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Learn how to manage your time better and determine which of your tasks to prioritize with our free Eisenhower Matrix template.

By Patricia Buenaventura on Apr 08, 2024.

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What is an Eisenhower Matrix?

The is a decision-making tool that aids professionals in sorting and organizingtasks according to importance and urgency. Using an Eisenhower Matrix aims to free up a professional’s time and increase productivity toward their goals.

The Eisenhower Matrix looks like a box divided into four quadrants. Each of the quadrants represents a combination of importance, urgency, or lack of either. These quadrants are where you place your tasks after you make a distinction of whether or not it’s urgent or important.

So you know which quadrant carries which combination, we’ve listed it for you below:

  • Quadrant 1 (DO): Important and urgent
  • Quadrant 2 (SCHEDULE): Important but not urgent
  • Quadrant 3 (DELEGATE): Urgent but not important
  • Quadrant 4 (DELETE): Not urgent and not important tasks

Based on research findings, it is recommended that professionals allocate the majority of their time and effort to tasks falling within quadrant 2, closely followed by those in quadrant 1. Ideally, tasks falling within quadrant 3 or 4 should be either delegated to others or eliminated altogether.

Mot professionals can use this tool, but medical professionals, especially nurses, will benefit from using the Eisenhower Matrix the most.

If you think this matrix can help you organize your tasks and maximize your productivity, you can grab and use our Eisenhower Matrix template. Keep reading for more information on accessing and downloading a copy for yourself.

Printable Eisenhower Matrix Template

Download this Eisenhower Matrix Template and learn how to manage time better.

How does it work?

Step One. Access the Template

Access and download a copy of our printable Eisenhower Matrix template by doing either of the following:

  • Clicking the “Download Template” or “Use Template” button above
  • Searching “Eisenhower Matrix” in Carepatron’s template library in our app or website

Step Two. List Tasks

List down all the tasks you can think of at the beginning of your day. You are free to add ones that suddenly come in during the day during breaks. 

Step Three. Organize Tasks 

Once you have a list, it’s time to organize them and place them in the appropriate quadrant. To help you out, here’s a quick guide to help you decide which quadrant will house which tsk on your list:

  • Q1 (DO): These are tasks that need immediate attention and must be done first. For example, a patient who is crashing or having a seizure. 
  • Q2 (SCHEDULE): These are tasks that don’t have a deadline but can help you achieve a long-term goal, not necessarily related to work. For example, going on a weekly date with your partner, doing meditation/yoga, or cooking for your family. Do note that in some cases, tasks placed in this quadrant, if left undone for too long, may become urgent. 
  • Q3 (DELEGATE): These are tasks that usually interrupt tasks in Q1 and Q2.. These tasks are best delegated to others, especially if you have a lot on your plate. 
  • Q4 (DELETE): These tasks are neither important nor urgent and must be removed from your to-do list. 

Step Four. Reflect and Evaluate

Reflect and evaluate which tasks under which quadrant you’ve dedicated most of your time and effort at the end of your day.

Step Five. Strategize

Ideally, most of your time and effort must be devoted to accomplishing tasks in Q2. If you feel like you’ve spent more time in the other quadrants, it’s best to formulate strategies to minimize or avoid having tasks placed in those quadrants.

Step Six. Recycle or Start Anew

If you find the tool effective, you may either recycle your template by deleting or erasing the existing or completed tasks or start anew and store your filled-out worksheet in a secure location. 

Eisenhower Matrix Example (sample)

Here’s our example of a filled-out Eisenhower Matrix PDF template featuring a fictional medical practitioner, specifically a nurse. You can use our sample as a reference or for educational purposes when recommending it to co-workers. 

Grab a copy of our template for offline use by clicking the sample below or the “Download Example PDF” button above. 

Download this Eisenhower Matrix Template Example:

Eisenhower Matrix Example (sample)

When would you use this Template?

You can use the Eisenhower Matrix whenever you deem it necessary. Specifically, you can use this tool when:

  • You’re spending your day “putting out fires,” but you have tasks you want or have to complete
  • You feel busy, but your accomplished tasks don’t seem to make a huge difference
  • You feel stagnant in your progress towards your long term goals because you’re out of time and energy to work on them within the day
  • You have a hard time saying no or delegating tasks


New Perspective on Things

ou can use the matrix as a tool to sift through your tasks and categorize them accordingly. By doing so, you gain clarity on the importance and urgency of each task, enabling you to make informed decisions on how to prioritize and allocate your time and resources effectively.


Juggling several tasks at once can be paralyzing. With our Eisenhower Matrix, you can decide which tasks to delete, delegate, work on immediately. This process can make you feel empowered and in control of your responsibilities for the day. 

Positive Habit Forming

By utilizing our template, you can refrain from taking on unnecessary tasks and avoid giving in to distractions. Instead, you will develop positive habits that will prove beneficial in both the short and long term.

Fully Digital and Accessible 

Our free Eisenhower Matrix is entirely digital and accessible on any gadget you have. You can fill it out on your local PDF editors or right on Carepatron even when you’re on the go or in a rush. 

Why use Carepatron as your Eisenhower Matrix app?

Medical practitioners utilize the Carepatron app not only for editing their Eisenhower Matrix but also for enhancing the overall efficiency of their practice. You can join the ranks of these practitioners and experience the benefits firsthand!

With Carepatron, you can access handy features to help you  streamline clinical processes and automate administrative tasks.

Download the Carepatron app on your desktop or mobile device, and on it, you can:

Control your Schedule: 

  • Have your patients request appointments independently. 
  • Integrate your work calendar with our calendar. 
  • Send automated reminders to your clients via email and SMS. 

Manage Clinical Documents: 

  • Download over 700 PDF templates of medical documents you can edit on Carepatron or your local PDF editor. 
  • Scan or upload personal documents or other documents not found in our library. 
  • Create notes at the tip of your fingertips. 
  • Store them in a HIPAA-compliant EHR. 

Handle Online Payments:

  • Automate invoice creation
  • Process payments in minutes
  • Use automated reminders

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Who uses the Eisenhower Matrix?
Who uses the Eisenhower Matrix?

Commonly asked questions

Who uses the Eisenhower Matrix?

Medical practitioners can use the Eisenhower Matrix to better manage their time. Life coaches and therapists can also recommend the Eisenhower Matrix to clients who may need them.

When do you use the Eisenhower Matrix?

You may use the Eisenhower Matrix whenever you deem it necessary. However, it’s recommended that you use it at the beginning of your day.

How is the Eisenhower Matrix used?

You use it by filling it up and prioritizing which tasks to do with the quadrants in mind.

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