What Is a Medicare Annual Wellness Visit Checklist?

A Medicare Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) Checklist is a comprehensive resource, effective for healthcare providers to use in their annual patient health assessments. It guides the assessment of a patient's overall health, providing a manageable step-by-step guide to 

a thorough health risk assessment (HRA) and developing personalized prevention plans (PPP). Ensuring a comprehensive HRA is imperative to identifying patient health concerns and potential risks for developing future injuries or illnesses, which can then inform an effective PPP to mitigate these risk factors and help patients achieve optimal health and well-being. 

Implementing a Medicare Annual Wellness Visit Checklist in your future, yearly patient consultations can transform your approach to patient health and wellbeing. It prompts a comprehensive assessment of a patient's current health, including measures of height, weight, blood pressure, and previous medical history. Additionally, patients have the opportunity to voice any health concerns or symptoms they have been experiencing, encouraging a collaborative relationship between patients and healthcare providers. This empowers healthcare providers to provide their patients with the greatest care while also allowing patients to be self-determined in their health. 

As a primary prevention strategy, a Medicare Annual Wellness Visit can help healthcare providers identify health concerns before they become unmanageable or impact patient’s daily activities. This can significantly reduce future healthcare costs, increase provider reimbursements, and provide time for effective interventions. Additionally, early detection of health risks can provide more treatment options, allowing patients to make more informed decisions with their loved ones and healthcare providers.

Using this checklist, healthcare providers can proactively manage their patient’s health. This ensures early detection, development of PPPs, and early intervention that provides patients with the best care to manage their health.

Downloadable Medicare Annual Wellness Visit Checklist

Check out our free Medicare Annual Wellness Visit Checklist PDF

How Does It Work?

The Medicare Annual Wellness Visit Checklist is a user-friendly tool that breaks down AWVs into manageable actions. Designed to be a guide for best practice habits, it can be adjusted to fit the needs and concerns of patients, empowering healthcare providers and patients to be proactive when it comes to their health. 

Step 1: Accessing Your Checklist

To begin, you can access the Printable Medicare Annual Wellness Visit Checklist here or download the free Medicare Annual Wellness Checklist PDF. 

Step 2: Verify Patient Eligibility

Ensure the patient’s eligibility for the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit. Communicate with patients to identify the services that Medicare covers to avoid any complications or miscommunications. This ensures Medicare compliance, protecting claim rejections, penalties, or financial burdens. 

Step 3: Communicate Requirements and Expectations

Prior to the AWV, patients should be aware that the visit is covered once every 12 months and that patients will not be required to pay contingent on providers accepting the procedure. Additionally, discuss that the purpose is to develop or update PPPs and perform HRA’s. It does not include a physical exam or diagnostic procedures. 

Step 4: Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

Prior to the AWV, encourage patients to complete a self-reported HRA either online or in the office. This may include demographic information, current health status, psychosocial risks, behavioral risks, and activities of daily living (ADLs). 

Step 5: Identify Current Medical Providers 

Create a list of the patient’s current healthcare providers, including equipment suppliers, behavioral care providers, and pharmacies. This can help you understand their current medical needs.

Step 6: Routine Measurements

During the visit, complete routine measurements of height, weight, body mass index (BMI), blood pressure, and other appropriate measurements based on the patient’s previous medical and family history. These can help track changes in patient health. 

Step 7: Cognitive Assessments

Assess cognitive functioning to detect any changes or decline, this can help identify risks of cognitive impairments and future conditions such as dementia or Alzheimer’s and maintain independence. This may involve gathering information from caregivers and loved ones. 

Step 8: Develop a PPP

After considering the information from the HRA, routine measurements and cognitive assessments, you can develop a PPP to address any concerns or risks. This could involve further screening, consultation or interventions.

Medicare Annual Wellness Visit Example (sample)

Explore the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit Checklist Example, a comprehensive, practical demonstration of how the checklist can be applied in a real AWV. Our Medicare Annual Wellness Visit Checklist PDF offers a visual reference that practitioners can use as a template to create a personalized checklist. This resource can simplify the AWV process and ensure a thorough assessment that can aid practitioners to be proactive with their patient’s health and providing optimal care solutions.  

This is just one example of how Carepatron offers practice management solutions to simplify this process and ensure best practice amongst medical personnel.

Download our free Medicare Annual Wellness Visit PDF

Medicare Annual Wellness Visit Example

When Would You Use This Checklist?

The Medicare Annual Wellness Visit Checklist can be used across many contexts. It is essential during AWV procedures for Medicare beneficiaries, critical to ensure a thorough and precise assessment in accordance with the specific guidelines and requirements of Medicare. Scenarios that may benefit from this checklist include: 

  • Annual Wellness Visits: Guides a thorough health assessment and yearly updates of medical records. 
  • Comprehensive Medical Records: This checklist ensures a thorough assessment of wellness, meticulously tracking patient records and family medical history. These records may be beneficial in the future to develop interventions or identify health concerns, from which the healthcare provider can implement an effective PPP to mitigate risks and symptoms.
  • Pediatric Wellness Exams: Enables healthcare providers to meticulously track progress and changes during the health and development of children, a crucial resource for pediatric care providers.
  • Risk Assessments for Older Adults: This checklist ensures a thorough health examination, which may identify areas that may require further screening or intervention. For older individuals, this may involve proactive screening for conditions such as high blood pressure or risks of cognitive decline, where healthcare providers can begin interventions to reduce the effects or risks, beneficial to guide their transition into older age and help maintain their independence. 
  • Primary Prevention: the checklist prompts early detection of health conditions and illnesses, providing individuals time to consult with their healthcare providers, caregivers, and loved ones to make informed decisions around treatment. 

