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What is a Coaching Intake Form?

A is a comprehensive document utilized by professional coaches at the inception of a new client-coach relationship. This pivotal tool serves as the first step in understanding and analyzing the client's circumstances, aspirations, and challenges, setting the groundwork for a successful coaching partnership.

When we say "coaching," this could span many disciplines, including life, business, career, wellness, and more. Each domain may have its specific focus areas, but all benefit from a comprehensive intake form. Regardless of the type of coaching, this form acts as a bridge, connecting the coach's expertise to the client's individual needs and objectives.

A typical Coaching Intake Form encompasses several key sections:

  1. Personal Information: Basic data such as the client's name, contact details, and demographic information. This gives the coach an initial overview of who the client is.
  1. Background Information: This might include details about the client's current situation, career, relationships, and any significant recent events or changes in their life. This context is invaluable for understanding the client's circumstances.
  1. Goals and Challenges: The client lists and describes the primary goals they hope to achieve and the obstacles they foresee. This is the crux of what the coaching relationship will address.
  1. Previous Coaching/Therapeutic Experiences: Information about the client has prior experiences with coaching, or therapy can help the coach tailor their approach.
  1. Expectations and Preferences: The client can express their hopes and expectations for the coaching process and define the support they find most useful.
  1. Self-Assessment: Some forms may include a self-assessment section, allowing clients to rate or describe their current well-being, stress, or satisfaction in different areas of life.

In essence, a Coaching Intake Form is more than just a data-gathering tool—it's the first step in the journey the coach and the client undertake together. It provides the initial roadmap fo the coach's personalized guidance, setting the stage for a successful, targeted coaching experience.

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Printable Coaching Intake Forms

Download this Coaching Intake Forms to ensure your intake process is streamlined.

How does it work?

Beginning a coaching relationship requires a solid understanding of the client's needs, aspirations, and challenges. Here's where a coaching intake form plays an instrumental role. Let's delve into the steps involved in using this pivotal document:

Step 1

Provide your client with the coaching intake form template. This could be done via email, a webpage link, or a Coaching Intake Forms app.

Step 2

The client completes the form independently, responding thoughtfully to the questions.

Step 3

The coach reviews the completed form before the initial coaching session. This review process allows the coach to prepare more effectively for the first meeting.

Step 4

During the kickoff call or meeting, the coach can then use the form to guide the discussion, focusing on the client's goals, expectations, and challenges.

Coaching Intake Forms Example (sample)

A typical coaching intake form starts by collecting basic personal and contact information, followed by a section to collect background details about the client. The form then dives deeper, asking about the client's current challenges, goals, and expectations from the coaching relationship. It could also include a self-assessment portion, asking the client to rate various aspects of their life or mindset.

We have provided a sample Coaching Intake Forms PDF. Remember that this is just a template and can be modified to suit your coaching practice's specific needs and objectives. This template provides a comprehensive structure, covering all the main elements of an effective coaching intake form. It can be downloaded, printed, and used as a foundation for your customized form, saving time and effort.

Download this Coaching Intake Forms Example:

Coaching Intake Forms Example (sample)

When would you use this Form?

A coaching intake form is typically used at the beginning of a coaching relationship. It is often one of the first documents shared with a new client after they have expressed interest in your coaching services. This form is a practical tool to gather key information before the initial or "kickoff" session.

While using an intake form is common in almost all coaching relationships, the specific timing of its use may vary based on the coach's approach or the client's readiness. Some coaches may share the form before the first exploratory meeting to help guide that initial conversation. Others prefer to have a general discussion and then use the form to gather more detailed information afterward.

The intake form is not just a one-time-use document. It's a reference that can be revisited throughout the coaching relationship to track progress, update goals, and realign expectations. For instance, after a significant period of coaching, it might be beneficial for both the coach and the client to review the initial intake form and discuss changes, improvements, or shifts in the client's situation or objectives. This can help keep the coaching process relevant, focused, and effective.

Therefore, while the primary use of the coaching intake form is at the beginning of the coaching process, its value extends throughout the coaching journey, providing a consistent point of reference and a tangible measure of the client's growth and development.


