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Learn the importance of physical exams for daycare. Download a free Daycare Physical Form to document a child's health records.

By Ericka Pingol on Apr 08, 2024.

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What is a daycare physical examination?

A physical examination for daycare is required for all children before they can attend daycare or other types of childcare facilities. This exam ensures that the child is healthy and does not pose a risk to other children in the daycare setting.

A pediatrician or other licensed healthcare professional typically conducts a daycare physical examination. It involves thoroughly checking the child's overall health, including their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Typically, a physical form for daycare is used to document the examination results and must be completed and signed by the healthcare professional conducting the exam. This form is crucial for the daycare facility and the child's parents or legal guardians, as it proves that the child can attend daycare.

Printable Daycare Physical Form

Download the Daycare Physical Form to record the child's physical examination results.

What is a Daycare Physical Form?

As mentioned, this template is a document used to record the child's physical examination results for daycare. It typically includes sections for the child's personal information, medical history, immunization records, and any notes or recommendations from the healthcare professional conducting the exam.

The form may also include a section for parents or legal guardians to fill out, providing consent for their child to participate in daycare activities and authorizing the facility to seek medical treatment if necessary.

How does our Daycare Physical Form template work?

Our free template is a user-friendly form for daycare that you can use to conduct daycare physical examinations efficiently and effectively. Follow these steps to get started:

Step 1: Access the template

Get a copy of the free form using the link on this page or via the Carepatron app. You can also download it from our resources library.

Step 2: Print or use the digital form

You can print out hard copies of the form or use it electronically on your computer or tablet. Either way, make sure that all relevant fields are filled in accurately.

Step 3: Use the template to document information

Record the child's personal and medical information and any relevant history or previous health concerns. You can also document the results of physical examinations, including height, weight, vision, and hearing tests.

Step 4: Include recommendations or referrals

If any issues are identified during the examination, include recommendations for treatment or follow-up consultations. This will ensure that any potential health concerns are addressed promptly.

Step 5: Store and update the form as needed

Keep a record of the completed form for each child in your care and update it as necessary. This will help track any changes or progress over time.

Daycare Physical Form example

We have designed a sample completed form to serve as a reference to guide you in filling out the template. Use this as a visual aid when completing your forms to ensure all necessary information is included.

Download our free Daycare Physical Form template example here:

Daycare Physical Form example

When do you need to use a physical form for daycare?

Here are several scenarios where you need to provide a physical form for daycare:

  • When enrolling a child in a new daycare facility: Most daycare centers require a completed physical form before admitting a new child to ensure they are in good health and not at risk of spreading any illnesses.
  • Before the start of each school year: Many daycares have an annual requirement for updated physical forms, as children's health can change over time.
  • For emergency situations: Keeping a current and comprehensive physical form on file can be crucial in the event of an emergency, as it provides vital information about a child's medical history.
  • When traveling or participating in off-site activities: Some daycare facilities may require updated physical forms before allowing children to participate in field trips or other off-site activities. This is important for ensuring that the child is physically able to participate and for providing medical information in case of an emergency.
  • Upon request by parents or legal guardians: Parents may request a copy of their child's physical form for personal records or to provide to other caregivers or healthcare providers.

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Why do daycare centers require a Physical Form?
Why do daycare centers require a Physical Form?

Commonly asked questions

Why do daycare centers require a Physical Form?

Daycare centers require a Physical Form to protect the health and safety of not just the incoming child, but also that of other children and staff. It helps in identifying any special health needs or allergies that the staff should be aware of.

How often does the Daycare Physical Form need to be updated?

The frequency of updating the Daycare Physical Form can vary by state and daycare policy. Typically, it is recommended to update the form annually or whenever there is a significant change in the child’s health status.

What information is included in a physical form for daycare?

The form generally includes details about the child’s medical history, immunizations, allergies, medications, and any special health care needs. It also includes a section for the healthcare provider’s notes and recommendations.

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