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Keep an eye on your staff’s health daily and assess if they’re in the best condition for work with daily monitoring forms. Click here to get a copy of our free template.

By Patricia Buenaventura on Jun 20, 2024.

Fact Checked by Nate Lacson.

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What is a Daily Monitoring Form?

A daily monitoring form is a document that was utilized during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic to monitor the medical staff and practitioners’ condition. It’s meant to be a record where they can write down if they’ve been feeling any COVID-19 symptoms, have interacted with someone who tested positive, or have recently traveled to a place where cases are abundant. These forms are meant to be answered daily or wherever the staff or practitioner goes to work. Should the staff or practitioner test positive, this document will also be the basis for testing, isolation, and contact tracing, if needed.

Post-COVID-19, a daily monitoring form can still hold value, especially if the staff or practitioners want to keep an eye on each other’s health. If customized correctly, it can also be a form one can use for outpatients and in-patient visitors who come in daily or often.

To know if the daily monitoring form is something you’d like to consider using, here’s an overview of the information one can obtain once filled:

  • Name, Date, Sex, Age, Address
  • Reason for a visit for patients
  • Body Temperature
  • A list of symptoms they may be experiencing
  • Confirmation if they’ve been exposed to a communicable/contagious disease and details on who, where, when, and how they obtained it

Think you want a copy to edit or use as is? Keep reading below on how to grab a copy of our template.

Check out our video on Daily Symptom Surveys if you want to access other useful resources:

Printable Daily Monitoring Form

Download this Daily Monitoring Form to ensure accurate documentation.

How does it work?

Step One. Download the Template

Access and download our printable daily monitoring forms by doing either the following: 

  • Clicking the “Use Template” or “Download Template” button above
  • Searching “Daily Monitoring Form” in Carepatron’s template library on our app or website. 

If you’d like to add questions before downloading, you can customize it right on Carepatron. 

Step Two. Fill out the Form 

Give your staff or patient a copy of the form. It’d be helpful if the equipment to check their temperature is easily accessible. 

Step Three. Securely Store

If the person filling out the form doesn’t have a fever, isn’t exhibiting symptoms, or hasn’t been around people who may be carriers of a contagious disease, you may proceed to gather their filled-out form and store it securely. You may store it in a secure physical location or on a HIPAA-compliant EHR like Carepatron. 

Daily Monitoring Forms Example (sample)

Here’s our example of a filled-out daily monitoring form PDF template wherein we feature a fictional staff member who is healthy and in good condition to work. Feel free to use this sample for educational purposes or as a reference.

Download this Daily Monitoring Form Example:

Daily Monitoring Forms Example (sample)

When would you use this Template?

Medical staff and practitioners can always have multiple copies of the daily monitoring form template so they may fill it out before their shifts. It’d also be helpful to have both a physical and digital copy to send to a patient’s daily visitors or outpatients who come in for daily therapy sessions or treatment. 



Not only is our daily monitoring form template free, but it’s also customizable. Before you download a copy, if you want to include more questions, remove some sections, or switch them around, we recommend you open it on Carepatron and make changes there. 


Because our template is customizable, it’s also versatile. It can be given to staff, practitioners, and patients. Depending on the one answering it, one only has to make minor edits to fulfill its purpose. 

Early Detection and Prevention

The main reason for answering a daily monitoring form is to check a staff, practitioner, or patient’s visitor’s health and to detect any possible contagious disease they may bring to the hospital that may cause an infection. Should they be showing any symptoms or have been around someone with a communicable disease, a daily monitoring form can also be used as a reason to have them checked by a medical practitioner. 

Digital and Printable 

Since our monitoring form is downloadable in PDF form, it’s both digitally editable and printable. These two options will ensure that filling out the form will be easy and effortless. Furthermore, if you have digital forms, you can send them to practitioners who may work outside of the hospital, like home care nurses, and you can also store them in minutes right on Carepatron. 

Research & Evidence

Since most daily monitoring forms only existed during the COVID-19 pandemic, studies on their effectiveness are few and far between. But no doubt, these forms have been especially helpful to hospitals since most, if not all, hospitals and clinics have used a variation of this form during the pandemic and beyond. The only difference between our customized daily monitoring forms is that ours have been adapted to benefit medical practitioners and staff even after a pandemic.

Why use Carepatron as your Daily Monitoring Form app?

It’s because Carepatron is beyond being an app where you can edit, fill out, and store your Daily Monitoring Form template. It’s also software where you can find tools, other downloadable templates similar to our daily monitoring form, and more.

If you download Carepatron’s desktop and mobile applications, you’ll be able to streamline processes and automate administration with the help of the following features:

  • 700 editable, customizable, and printable PDF templates of medical documents like surveys, tests, guides, and assessments
  • Personal documents and custom template creator, scanner, and uploader in case you can’t find what you need in our library
  • A secure HIPAA-compliant system where you can store client’s medical records and digital notes
  • An integrated calendar functionality and video call solutions for ease in scheduling appointments and conducting teleconsultation sessions
  • An automated payment system you can set up for your client

All these and more are available at your fingertips. Improve the caliber of your practice by signing up at Carepatron for free today!

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Who uses the Daily Monitoring Form?
Who uses the Daily Monitoring Form?

Commonly asked questions

Who uses the Daily Monitoring Form?

Anyone can use a daily monitoring form. But the ones who will benefit the most from them are medical staff who keep an eye on everyone who goes in and out of the clinic or hospital.

How is the daily monitoring form used?

It’s up to the ones collating the forms to use them however they deem necessary.

Do medical staff and practitioners still need daily monitoring forms?

Its necessity varies from one hospital to another. However, there are benefits to having one, just in case. For a full list of those benefits, please refer to the benefits section of this guide.

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