are expected, so help your patient build their case for employment or immigration purposes with our comprehensive medical examination report template.

Keep your reports digital

Another benefit of this template is that it can be downloaded, filled in, stored, and sent digitally. Fill in the interactive checkboxes and text boxes in the PDF once downloaded. This information must be sent and stored securely, as with any medical record.

Why use Carepatron as your Medical Examination Report app?

Medical examination reports contain information sensitive to your client. Therefore, the secure storage of the document is crucial. Your patient may also request you share copies of the report with another organization, which can lead to even more administrative work- all of which needs to be conducted securely. While this might sound like a headache, Carepatron makes all these tasks easy.

Carepatron is a state-of-the-art practice management software suite designed to save you time on administration work and streamline the organization of your practice. You can rest assured your confidential medical records are secure in our HIPAA-compliant, digitally encrypted data storage/

Access this template and hundreds of others from Carepatron's community template library, use our AI-powered dictation software to fill them out in record time, and distribute them to your patients using our dedicated Carepatron client portal. You can schedule video conferences or automate SMS or email reminders to reduce no-show appointments. Carepatron can elevate your practice in many ways, so why not find out why 10,000+ practitioners have chosen Carepatron?

How often should a Medical Examination Report be updated?
How often should a Medical Examination Report be updated?

Commonly asked questions

How often should a Medical Examination Report be updated?

A Medical Examination Report should be updated every two years for most individuals, like commercial drivers. However, the renewal frequency can change depending on the individual's health conditions and the specific requirements set by regulatory bodies.

What happens if there are errors in the Medical Examination Report form?

If errors are identified in the Medical Examination Report form, contacting the certified medical examiner's office immediately is crucial to correct them. Accurate documentation is essential to ensure the individual's health information is correctly represented, and the medical certificate or card is valid.

Can patients obtain a copy of my Medical Examination Report Form?

Individuals can obtain a copy of their completed Medical Examination Report or DOT medical card from certified medical examiners. After the examination, they can request a copy directly from their certified medical examiner's office.

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