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Utilize our Massage Intake Form template to improve accuracy, efficiency, and organization during a massage session.

By Emma Hainsworth on Jul 05, 2024.


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What is a Massage Intake Form?

A Massage Intake Form is a document to gather information about a new patient. This information, including their medical history, is needed to ensure the massage therapist has a comprehensive insight into the patient's health condition and can respond appropriately to their care needs.

Although the specific content of a Massage Intake Form will depend on the relevant practice, most of them cover information regarding the patient's personal details, health history, and what they are looking to achieve by receiving massage therapy.

To help ensure that the intake process is as seamless as possible, we've designed an intuitive and comprehensive form for your massage therapy practice. You can distribute these forms to new patients before their first session. The necessary information collected can then be stored in a secure and accessible way to ensure that therapists effectively use it to deliver the best quality of care possible.

How to use this Massage Intake Form

It is very simple to use our intake form within your massage therapy business to provide potential clients with the information they need. Follow these steps to maximize the use of the Massage Intake Form template.

Step 1: Download the template

Naturally, the first thing you need to do is download the template. A little further down this page, there's a link to the PDF version. Click on it to be directed to the template. From here, you can edit the form immediately or download it onto your computer, which you can access later. 

Step 2: Distribute to patients

The next thing you need to do is give your potential clients the massage client intake form. Whenever you have a new client, you should provide them with a copy of the template to fill out. Whether they complete the form before their appointment day or when they come into the practice for their first session is entirely up to you, as long as it gets done before the appointment.

Step 3: Store the form

After the patient returns the completed intake form, you need to upload it to your practice's system. This information helps ensure the massage therapist is well-informed and can make the appropriate clinical decisions immediately. 

Massage Intake Form example (sample)

Sometimes, the best way to understand how to use a new tool is to see it in action. We've created a sample Massage Intake Form with each section completed according to a fictional new patient. Although the note's specific details will vary, this sample should give you an insight into how the template functions. 

Download this Massage Intake Form example here: 

Massage Intake Form example (sample)

Who can use this printable Massage Intake Form (PDF)?

The Massage Intake Form we have designed is tailored explicitly toward potential clients and patients receiving services at your practice for the first time. The intake process is essential since it helps keep healthcare practices compliant by providing the information required to deliver high-quality care services. Additionally, intake processes inform businesses of insurance information, allowing them to verify providers and get reimbursed faster.

In terms of the specific kinds of massage therapy that this intake form applies to, we've ensured that it can be used by anyone, including therapists who have the following specializations:

  • Deep tissue massage therapy
  • Sports massage therapy
  • Shiatsu massage therapy
  • Hot stone massage therapy
  • Pregnancy massage therapy
  • Swedish massage therapy

At the end of the day, this intake form will apply to the task if you request new patient information.

Why is this form useful for massage therapists?

Massage therapists, especially those who treat multiple patients, often lead very busy lives. For a tool to be effective in their professional work, it needs to have multiple daily uses, which our intake form does:

  • Organization: Using this Massage Therapy Intake form is guaranteed to improve the organization of your business. You can store the form online or print it out and keep it somewhere accessible. The information on the form has already been structured and formatted for you, and you have to give it to your patients, who will fill it out accordingly.
  • Accuracy: Given that we have already created these Massage Therapy Intake Forms and have ensured that they contain all relevant information, you can rest assured that all your patient data will be accurate. When obtaining patient information, including their medical history, this data is used to inform clinical decisions, so it must be correct.
  • Saves time: Last but not least, our intake form template will save you time. You no longer have to worry about formatting these forms or conducting lengthy intake interviews, as the template already does this for you.

Remember to emphasize to your clients the importance of letting you know changes in their details to ensure efficient communication.

Why use Carepatron as your patient record software?

If you are in a massage therapy practice looking to improve its intake process, check out Carepatron's patient record software. We have developed a system that streamlines various clinical and administrative processes, including intake, allowing practices to save countless hours.

In addition to offering intake form templates, Carepatron has various workflow and patient engagement tools. These help boost care transparency and establish effective communication between patients and providers. Further, clinical documentation is also made easier so you can easily document patient details using our SOAP notes templates.

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Why are Massage Intake Forms important?
Why are Massage Intake Forms important?

Commonly asked questions

Why are Massage Intake Forms important?

Massage Intake Forms are necessary because they provide the massage therapist with all the information required to address and treat their patient's needs appropriately.

How do you fill out this Massage Intake Form?

You have a couple of options for patients completing this intake form. You can send them a link to the PDF template online, which they can edit directly and return to you. Alternatively, you can print physical copies and distribute them to patients when necessary. Although both options are perfectly fine, we recommend using online versions. This will streamline the process by allowing you to have the data in your system before the session and access these records quickly and easily.

Where do you store intake forms?

After a patient has returned a completed intake form to you, you need to store it securely. Similarly to how patients choose to complete the form, you can decide how to store it. Once again, we definitely recommend storing intake forms online. Using an EHR or other system will ensure that the data has adequate safeguards in place, guaranteeing your patients' privacy.

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