This resource is applicable in scenarios requiring a comprehensive and standardized wellness assessment. It can enhance the delivery of primary interventions and proactive care by healthcare services and establish thorough records of patient medical history, which can inform future treatments and care.

What Do the Results Mean?

Conducting a Medicare Annual Wellness Visit Checklist can have a range of benefits and results across various health contexts. It is an instrumental resource that can enhance health practitioners’ approach, ensuring best practices, compliance with Medicare guidelines and requirements, and a seamless experience for Medicare beneficiaries. Though results may differ amongst medical bodies, here are some common experiences:

  • Enhanced care: Our checklist breaks down the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit into simple, manageable steps that allow practitioners to conduct a thorough assessment. Conducting a meticulous assessment is essential to identifying the patient’s needs, health concerns, and risk factors involved in devising an effective PPP that enhances patient health. 
  • Accurate patient records: In healthcare contexts, such as pediatric care and family general practitioner services, this checklist proves its value by not only enhancing the quality of care, but also ensuring accurate recording of developmental milestones and annual updates to patient health records. This promotes comprehensive patient management and a thorough record of individual patient wellness journeys.
  • Improved communication: The checklist emphasizes a transparent collaboration between patients and healthcare providers, which allows patients to make informed decisions when it comes to their health. Furthermore, crucial steps within the checklist, such as verifying patient validity and communicating requirements and expectations, can help ensure practitioners and patients are on the same page, reducing miscommunications, unmet expectations, and protection against rejected claims. 

To enhance your practice and provide your patients with optimal care, you can access the Free Medicare Annual Wellness Visit Checklist here or download the PDF copy to use as a reference.

Why Use Carepatron as Your Medicare Annual Wellness Visit App?

As an online platform, Carepatron is the optimal Medicare Annual Wellness Visit app and software due to its seamless ability to integrate the entire process of managing wellness exams. With Carepatron, healthcare providers can effectively streamline annual wellness exam checklists into their practice, communicate effectively with their patients, and have access to online clinical documentation on one platform. Here’s why Carepatron is the optimal choice for managing Medicare Annual Wellness Visits: 

Enhance Collaboration

The app allows for the sharing and accordance of information, fostering a seamless collaboration among healthcare teams. Whether this is within a single clinical practice or across a community of global healthcare providers, Carepatron allows for coordination across teams, allowing you to put your patient first. 

Patient Engagement

With mobile accessibility, Carepatron empowers patients and those around them by providing a comprehensive guide to the Medicare Annual Wellness Exam. This ensures effective communication channels and appointment scheduling between patients and healthcare providers, strengthening the patient-provider relationship. 

Global Compliance

In accordance with worldwide security requirements, Carepatron uses secure data storage software. Patients and providers can be assured that any information held within the app or software is safe and secure. 

Ongoing Documentation

Using Carepatron as your Medicare Annual Wellness Visit app and software allows for ongoing documentation. This can help you track patient records, previous medical history, and symptoms that can help identify risks or concerns of further health concerns. Our software allows you to optimally save time and resources usually taken up by typical clinical documentation, allowing you to focus on providing patients with the best care.

Clinical Documentation Software Benefit


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How to create a Medicare Annual Wellness Visit Checklist?
How to create a Medicare Annual Wellness Visit Checklist?

Commonly asked questions

How to create a Medicare Annual Wellness Visit Checklist?

A Medicare Annual Wellness Visit Checklist can be created using the downloadable Medicare Annual Wellness Visit Checklist PDF from Carepatron. This checklist can be used as a reference to build your own standardized checklist to suit your practice, and our example can provide a visual reference of how this checklist would function in a real AWV procedure.

When are Medicare Annual Wellness Visit Checklists used?

These resources are used for healthcare professionals, such as general practitioners and pediatricians, to conduct a thorough Medicare Annual Wellness Visit (AWV). The checklist can be used to inform standardized procedures for AWVs to identify risk factors and construct or update personalized prevention plans (PPP) for patients to maintain or enhance health.

How are the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit Checklists used?

Medicare Annual Wellness Visit Checklists provide a standardized structure for healthcare providers, such as general practitioners and pediatricians, to follow when conducting a Medicare AWV. It has steps to ensure a comprehensive procedure that targets patient wellness.

Who creates a Medicare Annual Wellness Visit Checklist?

A Medicare Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) Checklist can be created by healthcare providers intending to complete Medicare AWV. However, healthcare providers should ensure they meet the requirements and guidelines set by Medicare to ensure best practice. For this reason, healthcare providers may find our Medicare Annual Wellness Visit Checklist to be a comprehensive foundation to inform best practices, from which you can then adapt to suit your practice and patient needs. 

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