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By Audrey Liz Perez on Feb 29, 2024.

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What is an Assisted Living Checklist?

An Assisted Living Checklist is a comprehensive, organized tool designed to facilitate the process of moving an individual into an assisted living facility. As the population ages and the need for assisted living grows, this checklist becomes invaluable. It serves as a bridge between families, caregivers, medical professionals, and assisted living facilities.

The checklist is divided into two primary sections:

Client Information: This section includes detailed information about the person who requires assisted living. From personal details, medical history, lifestyle preferences, and legal considerations to financial considerations, this section covers everything the facility needs to know to provide tailored care.

Facility Evaluation: This part acts as a guided evaluation tool for various facilities, encompassing location, appearance, staff qualifications, services, personal care, healthcare, costs, regulations, and resident feedback.

The thus becomes a roadmap, guiding families through a complicated and emotional journey, ensuring that every decision made is in the best interest of the loved one moving to the assisted living facility.

Printable Assisted Living Checklist

Download this Assisted Living Checklist to assess your patient’s needs.

How does it work?

An Assisted Living Checklist is a dual-purpose tool that simplifies the complex process of transitioning into assisted living. Moving to an assisted living facility is a multi-faceted decision, often fraught with emotions and practical challenges. The assisted living checklist is a beacon, illuminating the path and offering a structured and thoughtful approach to this significant life change.

Here are the steps in completing the checklist.

Step 1: Gather Client Information

Complete personal details, medical information, lifestyle preferences, legal, financial considerations, and other specific requests or questions. This ensures that the assisted living facility has a holistic view of the individual's needs.

Step 2: Evaluate Facilities

Utilize the checklist for moving into assisted living to tour and research various options. Check off attributes and services corresponding to individual needs, take notes, ask questions, and gather insights from residents and staff.

Step 3: Compare and Analyze

Assess the collected information and compare various facilities. Weigh the pros and cons, considering the unique needs and preferences of the individual.

Step 4: Make an Informed Decision

Based on the thorough evaluation, select the best fit among the available assisted living facilities. Consult with professionals if needed, and take the time to feel confident about the choice.

Assisted Living Checklists Example (sample)

We understand that using an Assisted Living Checklist might seem daunting. We provide a sample answered template to serve as the user's guide. This real-world example illustrates how to fill out each section of the checklist, with particular attention to the unique nuances that may arise.

From filling in the client's name, age, and medical conditions to evaluating the facilities' staff qualifications, meals, and healthcare services, the example walks you through each step. It demonstrates thinking critically about different aspects, asking the right questions, and making insightful observations.

This sample of the checklist for assisted living facilities will demystify the process, providing clarity and confidence as you embark on this crucial journey of finding the right assisted living community for your loved one. It can be downloaded as an assisted living checklist pdf, making it easily accessible and ready for use as you tour different facilities.

By following the example, you ensure that all vital aspects are considered, leaving no room for oversight or uncertainty. It provides a hands-on approach, making choosing an assisted living facility manageable and precise.

Download this Assisted Living Checklist Example:

Assisted Living Checklists Example (sample)

When would you use this Form?

The Assisted Living Checklist is a tool and a roadmap guiding families and caregivers through one of life's most significant transitions. It is tailored to help in various stages, from early planning to making the final decision about assisted living. Its comprehensive structure serves as a navigator, demystifying the complexity of choices, legal considerations, and personal preferences that form the core of this critical decision-making process.

These are the situations in which you can use the Assisted Living Checklist:

Transitioning from Home to Assisted Living

When the need for daily support outweighs the ability to care for a loved one at home, the checklist provides a step-by-step guide to assess and find the best assisted living facility to offer the necessary support.

Evaluating Different Facilities

Faced with various options, the checklist is a systematic guide to compare and contrast different facilities, highlighting key features, staff qualifications, and services, ensuring alignment with individual needs.

Planning for Specialized Care

When a loved one requires specialized care, such as memory care for Alzheimer's, the checklist enables families to pinpoint facilities with specific programs and expertise, ensuring that the unique care needs are met.

Budget Planning

The financial aspects of moving to assisted living can be daunting. The checklist helps understand the costs involved, identify potential financial assistance, and align choices with the budget.

Legal and Medical Coordination

The checklist guides families in the essential legal and medical arrangements, from power of attorney to medication management, ensuring that these critical components are well-coordinated with the move.


Using an Assisted Living Checklist transcends the mere act of ticking off boxes. It is an indispensable ally that provides structure, clarity, and empathy in a journey filled with emotional and practical complexities. Its multifaceted benefits not only simplify the process but instill confidence and peace of mind in making a decision that profoundly impacts the life of a loved one.

1. Thorough Assessment

By systematically evaluating potential facilities based on a wide range of criteria, it ensures a nuanced and detailed understanding, allowing for a choice that fully resonates with the individual's needs and values.

2. Personalized Approach

The checklist considers the individual's specific needs, preferences, and lifestyle, creating a tailored pathway to find the most suitable assisted living community.

3. Financial Planning

Beyond listing costs, it aids in a comprehensive understanding of the financial landscape, including potential funding sources, insurance considerations, and budget alignment, making financial planning an integrated part of the decision.

4. Legal Coordination

It's more than a form; it's a guide to navigate the legal intricacies involved in the process, aiding in the smooth coordination of essential legal documents and considerations.

5. Peace of Mind

The most profound benefit is the assurance that nothing is overlooked. It transforms a daunting process into a manageable task, instilling confidence in making a life-altering decision with empathy and understanding.

Who typically uses Assisted Living Checklists?
Who typically uses Assisted Living Checklists?

Commonly asked questions

Who typically uses Assisted Living Checklists?

Families, caregivers, social workers, and medical professionals typically use Assisted Living Checklists to facilitate moving to an assisted living facility.

When are Assisted Living Checklists used?

Assisted Living Checklists are used when planning an individual's move to an assisted living facility, especially when evaluating different options and coordinating various aspects of the transition.

How are Assisted Living Checklists used?

Assisted Living Checklists are used to gather detailed information about the individual's needs and preferences and systematically evaluate and compare various facilities. It aids in making an informed decision, ensuring that the chosen community aligns with the person's unique needs and budget.

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