Incorporating a coaching intake form into your practice brings many benefits that streamline the coaching process and set the foundation for a fruitful coach-client relationship. By gathering essential information at the onset, these forms enable a more tailored approach, ensure clarity of goals and expectations, and provide a reliable reference point for the duration of the coaching journey. Let's delve into these benefits further:

1. Efficiency

A coaching intake form saves precious time during the kickoff call or meeting. Instead of spending significant time gathering basic information, you and your client can dive straight into discussing their goals, challenges, and proposed strategies. This speeds up the process and allows more time to explore deeper, more significant topics.

2. Preparation

The form allows you to prepare more effectively for the initial coaching session. By having access to your client's information in advance, you can formulate questions, anticipate possible concerns, and propose preliminary strategies that are relevant and beneficial to your client.

3. Tailored Approach

Every client is unique, and a coaching intake form enables you to customize your approach to fit your client's specific needs and aspirations. Understanding their background, goals, and challenges helps you create a coaching plan that suits them, increasing the chances of a successful coaching outcome.

4. Clarity

A well-structured intake form can provide clarity for both you and your client. For your client, articulating their thoughts, feelings, and goals in writing can lead to greater self-awareness and motivation. It provides clear guidelines on what your client hopes to achieve, facilitating more effective planning and goal-setting.

5. Record Keeping

The intake form provides a written record of your client's initial information, goals, and expectations. This document can be a reference point throughout your coaching journey, useful for tracking progress and facilitating discussions in future sessions. It also provides an overview of your client's journey when you need to look back or assess the effectiveness of your coaching strategy.

Why use Carepatron as your Coaching Intake Forms app?

In today's digital age, leveraging technology to streamline administrative tasks and optimize client engagement is a no-brainer, especially in the coaching industry. Carepatron, with its dynamic features and user-friendly interface, stands out as a premier platform for handling your coaching intake forms. Here's why:

Efficiency and Organization

Carepatron allows you to create, distribute, and manage coaching intake forms in a centralized digital space. This eliminates the need for manual documentation and organization, saving valuable time and reducing the risk of lost or misplaced forms.


Carepatron allows you to tailor your intake forms to your coaching style and clients' needs. This means that you can create unique intake forms for different types of coaching you may offer, allowing for more personalized and effective service.

Secure and Confidential

In the coaching business, client confidentiality is paramount. Carepatron understands this and offers a secure platform where you can keep all your client data. You can rest assured that your client's sensitive information is kept safe and private.

Ease of Access

Carepatron gives you easy access to your clients' intake forms whenever you need them. Whether preparing for a session or reviewing progress over time, having this information at your fingertips can significantly improve the coaching experience for you and your client.

Automated Reminders

Forget about the hassle of reminding clients to fill out their forms. Carepatron can send automated reminders to your clients, ensuring you receive completed forms promptly.


Carepatron integrates with other platform features like scheduling, note-taking, and billing. This all-in-one approach simplifies your workflow and helps keep all aspects of your coaching business in one place.


Carepatron offers excellent customer service and support. Whether you're encountering technical issues or have questions about the platform, the support team is responsive and helpful.


Going digital with Carepatron is also a green choice. By eliminating the need for paper forms, you reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to sustainability.

By adopting Carepatron as your Coaching Intake Forms Software, you're not only simplifying your administrative work but also enhancing the overall quality of your coaching service. It allows you to focus more on what truly matters - supporting your clients on their journey toward their goals.

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Commonly asked questions

Who uses the Coaching Intake Forms?

Coaching intake forms are used by coaches of various types, including life coaches, business coaches, wellness coaches, and more.

When do you use the Coaching Intake Forms?

These forms are typically used at the onset of a coaching relationship, before the first official session.

How are the Coaching Intake Forms used?

The client completes the form, and the coach reviews it. This process allows the coach to understand better the client's needs, goals, and expectations, guiding the coaching process.

Who uses the Coaching Intake Forms?
Who uses the Coaching Intake Forms?
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Audrey Liz Perez
Audrey Liz Perez

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