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Check out our therapy group worksheets to incorporate within your group therapy sessions. Designed to adapt to various therapeutic purposes, you can ensure higher engagement and more meaningful connections between participants.

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What Is A Therapy Group Worksheet?

A therapy group worksheet is used for group therapy sessions between at least 5 to 15 participants and is distributed to each group member to enable higher engagement. With therapy group worksheets, patients have a place to write down their thoughts, feelings, experiences, and questions, as well as a place to reflect on group exercises. In group therapy sessions, it is likely you will encounter clients who don't feel comfortable speaking within large social contexts or have difficulties participating in exercises. Therapy group worksheets are a great way to onboard clients and ensure that they are aware of group rules and that they are actively participating, even if not voicing their thoughts aloud frequently. With these worksheets, you can incorporate any group exercise you wish, as they are designed for flexibility and adaptability.

Printable Therapy Group Worksheets

Download these Therapy Group Worksheets to improve your client's treatment outcomes and therapy experience.

How To Use This Worksheet For Therapy Group

To ensure that you're incorporating therapy group worksheets correctly, we've created these simple steps for you to follow. They are intuitive, even if therapy group worksheet examples are not familiar within your practice.

Step 1: Download the therapy group worksheet

Although this may seem self-explanatory, we would like to preface that you can download therapy group worksheets for free and instantly on this page. Simply click the link, and our high-quality templates will open automatically on your preferred PDF reader device. From there you can print them out to distribute to your patients, or you can forward them electronically.

Step 2: Distribute to your clients

The next step is to distribute the worksheets to each participant in your group therapy session. They're designed for the client to complete, and it is up to them whether they keep the worksheets or hand them back to you to be stored. The worksheets act as supplementary tools for your sessions, so it is important that they are distributed before you begin.

Step 3: Safely store the worksheets

Naturally, these therapy worksheets contain highly sensitive and private information that clients may not wish to share with others beyond the therapy group. As a result, it is important that you store these securely within a HIPAA-compliant database that safeguards client information at all times. You can reduce security risks, and have full confidence that your client information is in safe hands.

Therapy Group Worksheet Example (Sample)

If you would like to witness what a therapy group worksheet looks like in action, then look no further. We've created a high-quality therapy group worksheet example, as well as a blank template for you to immediately incorporate within your practice. The example is a fictitious case but showcases the level of quality and description that may be involved when completing these worksheets. All you have to do is click the links on our page.

Download this Therapy Group Example (Sample) here: 

Therapy Group Worksheet Example (Sample)

Who Can Use this Printable Therapy Group Worksheet (PDF)?

Therapy group sessions are used across a multitude of mental health specializations, meaning that a range of professionals and practitioners can incorporate them within their services. They follow a generalized format, that is highly adaptable, meaning that if you work with groups of individuals to focus on a common purpose, with the goal of alleviating psychological, social, and well-being issues, then you can almost certainly benefit from utilizing them. These worksheets are designed to be used with teenagers and adults mainly, however, they can be adapted to children. Regardless of the years of experience, you have under your belt, or how large your organization is, simply, if you facilitate sessions with at least 5 participants, then you've come to the right place. A list of some practitioners who can use therapy group worksheets includes the following:

  1. Psychologists
  2. Therapists
  3. Psychotherapists
  4. Counselors
  5. Social workers
  6. Child psychologists
  7. Family psychologists
  8. Substance abuse counselors
  9. Addiction counselors

Why Is This Form Useful For Therapists

Therapy group worksheets have numerous uses for therapists, including the following:

Reduces administrative work

The great thing about therapy group worksheets is that they cover all essential bases, whilst leaving room for you to adapt according to your needs. You don't have to spend extra hours planning the worksheet, and all you have to do is simply print the number of copies that correlate to the number of clients you are saying. No extensive preparation is needed, which is always a bonus.

Enhances organization

Utilizing group therapy worksheets is a great way to stay on top of your workload. We know that healthcare can get pretty full on at times, which is why we've designed these worksheets to alleviate much of the stress involved with group therapy. The worksheets cover essential basis, including group rules to facilitate smoother sessions, as well as space for thought exercises. 

Simplifies workload

Naturally, incorporating therapy group worksheets that reduce the amount of administration required, means that you can also have a simpler workload. Streamline your business processes, and make sure that you're working efficiently by having these worksheets on hand whenever you may need them.

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Benefits of Therapy Group Worksheet

Of course, there are also many benefits to integrating therapy group worksheets with the new practice that transcend basic practical uses. Consider the following advantages:

Save time

One of the greatest benefits of incorporating therapy group worksheets is that they are on hand and ready to go anytime you need them. You don't have to spend copious hours drafting and rearranging worksheets, with the hard yards already completed for you. Even if you would like to expand on sections of our template, you are completely free to do so. Reduce time, and cut unnecessary corners without compromising on quality.

Provides a personal space

The worksheets encompass plenty of spaces for clients to write whatever thoughts and feelings come to mind, and there is no obligation for the client to share this with the group or with you. Like a journal, these group worksheets provide an area for clients to express their inner thoughts and feelings without judgment, and allow for a sanctuary of sorts, even in a group setting.

Fosters higher engagement

As mentioned, these worksheets are used as a complementary tool to supplement your group therapy practices. You can schedule time during your session for clients to write down answers to exercises, or to simply jot down their thoughts, which allows for higher engagement across the group. Even if a client is not participating verbally, they can still receive value from the session through partaking in the worksheet. Connection and community are the core elements of group therapy sessions, and engagement paves a certifiable pathway to ensure that your clients are taking on board others’ experiences and advice.

Facilitates meaningful connections

Parts of the group therapy worksheet do require clients to share their thoughts and feelings and regards to others, and how they are finding the group therapy session interactions. This encourages all participants to reflect and partake in conversations with others, which is a great starting place to formulate a support network. This is super important in group therapy, as recovery and progress are often reliant on the people that clients surround themselves with.

Higher therapeutic outcomes

As a result, incorporating these therapy group worksheets is a great way to promote higher therapeutic outcomes. With increased engagement, community, connections, and valuable insights, it is likely that clients will receive immense value and support from this session, which all contribute towards higher and faster recovery rates. The worksheet holds clients accountable for any goals they may have, which also allows for meaningful discussion points during follow-up one-on-one appointments.

Commonly asked questions

When to use a Therapy Group Worksheet?

A therapy group worksheet is used every time you lead a group therapy session with around 5 to 15 participants. They can be used throughout the whole session as a place for clients to jot down any thoughts they may have, as well as a place to establish group rules, and partake in exercises that may require pen and paper. It is up to you whether they are used to guide the session, or as a more complementary aspect.

Who completes a Therapy Group Worksheet?

Therapy group worksheets are completed by the clients partaking in the group therapy session. Each client should have their own worksheet, and should not read each other's workings unless they have permission. This is because group therapy worksheets contain highly sensitive information that many wish to hold privately. As the group therapy leader, you do not need to write group therapy worksheets.

What is the difference between a Group vs. family therapy worksheet?

Group therapy and family therapy worksheets are similar in that they are distributed to all members of the group, and provide a place for members to jot down any thoughts, feelings, and questions they may have. However, group therapy worksheets are more general and can be adapted to focus on specific topics at hand, such as depression, substance abuse et cetera. This differs immensely from family therapy worksheets which may involve specific instructions for particular family members. Group therapy worksheets also may involve more reflections on life at home and relationships with specific people.

Why Use Carepatron For Therapy Group Worksheet Software?

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Therapy Group Worksheet Software
When to use a Therapy Group Worksheet?
When to use a Therapy Group Worksheet?
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