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Monitor the intensity of your patient’s physical activity with the Borg Scale Test. Click here to download a free template and guide.

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What is a Borg RPE Scale? 

The Borg Rating of Perceived Exertion Scale or Borg RPE Scale is a tool used by practitioners and patients to check and rate a physical activity’s intensity. The original version of the test has a list of numbers ranging from 6 to 20, wherein the higher the number, the more exertion is felt by the patient. Exertion here is based on the patient’s increased breathing, heart rate, sweating, and muscle fatigue. Usually, practitioners can ask their patients to conduct the test by themselves and calculate the estimated actual heart rate by multiplying the number they rate by 10. 

If you’re a practitioner and think that this scale is useful for your practice, we encourage you to take advantage and utilize the template we have prepared to help you out. On it, you can find space where you or your patient can input the following information:

  • Basic details such as the examination date, patient’s name, and examiner’s name if the patient won’t be writing down the results on their own
  • Patient’s results
  • Estimate of the actual heart rate
  • Additional notes

Think you want a copy of our template? Then, head to the next section for a step-by-step on how to download and use the template.

Printable Borg RPE Scale

Download this Borg RPE Scale to monitor the intensity of your patient’s physical activity.

How does this Borg Scale work?
Step One. Access the Template 

To access and download our template, do either of the following: 

  • Click the “Use this template” or “Download Template” button above
  • Search for “Borg Scale” in Carepatron’s template library on our app or website

Step Two. Conduct the Test

Once you have your hands on a template, you can give it to your patient to fill out or fill it out yourself. If your patient will be the one who will answer the test, instruct them to write down the basic information such as the exam date and their name, tick the checkbox that matches the exertion they felt, and calculate the estimate of their actual heart rate.

Step Three. Interpret the Results

As for interpretation, in some cases, the patient may come to their own conclusions until they decide if they need to go harder or easy on themselves. However, for anything else, interpretation must be left to the practitioner in charge. 


There are two parts to the scoring for the Borg Scale. 

The first part, which is the scale, to get a score, the patient or the practitioner simply has to tick the checkbox that matches the exertion felt. In the second part, the estimate of the actual heart rate, to get a score, one simply has to multiply the number obtained in the first part by 10. 

Borg Scale Example (Sample)

Here’s an example of a filled-out Borg Scale template. Feel free to use the sample to gain insight into how this assessment may look completed. 

Want a copy you can use as a reference in the future? Click the sample below or the “Download Example PDF” button above. 

Download this Borg RPE Scale Example (Sample) here:

Borg Scale Example (Sample)

When to use this Borg Assessment?

Practitioners can use the Borg Assessment when:

  • They want to check the effectiveness of medications a patient takes for their heart
  • They want to compare the growth or need for intervention of patients undergoing rehabilitation
  • They want to look out for patients, especially athletes who are doing body conditioning for endurance or stamina

Who are these Borg Scale PDF for?

The test and template are for practitioners who may consider it a helpful tool in their practice. More specifically, here’s a list of practitioners and professionals who will benefit from having a PDF copy of the Borg Scale on hand at all times:

  • Sports medicine physician
  • Physical therapists
  • Cardiologists
  • Athletic trainers
  • Physiatrists
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Commonly asked questions

Who created the Borg RPE Scale?

The creator and developer of the Borg RPE Scale is Gunnar Borg.

How to score the Borg Test?

Scoring the Borg Test is as simple as ticking the checkbox equivalent to the exertion felt. Afterward, one can take the corresponding RPE number of the exertion and multiply it by 10 to get the estimate of the actual heart rate if needed.

How to perform the Borg Scale?

To perform the Borg Scale, one has to simply do the exercise activity planned and then score.

For more comprehensive directions on how to do the test and use the template, you may refer to the “How Does this Borg Scale work?” section above.

Benefits of Free Borg Scale Test

Quick, Inexpensive, and Accessible 

The Borg Scale is a quick, inexpensive, and accessible test a practitioner can give to patients to check their heart rate while they’re doing their physical activities and they’re not wearing a smartwatch or can’t find a heart monitor nearby. 

Establish Baselines for Comparison 

Practitioners can use this test to establish baselines to check the effectiveness of blood pressure or heart medication since the patient can check both the level of exertion and heart rate using the test. Furthermore, practitioners can ask the patient to utilize the test and template to help them develop a clinical impression or diagnosis when the patient expresses concerns related to their heart. 

Tracks Progress or Changes

A benefit that goes hand in hand with the benefit above is that you can use our template multiple times to track progress or changes to see if the treatment is effective. 


In some instances, especially if the patient utilizes the test for their endurance or overall health, knowing your body’s capabilities and limits can be empowering. The patient can decide how hard they can go to hit their fitness goals without hurting themselves in the process. 

Fully Digital 

Our template is fully digital, meaning you can edit and access it on any gadget anytime, anywhere. Even better, if you’re a practitioner who decides to store this document on Carepatron, you can limit viewing access to relevant parties only. 

Why use this Borg Scale app?

Beyond being an application where you can get a free template and guide for the Borg Scale, Carepatron is also a leading practice management software where you can discover means and tools that’ll help you automate administrative tasks and streamline business and clinical processes. By getting these out of the way as efficiently as possible, most of your time, effort, and focus will go toward patient care. 

Download our application on your desktop or Android/iOs mobile device, and you’ll have access to the following tools and resources for free:

  • Over 300 digitally editable, downloadable, and printable templates available in PDF form of forms, surveys, tests, assessments, and other medical documents. You can even make your own right on your dashboard. 
  • A HIPAA-compliant secure EHR where you can store all your client’s medical records and digital notes
  • Multiple scheduling and telehealth software
  • An automated payment system you can set up for your client

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Who created the Borg RPE Scale?
Who created the Borg RPE Scale?
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Patricia Buenaventura
Patricia Buenaventura

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